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  1. @Fame sorry for the at but this was resolved yesterday by Zeeptin, I don't know if you seen it And if you check his steam name on the ban site it shows that he was unbaned yesterday. This Ban Was Resovled by: Zeeptin
  2. Agreed I've even ran into issues when you were staff so. But just build up more activity and show us you're ready to jump back into it. Especially since He who shall not be named was blacklisted.
  3. So we have the following spawning in tac base . SS Director . Black Market Dealers . Dispatch . And some CC that we dont know Okay its been broken for awhile
  4. Mega -support . Invalid format This includes the following . Incorrect post name . No poll . Incomplete Actual Application Proplems: . No steam Id . Applying for the wrong position . Is staff on another community (that's what it looks like) . 14 is false . 15 does no meet the requirements . 15 is very vague . 16 is hella wrong . Deffinetley did not read the staff handbook . No proof that he has no warns . New forms account . Just joined last month and I yelled at you recently to fix your ingame name but you didn't listen . Is not telling us his ULX rank so most likely never donated . Lying on application . Minge . Minge! . MEGA MINGE!!! Honestly good app, *cough* NOT!, would be a good asset,*cough NOT!!, and a really good staff member,*cough NOT!!!* In all non jokingness you wasted your, our, and SMT's time so you really should be staff restricted. #NOHOPE P.S I wish I could deny this right now
  5. Mega -support All reasons above And can you stop arguing with us we are the jury to your complaint doing that only shows us that you are guilty and that you have repetition of your actions. And you know that there is apart of the Maranda rights that says DO NOT SAY ANYTHING THAT MAY INCRIMINATE YOURSELF and thats exactly what you did and showed no remorse for it.
  6. -support I love it when people make these reports and there actually valid because the we all get to laugh and -support because the warns are valid and the community just gets to eat it up. Only you see it as unjustified like a criminal in a court room even though justice was served and you were found guilty. Anyway the -support is on the fact the warn is valid and the fact you have NO Proof just a picture (not even good quality) of just the warn We are all waiting on Head Admin Spection's side of the story even though its clear as day.
  7. I'm going to +support this for right now. . + Evidence is clear . + Should know better then to disrespect someone as a SGT which is supposed to represent the PD. . + Wrong skin . +/- we need to hear his side of the story Also for a second I thought this was in the wrong section because this also looks like player report material. @Matthew do you know if he has a forms account and if so tag him to the post so we can get his side of the story. (P.S sorry for the tag) When I hop on after work later today; I'll see if I can find him on the server and if so I'll ask staff to get me a steam id for this report. Also if anyone sees him on if I don't please contact staff and get his steam id for this report.
  8. War Gamer

    NDSTF staff app

    -support You need to build up activity in game and on the forms. I know you were a donor mod before but you still need activity because the community and it's people have changed so you need to go and make yourself known.
  9. + major support Honestley it is such a small thing and he was only trying to help some one who's car was stuck he has no previous warns for prop push only player diss, cop bait, Fear RP his other 2 are on military so it should have been a verbal and you explain to him that he can't do that do that and if someone's stuck then tell him to call staff. Also Attempt prop push means he didn't prop push only means he was going to or had the intention to. And even hotcher confirmed it saying: " +Support My car did a 360 cos i shot it he Prop Pushed it to help me un flip it" This just shows that his intentions were good.
  10. I agree with taco Imthat type of person
  11. War Gamer


    It is SGT+ as detailed in the guidelines
  12. .50 BMG? Or the fat man
  13. NO!! We lost Jeff to the mingey ear rape club! There taking over grab the 12 gauge.
  14. Name: SM War Gamer 1D44 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:148427089 Current rank: Sergeant Major How long you have been in your rank (The rank you currently are) : 3 and 3/4 of a week it will become 4 on November 26th of the year 2018 Rank Wanted: Lt How many warns do you have? 0 Do you have a Working mic? Yes Permission(Not required If applying for Lt-Cpt): Why should you be promoted? : I believe that I should be promoted to lieutenant for my constant activity and dedication to the force ever since I first joined GL PRP. I use to be apart of a Serious PRP server which is why I'm a little strict on situations since I used to be a Police Commissioner myself. But from being a supervisor I have learned that not everything requires a demotion, but sometimes just a helping hand to get on your feet and keep going. And because of that, I will dedicate most of my time not only to RP but helping others rise to great heights. I will be a role model for supervisors and other members of the department by showing them that failure will never overtake you if your determination to succeed is strong enough. But I'm not afraid to crack down on things that need to be fixed like all SGT+ training, not just one SGT. Overall I want to help our department and it's members succeed in their dreams and fixing their flaws to make one, whole, and a unified Police department. You agree that complaining or breaking any rules put down by High Command will result in your complete removal from PD Command(Yes/No): Yes When voting yes/no please put reasons in the comments otherwise your vote will be voided. And if you want to voice any criticism please feel free to do so it's always appreciated!