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  1. Hello RU, I think I need to take a bit of a break from the server because I've lately been feeling like I don't even want to get on and it hangs in the back of my head quite a bit. Im going to be taking a 2 week LOA to 1/25/19. Please send me forum messages if you need anything.
  2. Hello Funkey, Ahhh every Minor Gen resigning leaving me and snookie left! But in all real seriousness it sucks to see all of you go. But you've been here a long time and if your interest is waning its understandable. I just wish you luck to whatever you do in the future. Also I'l put on my suit when I want.
  3. Matricies

    SCP 076 Rules

    What you want to see? - Rules added for 076 Why should we add it? - Not sure if it was an oversight or if the rules are still in the making but SCP 076 was added without associated rules for it being added in the full rules MOTD. What are the advantages of having this? - Set rules for 076 Who is it mainly for? - Everyone for clarity of what 076 can/cannot do. Links to any content - None.
  4. Matricies

    Remove Drones

    Hello Willy, I do apologize, but while I don't necessarily like drones either I can't +/-Support this because the reason is inadequate and doesn't explain everything that they cause negatively for the server for them to actually be considered to be removed. Could you explain your reasons why besides just "People don't like them".
  5. Hello Scoot, While it sucks that we're gonna lose you if your losing interest, its not fair to you to stay. You did the best you could with the branches you were over during the servers low periods and everyone will miss having you around. It was good having you aboard RU and wish you good luck to whatever you do next here on GL.
  6. Hello Marcus, Just built a new pc myself a few weeks ago, it looks nice. Only concern is, is it getting good ventilation?
  7. Hello John, Actually on the same issue with missions, does this mean RU/US will actually have reason to invade bases now if those kind of missions come up?
  8. Hello John, Well this seems interesting. Hopefully it'll bring some life back to military RP.
  9. What you want to see? - SCP's that canonically are for the most part invulnerable being given some sort of regeneration or have increased hp to the degree that normal damage does not matter Why should we add it? - There are several SCPS that under most circumstances are not able to be killed such as 682 and 106. Yet, because of these SCPS on the server being given 5000 hp, they actually can be killed after an extended period which is not at all appropriate for these SCPS that canonically are mostly invulnrable to damage or have regenerative/adaptive capabilities that prevent them from being killed by normal arms. This increases RP by making sure people take it seriously that these SCPS need to be dealt with in alternative manners and not just making it a godzilla fight. What are the advantages of having this? -Increase RP and realism for SCPS Who is it mainly for? - SCPS such as 106, 682, 049 (When enraged), 173 (I don't think its ever been noted to try and destory this SCP but people do still try) Links to any content - None. Just increase the HP of the SCPs to a significant degree.
  10. Hello Lord, This will be noted.
  11. Hello RU DS, This rolecall has now ended and people who are not on LOA and have not responded will be demoted or removed.
  12. Hello Faustin, While it sucks that you had to resign it sounds like you made your mark in the places you grew in. It was glad to have you back.
  13. Hello RU Drill Sergeants, This rolecall ends in 2 days. Please respond if you haven't already.
  14. Hello Borya, Please update this LOA.
  15. Hello John, I know it might be much to ask but could you add a list of what weapons were removed/nerfed/buffed and what about them was changed?