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  1. -------------------------- Name of Job: Director of Research and Security ----> Director of Utility, Research and Security Job Model (Model Paths): None Changed Job Description: Change to -----> Director of Utility, Research and Security Personnel on Site-05. This individual has Level 4 clearance to all utility, research and security materials. Job Weapons (Ex. tfa_csgo_mac10): tfa_model500 ----> tfa_csgo_revolver (The Model 500 has an unrealistic level of kick on shots making it unusable in self defense.. No DoURS in the past or present would use this.) Job Salary: None Changed Job HP: None Changed Job Armor: None Changed Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): None Changed
  2. Hello Shaw, While I'm not for people buying ingame money for gambling, I'd like to be able to just buy it for weapons and what not in general. I should mention, that you can also buy money on PRP/MILRP the latter of which, had poker tables/slot machines at the same time and this was never a problem. Its a non-issue as if there is an issue with people buying virtual money in game for gambling or just being able to buy the supplies they need is an issue, then there problely is going to be an issue with the 20+ donor options in the store, which not only can you buy for other individuals, can be utilized in the same manner. I actually suggested adding an option to buy ingame money in my post that got the slot machines/tables added but it was never considered due to this issue of people gambling away real money. If they do that, that is on that person, not on the server as explicity stated per the donation store. I would like to see this option added as it was never an issue on any other server when gambling and the ability to buy money was in-game at the same time. +Support, gambling is a non-issue and never has been on Gaminglight.
  3. Matricies

    Nukes - Denied

    Hello Clef, Even when the requirements for a nuke are met, it usually does not happen. Site administration usually requires a period of "Attempting" to recontain the SCPS. I've seen mass breaches go 20+ minutes with no nukes and get dealt with or 682 on surface and no nuke done. I don't think they get done that often to require an even harder rule.
  4. Hello Propane, You aren't allowed to kill 049, only his minions. If someone kills you as 049 or kills 049, you report it to an admin.
  5. Hello Everyone, I feel like people took a look at the word riot and didn't read the rest of the suggestion. The suggestion is to not stop/quell riots, it is a change directed at keeping D class from killing D class who aren't doing anything, resulting in problematic unstoppable self-breaches. I have a lot of individuals who get frustrated when they are trying to cooperate with foundation members by putting hands up or standing in line and get killed by other D class who know it causes us and those individuals problems. This has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the fence/line.
  6. What you want to see? - I would like to see the rule readded where D class cannot kill other D class unless the other D class consents to a fight. Why should we add it? - This rule was a nice removal but its begun to get abused by D class who like to riot a lot. What ends up happening is the D class who aren't trying to riot in the line get killed by the D class riotting to stop them from cooperating. This results in those d-class getting upset and eventually just riotting themselves. With self-breaching a thing, if all the D class riot and do not allow themselves to be taken for testing/SCP feeding, this results in literal UNSTOPPABLE self-breaches and its highly annoying and they know it causes these unstoppable breaches. What are the advantages of having this? - This would alleviate some issues with D class getting killed who didn't consent to a fight and keep D class from abusing it. Who is it mainly for? - Foundation/D class who actually want to test/be fed Links to any content - None. Rule change.
  7. Hello RU, It is sad to say that I am going to officially resign. I joined back in I think october/november seeing the server active again and itching to get back into military rp. I met a lot of new individuals and reached new heights in RU. I've gotten to see some people grow into great commanders and generals and high staff members. While I was staying active enough to maintain my rank, I was not the general that RU needed as I was not pushing things in a proper direction. I am glad to see that RU is in capable hands and will direct my focus to where it needs to be. Thank you for the opportunities again and I hope that I set an example for all RU.
  8. What you want to see? - Disabling 1048-A until the range on his swep is fixed or we find another swep. Why should we add it? - I don't think Im the only one who gets annoyed when 1048-A is trying to breach or uses his scream and gets killed half-way across the map. Its highly aggravating, especially when hes not even breached. I've been killed as far as the HCZ/EZ elevator when he was still in his containment chamber on the upper level of HCZ and some people have been killed in the medbay area. He needs to be disabled for a bit until we find a suitable replacement or are able to modify the range. What are the advantages of having this? - 173 has some glitchy swep issues as well, but at least he only kills 1 person when it happens not damaging multiple people across the map. This would prevent some issues such as when your trying to feed an SCP in the HCZ and his scream eliminates all your D class or your squad. Who is it mainly for? - Foundation Links to any content - Possible Replacement -
  9. Hello Igneous, Thats just fine then. Thank you for the responses, I do appreciate the clarification and guidance on the issue.
  10. Hello Igneous, Thats the issue though, if you walk up to a D class and he doesn't want to be tested/fed, he runs away and jumps off the elevator or pulls fists and starts fighting. This happens with multiple D-class and if they have to follow FearRP, how do we enforce this staff wise? I'm all for being able to force D-class to go into tests/feedings, but I don't know how reliable this is when it comes to calling staff on D-class who aren't following FearRP in the D-block area when we're trying to pull them for tests/feedings. Regardless, thank you for clarifying this issue. It does make it a lot easier to get D class. A ton of security/research have always thought this was the case and I will be informing them that it is not and that they can freely pull D class.
  11. Hello Igneous, I remember being told this awhile ago back that we should only be pulling D class from the line and D class that are not in the line are to be left alone to give them the choice of not being forced into a test/feeding they don't want to do. If this is not the case, D class don't have to obey fearRP either as far as I'm aware from my time on the server so if they don't want to they'd just suicide off the elevator or start fighting resulting in KOS situations. This results in LIMITED D class being available if its not peak hours. @Igneous
  12. Hello Bread, - 194 should be only 1 D class. There are times where there are literally not enough D class on the upper level. This results in breaches that are impossible to stop at times. - 966/035 need clarification. Do you mean that you can only terminate 966 when its trying to self breach if there are at least 3 online or if there are only 2 your not allowed to terminate them at all? And if the latter is true, how do you recontain them through Tranq? Same with 035, does this mean if he does breach he is no longer KOS-able and you have to potentially tranq him? - 1048 ear cutting. Does 1048 knock the person out in regards to the failrp rule? As in, if he cuts my ear off, am I allowed to call KOS on him or am I unconscious and unable to remember? - 457 heat suit thing. I feel like this should be changed in some way so that more then 1 branch can deal with him appropriately. He can be dealt with when breached by extinguishing him with 3 fire extinguishers, so it shouldn't necessarily require a heat suit all the time. The above should problely be addressed.
  13. Hello Zeeptin, The changes have been made. I noticed this change is apparently the on custom job things now. I assume there is no pay extra option to change the secondary to something else or was this change made mostly for a balance issue?
  14. Ingame Name: Matricies Job Name: OPSF - Omnipurpose Security Force Server: SCP-RP Owner steam ID: STEAM_1:0:82997619 Ingame Name: Matricies Weapon changes - tfa_csgo_scar20 ---> tfa_csgo_g3sg1 (10$) tfa_remington870 ----> tfa_csgo_revolver (10$) Job Name: OPRF - Omnipurpose Riot Force Server: SCP-RP Owner steam ID: STEAM_1:0:82997619 Weapon changes: tfa_csgo_scar20 ---> tfa_csgo_g3sg1 (10$) tfa_mossberg590 ----> tfa_csgo_revolver (10$) Total - 40$ - Payed by STEAM_1:0:82997619 Proof of Payment:
  15. Hello Cookie, Stop leaving me! I can't have a can of beans running utility. Especially when they're lima beans, whos supposed to cook them?