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  1. Denied on the grounds of....imma miss u
  2. THEY WILL RECIEVE TRAINING EVEN BY FORCE lol but yea i like this idea better Edit: this idea being gios idea
  3. +support +good app +Unique event + Very Convincing + Active + FELLOW DND PERSON (i play mainly PC)
  4. So ace i seee you have decided to leave...Bat battle some time when you come back?? Also on a side note: you got Dark souls 3 for PS4? Edit: So.....only 2 minge squad members remain
  5. +support Video shows clear evidence
  6. +support Would be fun and a new RP way and it would be fun to see dogs running around and mauling people (Dibs on being mauled first)
  7. I can close it down as ACM but its still very useful so Elite medics can close medbay
  8. Name: Price Rank: Member Time of LOA(MM/DD/YYYY): 3/12/20 --> 3/24/20 Reason(Put Private if you do not wish to say): Private (It says it on my medical roster notes *Cough*)
  9. +support Ok so first off not trying to be mean here or anything but phill should not be using physgun to Yeet you back into Gate if you waited your time, Also you shouldnt be using your physgun off duty in any case so i feel you should also get some form of punishment but yes it shows that phill knew what he was doing when he did it
  10. +support -Nice App -Rp boio *Dabs in medical*