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  1. Same here tho alex i can only be on an hour or two because my brother and my mother got parental locks put on my PC at my mothers
  2. Adding on +fun to be around +kind person overall +good app
  3. +support -Good staff -good app -active boi -been admin for a while
  4. Name: Price Rank: LT/Senior Researcher Duration: 3-7 days Reason: Upgrading my PCs to hopefully run Gmod better and to not break my mic while im playing (i also got sick today for staying up 72 hours )
  5. CLASSIFIED LEVEL 5+ CLEARANCE ACCESS REQUIRED TO ACCESS THIS DOCUMENT... ..... ...... ..... Access granted welcome [REDACTED] ..... ..... ERROR ERROR POSSIBLE HOSTILES HACKING INTO FILE FIREWALL BREACHED REDACTING SENSITIVE FILES Name of operative: ████ Callsign: PI3 Born in: █████ █████ ███ ████ Height:███ Weight:███ Job within foundation: ███ ██ Recruitment reason: ██████████████████████████████████████████ Personality: ██████████████████ Rank: ██████ Backstory: █████████████████████████████████████ likes saying Yeet while throwing grenades ████████████████████ Medical Issues: none Quotes from █████: "Im now batman" "[F] CI RAID DEFCON 3 CALL THE CAVALRY" "Leave the room before i yeet you" (*in Phoenix right ace attorney voice*) "TAKE THAT *Throws Grenade*"
  6. Name: Price Height: 5"4" Weight: 90 pds Born in: [REDACTED] New York Current occupation: Known insurgent Current location: Unknown Backstory: A former Epsilon 11 Liutenant who changed his name after abandoning them for CI Price or Cloud as some may call him is currently a Liutenant for the Chaos insurgency, He is an amazing pilot and has had many close calls in his time when he has attacked the foundation though he seems to be more strict on these raids when hes leading them though he tries to be better than he was when he was a Liutenant of epsilon 11 he sometimes cant stop making jokes but yet still manages to lead his troops. He is always attempting to earn just the respect of his higher ups and those under him, He seems to really enjoy striking at the foundation and prefers to not talk too much about his past as epsilon 11 because he always says "It brings back bad memories" Price Quotes: "Remember everyone No russian" "Welp as -3 used to say Bing bong Bring it on"
  7. Ok this is over now because i just got texted from my parents my grades werent dropping.
  8. Name: Price Rank: LT/ Researcher Callsign: LT13/ R01 Length: 1/14/20-1/25/20 Reason: I am currently having to deal with school things and having to keep over an 80 GPA to stay in blackjacks for NJROTC and my grades are falling a little bit, im sorry to take another LOA but ill get more active and serious after this LOA.
  9. Mega +support since this boio has a lot of experience and even though he may be on LOA he is still an amazing pick
  10. +/- support + has experience + lotsa SCP knowledge - just came back -unknown activity
  11. I thought about this and i will officialy be stopping my application as there are multiple people whom are a better fit to add on to oranges thing i was listening to my higher ups (Rabbits) orders and i was also told to host the raid