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  2. Well boys it has been a fun ride, from all the people I've met, the amount of work I've put in to this department, and the journey along the way has never been so much more then I could ever ask for. I know alot of you may be shaken by this post, bit i belive all good things must come to an end. So I hope everyone can push through this tough time and exceed in security. I loved this department ever since I was an SO and have served among every HOS this department has had, Kade, Timm, Cheif, Rang, Matracies, all of them. I did have a dream of hopefully making it to that position, but I know that I would never be able to live to the standards if every HOS before me, all I can say is I'm extreamly thankful for the opportunity I was given severing as "Acting Head" if security, and actually made me want to excell my duties. But my style of commanding is insufficient as a High Command, so I dont deserve, want, or even think about it anymore. I have caused fear and distress to all personel in security, I have caused pain to Site Admin, and I am one of the worst officers that has served this high command position. I can never fully make up for what I have done except say that I am sorry. I know this means nothing to some people but I do honestly apologize. And this is one of many reasons I'm leaving. I am also way to busy at school and having to deal with real life stuff, all security did was make me stress over everything and did not allow me to get my work done. Also the stress of security was starting to get unbearable and I could not take it anymore. So how did i deal with it, by taking it out on lower rankings and command. So like I said I am sorry for all the fear and pain I've caused to all of you. Rang- I'm always going to miss you the fun we used to have massacring Class-D and breaking the Geniva Convention everyday. I'm really gonna miss you brother and it was a pleasure severing with you. Also Stop having so many names you minge. Jeffe - Congrats on retired staff you big minge keep on PK MadViking for me. Dogz- Hell what can I say the first DORS to come out of Research, I can't say that I'm surprised when you actually got the position by I'm very happy that you did you make it great site director I hope to see you move to O5 one day. Igneous- Can't say that I don't appreciate everything that you've done for me. Like keeping my ass in line on staff. But my best moments will always be the fact you lost to Dr. BRIGHT in a fist fight, and when you set yourself to tmod. Th3- Beat head of staff ever, I'm going to miss raiding Dogz's and Rang's pantiees with you. And all of a sudden getting microed out of the sky. A1- oops to late now everyone knows about you. JK I want to wish my silent bois, and Krug, whoops not suppost to say that, a wonderful future. Nu7- To many of you when god said "be fertile and multiply" you guys took it a little too serious. But thank you for always pitching in at d block when we needed the most E11- Oh no, it's the antsy pants department, never can wait for a full site lockdown to be lifted. Anyway good luck in your endeavors. Reasherch- man you guys have been through alot and have lost and gained so many people, command, and high command. Please what ever you do make sure to get that dam bell offsite so rang cant bing bing anymore. Utility- Well you now have the most mingest person leading your department, I wish you luck in the future. Janitorial keep them toilets clean never know when I'm going to stop by and drop an alpha warhead. Tech please stop building things I dont trust your turret and bullet technology but please fix that lighting issue in our bunks it's really starting to get annoying. Medical one thing what ever you do DO NOT let rang operate on people. Ci- HA HA HA! Can't kidnap me anymore. But still give the foundation a break once and awhile jesus. Security- Keep on trucking forward and commiting mass genocided everyday. I will always love this department form the bottom of my heart. Thank You everyone who supported me throughout this journey and I hope to see you again. And thanks again for giving me something to do. Retired Command Security CoS War Gamer Signing off *destroys radio and runs over the hills in the nude*
  3. General Security RoleCall Welp, it is that time of the month again to check on Security Activity. Why because that roster is lookin UGLY! And we need to start clearing it up. FAILURE TO RESPOND IS INSTANT REMOVAL! ROLE CALL CLOSING ON Saturday the 21st of SEPTEMBER SO RESPOND BEFORE THEN LCPL+ MUST RESPOND CLOSED
  4. Mega -Support Joke or not, it is still against the rules of the community. And anything that sounds like a DDOS threat is a permanent ban on sight. It's common sense, we permaban those who make those type of threats because it is to protect the users of our community and the community in general. In my honest opinion you should not have even been allowed appeal.
  5. ACCEPTED AND CLOSED forgot to do that earlier this week
  6. ACCEPTED AND CLOSED forgot to do this earlier.
  7. +support +good staff member/general member of the community +active +Good App -Your event idea is very vauge
  8. But without you A1 is not unfair!!
  9. +Support Blaint abuse of donator privileges and jobs I wount suggest a blacklist from 106/343 and that a ban/lengthy minge should be issued for this situation and because of this there may be a possibility that he may lose his donator rank because of this.