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  1. Everyone has a limit of gmod so more than others
  2. when I turned bridge into a labor camp beating enlisted and feeding them to DT
  3. Psycho


    b r u h
  4. The Time has come It has been fun and I hope y'all have a good time on the server and life I ain't really good at these but difficult times has cause me to do this. Rose: you a minge. Snar: be the best grand moff please. Nolan: you're new so I didn't have interaction with you but go far. Shadow: make Inferno great To the next Versio treat Inferno good its a good battalion but a little dense sometimes This is Versio/Krug signing off for the last time
  5. Psycho

    Hello Gamers

    How many of you are true gamers
  6. +Support Serious about his job Good App a very nice person knows his lore
  7. it was very gamer back then
  8. +/- Support App is a little lacking active/ a nice due looks willing to be staff and help others can be a little mingy
  9. this is the biggest bruh moment yet