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  1. -Not having enough commitment to one thing; you have left CI a total of 5 - 6 times and a couple of those times you've failed to answer a roll call posted on the forums which shows a lack of responsibility and once you had to be reminded to fill out a roll call which again proves my point. =Harrison you are a good person but from time to time you can be a bit minging which can lead a bad reputation on the staff team as a whole. Personally I don't think that you are ready quite yet I've known you for a long time but I just don't think you are there yet.
  2. +Support Naval as a whole really shouldn't be partaking in a whole lot of combat as they can still lead on the ground via FOB or setting up defenses with shock/nova(once they are added) but for the most part it should be the commanders/officers leading troops on the ground. While naval leads in space.
  3. +/- Support Medical in my eyes is pretty fine as it is
  4. I've tried to use the defibs quite a bit and they won't even charge up. Personally I think if they worked we could possibly increase RP and it would make a great system that medics can use.
  5. Would be pretty nice to have and would add the extra RP which doesn't hurt
  6. +Support -Shouldn't be doing this in the first place -Evidence is clear ~CI General Tony GZ00
  7. CI High Command is already talking about new models. This isn't your call to make on model changes either. ~ CI General Tony GZ00
  8. He is trying to get a processor confirmed
  9. +Support Personally I think this is false but that is just me from when I had come to blacklist you from Chaos Insurgency in my eyes you were constantly trying to improve yourself as a person and had came to me multiple times to apologize which was on your own initiative and not someone telling you that you can't do it. On a real note although we've haven't talked much you as a person completely improved your attitude and your character and I am happy enough to give you my full support. I think it should be a favorable trait as if complaints are not coming in positive/negative things don't change for the better. If people are afraid of complaining and they dislike something you can count on that person to leave or not have the greatest views of a certain branch or system. Other than those points I wanted to talk about you are: -Active In-Game // TS -Friendly -A good member of the community Don't know if I could've been a High Command Vouch since I am CI but if War Gamer // Matricies saw this then I would vouch for Gunther
  10. So it was my first day on the server didn't know what my friend and I wanted to get so we simply just joined gensec and then research, but then both of us got bored and went back to D-Class so my friend got off and I continued and got an opening in D-Block to escape with some people I made it all the way to EZ from a CI Infiltrator John (big man I will say). He said that he will be back and I and four other people were hiding in the MTF bunks. Sooner or later John showed up and we ended up escaping with 8 others that he picked up. We ran to CI base and we started screaming at Conner to train us just to find that 912 was on the surface with a ump45 and was just gunning down the D-Class me and this other D-Class ran to docks and were chillin in a container once that was over we went back to conner just to find out that there was 4 of us left. Conner had us do "a game" he mainly just asked questions about SCP's me and the kid I hid with made it to the second round when the kid said, "I think Tony deserves this more than I do" then this man starts punching Conner and gets gunned down. after that, I did the training. My first day I asked Hoopla to put me on the roster since I was trained yesterday and I get promoted to PVT then I go on to work my ass off for the next month while having all of our High Command resign // transfer // or removed it was rough. When I was working my way up I got many opportunities when I hit SGT that is where it showed and working for a Low Command spot was pretty easy then. Hitting Low Command was either the best or the worst thing as it was fun that I got to do what I wanted to do but it was hard to act as a professional as possible not to say we could train anyone since of all of those training blocks. When I hit Captain I was the rank for about 2 days then got COL which was a completely different sight. This is the rank that changed me from a small body to BIG BODY as I took on a lot of things that I didn't think I was gonna do. Throughout the span of a month, I did a lot of things as a Colonel and it reflected in a promotion to Commander and then soon General and have been a member of Chaos Insurgency since January and loved every moment.
  11. -Support -Q16 is Wrong -Seems a bit inactive // spammy on the forums -No Proof of warns +Long player within the community
  12. -Support 1. You can't do branch updates 2. CI looks fine I don't know what you are on about It isn't that hard to identify targets in my opinion All models MTF and CI are fine