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  1. CRYOOOOOOO NOOOOO Your favorite constant leaver ~E11 LT Cloud
  2. Blackbeard nuuuuuuuuu *sad cloud noises* i hope u come back one day Everyones favorite ming i mean demo Expert~Cloud *Minge alarms begin going off*
  3. Uhhhhh idk who your talking about........ but ill seeya zeus ~Price/Cloud
  4. Whos gonna meme on me as a D class during a Pacifism meeting when i make it to Medbay CP
  5. Name: Price Rank: PFC Callsign: XX5 Duration: 2 weeks max Reason: im a bit burnt out on SCPRP so im gonna take a break ill seeya in 2 weeks
  6. I mean ive seen him as amazing command when i quote this
  7. Sorry but imma have to deny this Bog Nevah gunna give you up never gonna let you downnnn ~Cloud your favorite LT
  8. HELL YEAH- Your favorite D boi/E11 Cloud
  9. Ill miss ya wargamer, you, madviking, rang and dogz are some of my favorite people- E11 LT Cloud/ F
  10. +support +Good Leader +God tier RPer +Great CI LT +Calm and ready to drop bombs when ready
  11. Imma end this early since i had a good couple days to hang out with my family but my brother ruined it for me by annoying me
  12. Name: Price Rank: PVT Callsign: XZ15 Activity: Weekends (im gonna come off my LOA early) Region (US/EU): US DiscordID#: Mega charizard X#5973 Suggestions (If None Leave Blank): What would you like to achieve in CI: I would like to achieve the highest rank in CI possible and i would like to stop a MTF raid by Slaughtering them all