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  1. You're trash at every game you play you would lose
  2. tbh I've had better experiences with Nimo but that is just me
  3. +Support Probably one of the best command members we've had in CI in a long time. Leading without a mic is hard but you are more than qualified with or without one. When we interviewed him for LTCOL his answers were really good at the time and probably improved form that time. Don't call me sir bro
  4. +Support Anything that increases rp should be implemented ngl Should be a bit reasonable with who can create these and how things are carried out
  5. +Support Sorry I am late. You have been the longest Low Command member CI has ever seen besides for Arussso I think. For the most part, I think you are more than qualified for Second in Command GL.
  6. +Support Has my full support you've shown so many points of interest in CI and you work your ass off on R&D and Military which is good that you know how to balance things out personally I think you should have it ngl.
  7. It's been a long time coming from an RCT to now the General of CI but I have a couple of things to say about some specific people. @October - My inspiration for making CI the way it is and thank you for building the foundation Hoopla - Mans promoted me to PVT just cause I wanted to be on the roster Spartan - Late Night Command Meetings Conner (The True G)(Brother of mike) - You were probably my first friend and the first person to talk to in CI you trained me to be the way I am now and I thank you for everything you did and are doing now. "Catsro you're a minge" Orange - Sorry bro I got no juice Bruhussso - Rice man supplied the rice Aleks // Skela // Kales // Lakes - Idk how you cant talk with a mouth Catroom - GL bro nuf said who are you exactly Mutombo // CHIKEN - Yall homies to the max honestly connected since birth idk Black Jesus - League pro player ngl CI RCT Bill - One of the best members of CI don't know why grenadier was removed ngl should've been High Command Infectiod - Fortnite yeah Lefty - Couldn't wait to be trained CI Captain Blue - Put mirrors on 096 Enuz - Led well my friend /me salutes one of the longest members of CI Low Command Corner - Led well thy mute and stop calling me sir bro your older than me Starr - Do good with your rank inspire your fellow members to do the same with their growth Boozle - I know we both hard very ruff and edgy times but I think you will do good as your new rank Dakota - If you come back good luck and have fun The rest of Chaos Insurgency - I have been in this branch ever since I joined this server and I want you all to know that this isn't "just cause" but I feel like the fifth generation of this branch will be pretty good we did well as the fourth-gen and I want you all to do the better take this branch to the moon. /me salutes. One more command snuff out that beef with MTF MTF Command - Dap me up sometime and snuff out the beef with CI *This post was made by CI Gang* *aint no snitchin cuh
  8. -Support Doesn't follow format Isn't reporting anyone which this section is meant for