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  1. 1. There is no need for extra CI Jobs I would make more if I feel like more are needed but that is definitely not needed +Support to the NLR Timers so people would know but it isn't hard to set a timer on your phone or just shift tab and see what time you died at and what time you can leave your spawn
  2. RP Name: SteamID: Reason of Blacklisted: Why do you think you should be unblacklisted (150 Word Minimum): Any Further Violations of the SOP/Rules will leave you permanently blacklisted
  3. IF YOU GO INACTIVE WITHOUT POSTING AN LOA YOU WILL BE REMOVED Name: Rank: Callsign: Date of LOA Leave/Return: Reason (if private write N/A):
  4. Chaos Insurgency Information SOP ROSTER R&D SOP Delta Command Application FTO Application *Every item listed is subjected to change
  5. A staff member shouldn't be doing this in the first place as it projects a bad light on the entirety of the staff team and makes us lose some of our player base because people might want to not call staff for a major issue just because they don't want to get disrespected or treated unfairly.