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  1. Name: Matricies Owner Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:82997619 Server: Mil-RP Job: RU - Red Sky Knight Changes: Weapon changes: wf_wpn_ar29 to ma85_wf_smg10 (10$) Proof of Payment:
  2. Hello Tagoon, That really bites that we're losing you but if its getting difficult to keep up with everything, then its better that you focus on the most important matters. I've known you for awhile and its sad to see you go. I wish you good luck in your future endeavors.
  3. Hello Jeffe, So I used to be slightly against this but now I'm definitely for it. The server started with over 6 branches all supposedly specializing indifferent things and in less then 3-4 weeks we added 4 more (nova,death,commandos,royal guard) without even having the player base for it and the results are very evident. The server peaks around 20-30 players at around 5pm to 9pm CST and I usually only see 1-2 people per branch online with some branches having ZERO activity for the entire day. We have, 10 branches and only tiny activity in each. Not only is this bad for unifying player bases in their respective branches, it just makes it unnecessarily complicated. We need to cut down on the branches and bring players together so that we get more activity out of the branches that there are here. Imperial RP should have started with only 4 maybe 5 branches MAX. The following branches are what I consider keystone branches and usually the most active/essential starting branches (Stormtroopers, Naval, Inquisitors, Shock Security, and Starfighters). Stormtroopers is the base branch from which specialization in any other branch like it should occur from, Naval is responsible for the ship operations, Inquisitors is the lightsaber wielding force, Shock Security is the special force responsible for arrest/interrogation/discipline, Starfighters is responsible for flying the fighters/bombers/transports and/or Royal guard is responsible for defending higher ups) These 5 branches have definitive purposes on our roleplay server and are not just slightly advanced copies of another branch. I understand that star wars had a lot of specialized divisons, but we are a game server trying to grow our base and having 10 branches with only 20 people on, is not going to work very well. The following branches may need to be cut: Nova, Death Troopers, Engineering, Medical, Commandos, 501st. I can understand Nova a bit as I see them used to follow naval around, but most of these branches simply function as a more advanced stormtrooper on the field and in RP with more equipment and thats it. Nova,death troopers,commandos,501st can easily just be integrated into stormtroopers with a specific job for them and stay as divisons inside stormtroopers. This way people can still be those more elite troopers but be apart of 1 unified branch and not split into multiple semi-active/inactive ones. They are literally just more advanced stormtroopers and while lore wise this isn't exactly correct, what I see on the game server during events/passive rp says otherwise. Medical and Engineering do have a case to stay as they do have a definitive role but they are more support then they are primary branches and could easily be slotted into stormtroopers/naval. Medical does have the equipment needed to be unique, but engineering is basically nonexistant because unless you are trying to passive rp "Fixing the ship" or "Disabling bombs", there is nothing different about it from stormtroopers (They can't even spawn ground vehicles for crying out loud and thats honestly what they should be given the ability to do!) Overall, we have too many branches right now and several of them just act as advanced stormtroopers, are more support then they are a standalone branch or can easily be slotted into a primary keystone branch and keep their identity as a special force/divison inside that branch. It might be a bit difficult because we've set up a lot of these branches but we're hurting our base with too many branches and thats why this suggestion was made in the first place. We went too fast, too early and we need to take a step back to give our base a chance to grow. Maybe when the base is like 40-50+, then we could look at making these individual branches ,but for now, they need to be unified because game-wise, theres not enough to warrant having so many. TL:DR - We have too many branches and our players are spread way too thin across them all. Unify some of the branches into divisions in one and we'll see some better activity from our playerbase. +Support
  4. Hello Gaminglight, Im wondering what the plan is for imperial and clone wars rp? These two servers seem to occupy the same niche and while it’s great we have both, they adversely affect each others player bases. I know that recently clone wars is getting its HC back to try and get activity back up and I know that prior it was very popular, this split player base stuff is not the best in the world. I’m actually not sure what happened with clone wars rp that made it lose its base. Maybe there needs to be more time but both of these servers at this time need their dedicated members to be on them and if your active on clone wars it’s difficult to promote activity on imperial as you need to be on the other to improve activity. It would be better in my opinion to just cut one and focus on that server to fuse the bases and jumpstart one even more so. Ultimately, I’m wondering what the long term game plan is for these two servers that occupy the same DarkRP style. They may be republic and empire but they both occupy the same passive role play and event driven style.
  5. Hello Lordinsider, You have a good trip.
  6. Hello Phoenix, Your supposed to go to the support channels on teamspeak or the waiting rooms for that specific SMT member. This is not the proper way to do it.
  7. Hello Becket, I always found it weird that SF always had the air and ground vehicles. Engineering really should be dealing with ground support vehicles but with the other suggestion in the works I’m not sure what will become of this if it’s accepted. Regardless, +Support. I don’t see very many engineers on.
  8. Hello Adam, @BaNaVoBe♕ Do not respond to your own app. If there are issues we need to resolve we will discuss them when the time is appropriate.
  9. What you want to see? - The RUAF Helipilot and RUAF ADF Transport Pilot (Non-donor) having their names changed to RUAF 177th Transport Pilot and RUAF 177th Officer Pilot Why should we add it? - Branch update request for 177th What are the advantages of having this? - Utilizing the 177th more Who is it mainly for? - RUAF Links to any content - None.
  10. Hello BanavoBe, You need a second reference on your application or this will be denied. @BaNaVoBe♕
  11. Russian Air force - 177th Transport Squadron Informational Special Thanks and Inspiration from: GOA Awg Leaders: Branch General:TBD CMDRs: Lordinsider, Matricies VCMDR: TBD VCMDR: TBD 177th Regiment Chief: TBD 177th Regiment Assistant Chief: TBD Purpose: The purpose of the 177th Transport Squadron is to provide support to the Russian Army by giving call outs to enemy aircraft, quick transport across the battlefield and counter enemy aircraft encountered in the field. Ranking System: Enlisted: Recruit (177th RCT) - Starting 177th Rank, access to helipilot whitelist after training Sergeant (177th SGT) - Junior NCO, assists with recruits Starshina (177th SH) - Senior NCO, head of enlisted ranks Officers: Kursant (177th KT) - Junior Officers who can lead enlisted and execute Training for 177th pilots. Can give PTL for helicopter pilots with good reason and leave without PTL in helicopters with good reason. Access to 177th Officer Pilot after training. Senior Lieutenant (177th SL) - Senior Officers (CPT+ only). Can promote to KT and Hold 177th recruitment training. Must be AFI Certified High Command: Assistant Chief (177th AChief) - Can promote to SL Chief (177th Chief) - Can Promote to AChief, Responsible for entire 177th Requirements to Join: Must be a MSGT+ in Russian Airforce You Must be active in teamspeak to join You can join this regiment by asking a SL+ to evaluate and train you or wait until they hold tryouts for the regiment. Requirements to Join 177th High Command (Achief+): Must be an SL in 177th and at least CPT+ in RUAF (Except for the beginning of 177th) Must have Intermediate to Advanced level LFS experience Able to handle an entire regiment of pilots Active in Teamspeak Fill out the application below Application for 177th Assistant Chief: Application Title: Name's 177th Assistant Chief Application 1. What is your Ingame name?: 2. What is your ingame rank in RUAF and 177th?(Must be CPT+ in RUAF): 3. Recommendations from 2 Officers (2LT+ who are not the 177th Chief): 4. Why do you feel that you should be selected to be the next 177th Assistant Chief (90 words min?: 5. What qualities do you have that you think make you the best choice for 177th Assistant Chief?: 6. As 177th Assistant Chief, you will be responsible for co-managing an entire regiment. Are you able to make this commitment?: 7. How often can you be on and what is your timezone? (Explain any circumstances here that may impede your activity): 8. Anything else you would like to explain here: You must also have a POLL in your application with the question, Should I be Assistant Chief of 177th? If you do not know how to make your post with a poll ASK FOR HELP. Do not respond to your application unless it is to respond to your chief or commander asking you to fix something. Operating Procedures for 177th Transport Unit: All 177th transport units are to be responsible for helping transport troops across the battlefield in a timely manner however, we are not ignorant to the short resources we have as there are only 2 basic helicopter pilot slots and only 2 helicopters can be spawned on any one side at a time. If there is a need to helicopter transport and there is no one on it, your primary responsibility as 177th is to be that transport. - All 177th should help with transport when needed. Lower 177th ranks should be transporting first before higher ups. - If the helicopter slots are taken up, you can use your donor role if you have one. - Always be in radio communications to coordinate with troops - If no one needs helicopter transport, you can act as an eye in the sky but do not put yourself at risk if not needed (EX: Hovering over gas station) - Always Listen to higher ups unless they are breaking rules - 177th KT+ have the ability to leave base without PTL and give PTL to helicopter pilots (But must inform fellow RU through advert) - 177th KT+ may ground helicopter pilots who they are higher then in both 177th and RUAF. - Minging with helicopters or otherwise not following proper procedures will get a pilot punished. Training Procedures for 177th Transport Unit (SL+): - Basic Training for Helipilot role - First confirm that they are in the teamspeak (they must be in Teamspeak from A1C+) - Talk about expectations as 177th transport (Expectation to be transporting mostly if needed) - Show them how to start, take off, hover, how to paradrop and what key to press to paradrop - Train them on proper take off/landing procedures - Have them fly around the map to a basic level - Once they have gone through all training above, they are now given their helipilot whitelist - The Trainer will fill out a promotion form with the new recruits 177th rank and they will be added to the 177th roster. Promotions, Demotions and Resignations: - 177th Recruit through 177th SH have 3 day cooldowns on promotions - 177th KT to Achief have 1 week cooldowns on promotions - Achief Applications are to be accepted by the 177th Chief (Or RUAF Commanders if the Chief is unavaliable/unable) - Achief can only be promoted to Chief by the RUAF Commanders. - 177th SL+ may warn, promote and demote lower ranks up to KT. If needed they may remove enlisted from 177th but KT demotions/removals must have prior Achief+ consultation. - If someone is promoted or demoted, the RUAF Commanders must see a promotion form for airforce but with 177th ranks. SL+ will get access to the password for this form. - To resign from 177th, you must be apart of the regiment for a week. Otherwise you will be blacklisted. - Once you resign, you must wait a week to re-tryout. - The RUAF Commander/Vice Commander may overwrite decisions as they oversee the entire branch and its regiments but it is recommended to consult with the 177th Chief/Achief to make sure communication is clear. Remember, helicopter training will always take time, it requires constant training to improve and may take time to finish. NEVER SKIP OUT ON PORTIONS OF TRAINING UNLESS YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE THEY KNOW IT. This document can be changed at will so please pay attention to updates concerning the 177th Aviation Regiment Informational.
  12. Hello Tumz, The server population seems to be growing a little bit and as I mentioned in my previous post would now be more able to handle a longer peacetime so I can agree on this increase.
  13. Name: Matricies Owner Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:82997619 Server: Mil-RP Job: RU - Red Sky Knight Changes: Weapon changes: ma85_wf_shg38 to weapon_fim_92_stinger (50$) Proof of Payment:
  14. Name: Matricies Rank: VCMDR Concerns: None.
  15. Hello Pug, These rules are already a thing on the server. While a little bit of banter is okay, it is literally against the rules to harass or call people names on the server. If you see GENSEC or D-class doing it, call an admin. And of course, obscenities are also not really allowed due to the age thing with Gaminglight servers. This is already a thing, the problem is, the interactions between GENSEC/D-Class result in this sort of consistant heated clashing that really cannot be resolved due to the nature of their jobs. The only thing you can do is call staff when people break server rules and get them to resolve it. D-Class have no leaders and thus theres only staff punishment if they do it. But GENSEC does, and we're expected to act professionally. If you catch GENSEC doing it, yes call an admin, but also report it to an WO+ and they should be able to start the process of correcting the behavior. If none is present, record the behavior happening and post in our punishment request room in the GENSEC discord. It really doesn't matter whos responsible for starting it, the best thing is to end it as soon as it occurs.