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  1. WOW MAJOR +SUPPORT Repremation is definitely required. And clear abuse of power. I trust that Rang and other SMT members can find a punishment.
  2. Happy New Year & A Happy New Decade You hear thunder as a great storm breaks out over site 05... The generators fail and darkness descends over the facility... As the clock strikes 3AM on this New Years Day... A loud knock could be heard at gate A The Man was dressed in a dark cloak Face dark and expressionless MTF begin to gather their troops at the gate WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN *CRACK* A NAME COULD BE HEARD OVER THE SITE COMMS AND PA A name no one thought they would hear again as the figure identified himself "War...." is a harsh raspy voice But how could that be he was executed by the [REDACTED] HOW COULD HE BE ALIVE UNLESS IT'S NOT HIM "Only Time Will Tell" ONLY TIME WILL REVEAL WHO THIS FIGURE IS ALL WE KNOW IS THAT IT IS BACK WITH A NEW FIRE NOT SEEN BEFORE OF ONE ITS CHARACTER IT'S BACK AND NOW WE DON'T KNOW IF TO FEAR OR TO ACCEPT The Return is COMING but maybe not as you THINK...
  3. +support Only a verbal is necessary since he owned up to his mistake when many people or staff members would not have done so.
  4. You might want to do a fresh reinstall of addons may fix your problem
  5. Big oof. At least my family is not blacklisted but that may be because if I hear about rule breaking, I deal with it with swiftness and little mercy.
  6. Major -support - Does not want it to be appealed????? Which warrents this post INVALID and MINGEY. - Does not belive that it was "false" - Seems it seems that this is more of an apology post RATHER then an appeal, and you should have done that in the staff sit and apologized to the player, and the staff member there not here. Also posted in wrong section under "Ban Appeals" and needs to be in "Report Center" for police RP for further notice.
  7. That is just something I remember back when staffing on SCP and also my friend got yelled at a long while ago for being afk on custom class on PRP so I'm speaking from memory and experience
  8. Ok, there are a few key points and something I would like to point out on both of your guy's stories. =================================================================================== :::KEY OF COLORS::: BLUE = Friendly Tip Red = Issue Green = Good ================================================================================== Eclaper ======================================================================= Can not be AFK on custom class jobs Good appeal though you did spend "SOME" time making it. IF YOU ARE GOING AFK; Switch jobs to Citizen and set your name AFK Eclaper this way it is easier to identify who is AFK at a time meaning that it could help you out in proving that you were AFK. I know your trying to figure this out by posting back and forth but please stop because it kinda looks like arguing YOU really have no help in your defense since you can't really prove that you did shut down your computer unless you go into windows event logs and lookup online the EVENT ID for your operating system and screenshot the uptime (time when your PC was powered on) and downtime (the time when your PC was powered off) I'm not saying you're wrong but as it stands right now the odds are kind of stacked against you, and this will still look bad no matter what. I would get that event log if you can that way you can at least prove that you did SHUTDOWN your computer, instead of just disconnecting from the server or closing your tab. Jay ======================================================= Did a PD Officer as in the RANK Officer arrest Eclaper and was he with a higher-up not just arresting people on foot patrol. It seems kind of biased by holding a PD officer as a higher more respectable member of the community such as they can't do anything wrong, but you forget anyone has the power to minge around. As shown above in the highlighted section, and yes people falely arrest people in PD and you should never second guess that we don't. (I say we because I'm in PD even though I don't do this) This is not an issue about if he disconnected, crashed, timed out, etc. He made it clear that he left by shutting down his computer. (Which is non-malicious in this scenario but it could be) DID YOU EVER CHECK THE LOGS TO SEE IF HE WAS WANTED OR INQUIRED WHY HE MAY HAVE BEEN TO SEE IF IT WAS FALSE ARREST? I'm not saying that you're a bad staff member; because you are not your still learning. IF you are handling an LTAP report don't just look up the cuff logs and disconnect logs and then say "Yea he disconnected while cuffed, I'll warn him" because it is really not that simple especially in this case. And in any case, dig a little deeper because you might save someone from getting a warning because they left and it was a false arrest. You did do your job however by issuing a warning for the situation especially since there really is no evidence for the defense. The Warn IS VALID as of the current moment. I know your trying to figure this out by posting back and forth but please stop because it kinda looks like arguing. =============IN CONCLUSION============= I agree with LuckyGoose because all it is right now is he said/she said situation and NONE of you have any FORM OF PROOF. BUT THERE WAS ALOT OF ISSUES ON BOTH PARTIES THAT WERE INVOLVED I WOULD SINCERELY SUGGEST TAKING MY ADVICE AND FORMULATE YOUR NEXT RESPONSE ACCORDINGLY! OR JUST TAKE SOME NEW STAFFING TIPS.
  9. It is most likely both sides because he has 3D/2D textscreen addon installed, if you look at my post compared to his you can tell this. I had mine downloaded but I had it disabled reason why it was the error texture where 3D/2D Textscreen logo should be. He has it installed and enabled showing the logo on it.
  10. Umm this is a little weird because the user in question on steam was no online for the past 41 hours and the user does not have gmod so I'm confused are you sure that you got the right steamid?
  11. Previously noted issue Steve says it may be a client issue but to let him know if this happens again and now wella
  12. 10 min later one staff got on and I told him dont worry I'm just taking it to the fourms now because I had somewhere to be after that. ONE. So shout out to him for actually hopping on because I was in the middle of creating the report when he responded. And at that time I was just so done with it I just told him just give me his steam id and ill just take it to the fourms aswell as I had a buissness meeting to go to so I had to leave quick. Plus I did not want to waist more of his time since he was the only one on.
  13. He had two tasers on him and clearly saw it when he turned around and continued to run