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  1. +support In my Opinion Good app wasnt rushed Respectful Person Active Good tests
  2. This is the Lore and SCRAMBLE never worked in the first place
  3. +support Whenever i happen to be on D class it is rare for me but i have on occasion managed to kill a EXP with a Bat in a 1v1
  4. Watkin you were awesome to hang out with (Remembers time when u were RPing like you were Drunk) Those were great times when i was a RFM or Resident and you would enter medbay
  5. +support Just yes Lore Friendly Would be an interesting mechanic
  6. +/- support Ngl it might just be due to me being on during weekends but i have hardly seen you on during my Time as medical but again it may be because im on during weekends but during the time i wasnt on during weekends i hardly ever saw you on so anytime before a week or two ago so im leaning more towards -support
  7. Cya Box it was fun and i hope to see you around
  8. Name: Cloud Rank: LCPL Applying For: Head LCPL Why you should be accepted: Yes What makes you stand out from others: ......Yes...... Wrong side of the Bat *Starts Smacking with Bat* I am Batman.....I am above guns (Yes this is a joke)
  9. +support Something other than gambling to spend all of my money on Spicy new armory
  10. +/- Support Pros Gives more RP to O9 Makes Lore Sense for a High Security Foundation to have ID checkpoints Neutral Needs a Limit on how many Checkpoints Needs a limit on how many people at the checkpoint/How many can roll against the sleuth (maybe 1 or 2 person limit) Cons Makes things harder for Sleuth Multiple people could roll against the Sleuth D class wouldnt Escape LCZ
  11. In Game Name: Price Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:212537250 Job applying for (Medical - MEDIC + | Red Right Hand - ANY MTF RANK OR GENSEC COMMAND | Research - Researcher+): Medical I am a Elite Medic If applying for Red Right Hand preferred O5 to guard: N/A How many Strikes do you have: 0 in medical Why do you want to join the O5 staff team: i would like to join the O5 staff team to keep the Council members and their Staff Healthy and alive at all times since they are normally susceptible to be captured or killed a lot of the time and i would like to prevent that Why should we accept you: I believe i should be accepted as i am very active but due to current family issues i cannot be on during the week (Monday-Thursday) but whenever i am on i will be as active as i can possibly be so that i can provide Medical Attention to the Staff and Council Members who will need medical assistance while still maintaining good activity in the other branches i am in, I would also like to increase my RP potential and have the ability to help more people then i normally do as well as take a little of any weight put on the O5 medical team, I am somewhat well versed in Surgery as i was taught how to do a little bit of surgery from Doctor Crystal and by just watching and assisting surgeons when needed and i am very capable at field work as i currently hold the position of Elite Field Medic as well as Advanced Combat Medic
  12. +support Back in the Day any CMD used to be able to request E11 in and E11 would really only ever be requested in in certain situations such as a Euclid breach when hardly any MTF are on as well as if D class were rioting E11 would patrol HCZ and back then during Gensec Meetings normally E11 will be called in due to the fact that there will be 0 Security in D block and it makes sense for MTF CMD to be able to call us in incase of a Mass D class breach leading to a Defcon 4 in case MTF need us in EZ/HCZ ~Paris
  13. +support As an ACM main i feel that Kami would work Wonders with us she is getting active, Doing good and also is a competant person and knows what to do and what not to do and her activity is on the Rise as i have noticed ~ACM Price
  14. +support October has experience of being HCMD being a Retired CI CMDR and current command experience being a Major and i respect october as all encounters i have ever had eith october have been nice