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  1. Lul I agree and I love my Rangiatea
  2. I've fixed it counted characters on accident. Thank you for pointing that out!
  3. Name: Security MAJ War Gamer 1A06 Rank (must be LT+) MAJ | Trail Period last promoted on 3/6 Any previous experience in a high ranked position? Yes, on many other servers back when I used to be staff on a lot of servers; I was a police chief for a PRP server before it closed down. Though the rest I was low command+ for several different servers. why do you think you should be chosen to be the next LT COL (150 words min)] Even though we have had many ups and downs I've always remained with security. I never joined any other department because I always loved mine GENSEC. I may not be the best candidate for LT COL, but my loyalty will always be with security even if I'm not chosen. I'll still always be on and helping to make GENSEC great; even if I don't make it. I'm always available to help high command with issues and correct security issues that need to be addressed. Even when I'm busy dealing with staff issues I'm always checking on security and fulfilling my job as a MAJ. I know there is many reasons some people may not trust me, but Im always open for constructive criticism. I know there were issue back when I was a CPT but I reassure you those issues are behind me and I'm a new person becauae of them. I have proven that I can carry weight and that the stress this position can bring; I can handel. I may not even deserve this rank, but I wanted to apply just to at least be considered which would mean a great deal to me on a personal level. Thank You for reading and I hope that you may consider me, Security MAJ War Gamer 1A06
  4. I had to tell you that you needed to create a new post and not comment even though it clearly said to make a new post and not a comment LOL!
  5. Two resigned and chief is on loa so makes that 3 when he comes back ot is 2
  6. Name: Security CPT War Gamer Rank: CPT Activity Status: Active(even while I have to deal with being staff) Reason you should stay command (100+ words): I have always tried to be helpful for command and players within the security force. I've been making sure everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. I'm usually always online if anyone needed me, and just had issues they wanted to talk about. Even though I'm now a Gaming Light SCP-RP staff member, and can't be on the security CPT job all the time; in between sits I always make sure that Security is doing their jobs. I've gotten rid of many mingey people in my time in command to make our department greater and greater each time. And I think that I have proven myself to be a good command personnel and that I can get tasks done when needed. Any concerns: The fact that we lost 3 HCMD
  7. - Support Sorry man but I don't think you're ready for it. - We just recently had an issue with you which I won't talk about since it's in a public place but if I'm asked to then I will - No poll - Wait a little bit longer so everything gets cleared up - Also recently Accepted Staff report
  8. - support > new forums accout > only have seen him on today with quite a few mingey reports >Q 16 needs alot of work and is half worng >>> Did not read the staff handbook<<< >New to the community >Not well know among members > Content count of 3 >Not your steam id no steam id has 1:0 unless your a developer all other steam ids are STEAM_0:0 Also I am nearly 100% sure you said yes on your poll.
  9. -Support . Dissed me . Minge . Still very new to the community VERY
  10. Plus more than one verbal and a bit of a minge.
  11. - support not follow the exact format Inactive forums account Not participating aka content count of 3 No poll When I get home I'll update my reply more.
  12. -Support You seem like a nice guy but there is a few things I don't like about this Staff Application. 1) You really don't have many post on the forums 2) #No. 15 could use some more labor in it. 3) #No. 16 especially needs more work; it looks like you just speed through it. 4) Never have heard of you or seen you 5) Be more active on the forums 6) You need a poll