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  1. I'm here but no joke before I came to gaming light I use to run a rust server so is a coincidence?
  2. Hello, there are many things that need to be taken care of especially if you are going to have any staff or even basic ranking structure. For this, I would suggest grabbing a permissions manager and setting up new player groups. This will allow us to go ahead, and restrict permissions staff will have on the server instead of the overpowered default administration groups. https://umod.org/plugins/permissions-manager Another plugin that is definitely recommended for all servers in rust is absolute gifts, this will allow players to have the incentive to keep playing on the server to earn some cool rewards. https://umod.org/plugins/absolut-gifts New players that have just join the server have a hard time getting started, so for all players, we should have a kit system. this will allow for new players to get started on there journey into the Gaming Light Rust Server. We can make it so that donators can also receive better starting kits. https://umod.org/plugins/rust-kits For those that are banned from the server perm or blacklisted, we should have a plugin that deletes all entities created by banned users.\ https://umod.org/plugins/ban-delete-by For announcing things like the forums, that staff apps are opened, how to use kits I would suggest using the smart chatbot https://umod.org/plugins/smart-chat-bot If you want a sort of ulx GUI menu then I would suggest this https://umod.org/plugins/admin-panel If you would like help setting any of these plugins up please feel free to contact me! War Gamer If anyone else has any ideas for the server! Don't be afraid to post your ideas on the forums!
  3. Hanaco Applications for the staff team of this server are currently not open due to the lack of senior management at the concurrent time. Please wait until new management has been selected and the staff application format to be created before reapplying. There is a lot of work that needs to be done before we can officially accept new staff into the server and keep the new rust server afloat. Thank You, War Gamer of the SCP-RP Staff Team and Rust member
  4. SECURE. CONTAIN. PROTECT. ========================================================================================== Please enter your credentials! USERNAME: ■■■■■■ PASSWORD: ■■■■■■■■■■■ Please wait! !CLEARANCE ACCEPTED! Navigating to Requested File ========================================================================================== Addendum 999-C ========================================================================================== SCP ITEM#: 999 Object Class: Safe Tissue Test Record: N/A Unable to obtain. ========================================================================================== List of Foundation Personnel involved in testing: 1 Member Dr. Zack Simons "War Gamer" Junior Researcher Clearance Level 2 ========================================================================================== Level D personnel involved: 3 D Class Personnel Accounted for D-Class: 18094 Age: 52 Sex: Male Status: Terminated Incident Report: D-18094 suffered a heart attack before testing could begin; he was rushed to the medbay and pronounced dead at 4:51:34 PM EST. D-18094 was cremated and his remains remain in the morgue. (OOC: AFK) DOCUMENT EDITED: D-18094 remains are missing people are currently keeping an eye out for them. D-Class: 27046 Age: 30 Sex: Male Status: Terminated Incident Report: D-27046 was terminated after non-compliance with testing. (OOC: did not comply, minged, and eventually was kicked out of the test by Oppenheimer and staff) D-Class: 28920 Age: 62 Sex: Male Status: Alive Incident Report: D- Complied with testing and had provided some interesting results. D- was administered Class-A amnestic, and was returned to his cell with no further incident or recollection of the test. (OOC: Oppenheimer was tired of the mingey D-Class so this was him) ========================================================================================== Errors and/or safety hazards: None of which is very notable. Safety Precautions: Test was held within the old containment area of SCP-173 now currently on site [REDACTED]. The doors leading to the 4 way cordor, and the utility department bunks were sealed and locked. The observing area was installed with two sheets of bullet proof glass. Stimuli injections were controlled from the observation room through a pad in the floor. ========================================================================================== Question: What would happen to SCP-999 and subjects that it tickles, when SCP-999 is injected with multiple forms of emotional stimuli. Background Research: SCP-999 always gives a sense of joy around all personnel and SCPs that are in the vicinity of SCP-999, how he does this is still unknown. Hypothesis: SCP-999 general emotional state will not change, but the subject of its tickles will have a drastic change in their emotional state from what normal emotions are experienced around SCP-999. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): !WARNING! ERROR: The File you are attempting to access is corrupted. (my recording corrupted) EXPERIMENT #1: Response to a Stimuli that simulates the effects of depression. SCP-999 is injected with the emotional stimulant; D-28920 is instructed to approach SCP-999. D-28920 is reluctant at first but approaches SCP-999. No adverse effects on SCP-999 attitude towards the D Class Personnel, and 999, like how he usually does, begins to tickle the Class D. The emotional stimuli start to take place, but this was nothing like depression; instead, the subject began to experience only what I could call as PTSD. The subject began to start saying that SCP-999 reminded him of Martha. When I asked "who is Martha", the subject responded by saying it was his wife who dies back towards the end of WWII. The subject continued by saying "they would give us the medicine that could have saved her!"; at this point, D-28920 was saying how he was going to kill them for killing his wife and that they will suffer as she did. The effects of stimuli began to wear off; I asked him how he was feeling and he requested that we take a break before continuing, and was approved. EXPERIMENT #2: Response to a Stimuli that simulates over excitement and hope SCP-999 is injected with the stimuli; D-28920 approaches SCP-999. SCP-999 began to tickle D-28920 and the subject burst out in joy. He was talking to SCP-999 like if they were connected without speaking; the subject began saying "I'm getting out today!" as he frolicked around the room. He started yelling "I'm going home and I get to see my grandkids!"; then he came right up to the observing deck and asked me when he could be let out. I responded with "just a few more tests and will get the paperwork in order." EXPERIMENT #3: Response to a Stimuli that simulates rage. SCP-999 is injected with the stimuli, and the subject approaches SCP-999. SCP-999 tickles the subject and is thrown off by the subject in a fit of pure rage. The subject said how we ruined his life, and that we need to pay for separating him from his family members. D-28920 exerts so much rage that he was able to pull the leg off of the bench sitting right next to him. The subject lunges at the observing deck and attempts to break the glass to get to me. I would be lying if I said that I did not fall on my [DATA EXPUNGED] because I did. The stimuli wore off quickly (thank god) and testing was able to continue. EXPERIMENT #4: Response to a Stimuli that simulates confusion SCP-999 is injected with the stimuli, and as before D-28920 approaches him. SCP-999 begins to tickle the subject, and just like that the subject is completely confused. He began by rapidly darting his eyes around the room; until his eyes landed upon SCP-999. The subject jumped back against the wall and yelled out "WHAT THE [REDACTED] IS THE [READACTED] THING!" He then started to look around the room and spotted me, and yelled "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?! WHERE AM I?! WHAT IS THAT THING?!" I responded, "Sir it's ok that thing won't hurt you.", but he did not buy it; the subject yelled at me saying "[DATA EXPUNGED] THAT THING IS A SPAWN FROM HELL!" SCP-999 began to approach him where D-28920 became so scared that he tripped and knocked himself out. Exactly 10 minutes later he woke up asking what happened. I responded nothing to worry about right now we have one more test to do. EXPERIMENT #5: Response to a Stimuli that simulates apologetic SCP-999 is injected with the stimuli; D-28920 approaches it but is again reluctant since the last test. SCP-999 begins to tickle him, and the subject remembers everything and starts apologizing for the outburst during the test, and many other things that I had no clue what he was talking about. He begins to apologize to SCP-999 for throwing him against the wall and again even more thing not even I knew about. Surprisingly this stimuli wore off much quicker than any of the other stimuli that were tested. Though I could not help but think to my self what if we used this on the General Security even though that would be breaking so many protocols. D-28920 was dismissed and now reports for mental screening every week for any adverse side effects of the test. Analysis and Conclusion: This test was surprisingly a huge success! Possibly with the data results collected, we could use SCP-999 as a weapon by injecting it with emotional stimuli. More test is required to see the full capability of SCP-999 and emotional stimuli and confirm the validity of the results labeled in each experiment. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: Yes
  5. Umm.... was this not just denied by th3 so why is there two? So now I'm very confused so -/+ support
  6. +support staff for 16 days 5 staff reports and this https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1760702989 yea
  7. What you want to see? - Chess Boards and checkers be added to Security Bunks Why should we add it? - This would allow our security to have something to do while waiting down NLR periods. And trainees can have something to do while waiting for trainers to hop on and train them What are the advantages of having this? - Players won't be as bored waiting for there NLR period to expire Who is it mainly for? - Security Links to any content - N/A Security High Command does want this to be added and I'm the ambassador for the Head of Security | Explains why I posted it and not Rang,
  8. Congrats now you are most likely going to get banned for outrageous remarks towards staff and making it public on the forums. -Support for All Reasons Above Including -Disrespect -Minge I recommend the Ban Hammer
  9. I'm going to +support even though I'm on the edge. You seem to have had a change of heart, and you're doing good since you came back. Freindly twords players But, if you do get accepted I want to see you try harder and do not make me regret my decision to up vote you're appeal. If you were striked it was for good reason most likely. But as I have said you are doing exceptionally better since you have came back and so far have earned a second chance. Now why am I on the edge is the big question. One, I dont like it when people do not follow the rules that have been set in place to make sure to protect the community at large and to ensure that everyone has a good time. Two, I have had problems with you before so it gives me reluctance when plus supporting this. Three, honestly if you messed up I would own up to it, and just wait out the restriction But overall I think you deserve a second chance, but if anything just lessen the time of the restriction if you really did mess up.
  10. Name: WAR GAMER Rank: COL Why should I keep my rank? Because I work hard and u love me Any Concerns? No u
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