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  1. -Not having enough commitment to one thing; you have left CI a total of 5 - 6 times and a couple of those times you've failed to answer a roll call posted on the forums which shows a lack of responsibility and once you had to be reminded to fill out a roll call which again proves my point. =Harrison you are a good person but from time to time you can be a bit minging which can lead a bad reputation on the staff team as a whole. Personally I don't think that you are ready quite yet I've known you for a long time but I just don't think you are there yet.
  2. +Support Naval as a whole really shouldn't be partaking in a whole lot of combat as they can still lead on the ground via FOB or setting up defenses with shock/nova(once they are added) but for the most part it should be the commanders/officers leading troops on the ground. While naval leads in space.
  3. +/- Support Medical in my eyes is pretty fine as it is
  4. I've tried to use the defibs quite a bit and they won't even charge up. Personally I think if they worked we could possibly increase RP and it would make a great system that medics can use.
  5. Would be pretty nice to have and would add the extra RP which doesn't hurt
  6. +Support -Shouldn't be doing this in the first place -Evidence is clear ~CI General Tony GZ00
  7. CI High Command is already talking about new models. This isn't your call to make on model changes either. ~ CI General Tony GZ00