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  1. Hello Security, Name: Matricies Rank: DHOS - Deputy head of security LOA Length - 1 Week to 6/23 Reason: Feeling a bit burnt out with SCP RP. I’m going to take an LOA to get away for a bit and rest. I will still be updating roster/security forms but I will not be physically present on server for this week.
  2. This rolecall has ended. I will be removing people off here tommorow morning who have not responded.
  3. Hello MOTINF, I'm making this rolecall to see where everyone is at in MOTINF so I can see how many active members we have in our divison. Its very important that we're avaliable to the US as our transportation/armor brigades bring extra power and mobility to our lines. I'm also making this to see where and when most of our MOTINF get on as I am usually not on past 7-8pm CST. Follow the Format Below: Name: Rank: Times you play: Best times for Meetings: Any Concerns?: In addition, if you cannot get on the forums for any reason, please make sure to contact someone part of MOTINF who can and we'll make a post for you so you can be marked off. A lack of a response will result in immediate removal.
  4. Hello Androntal, Good to have you back. Funny thing, I developed a minor cold over the weekend so thats a coincidence.
  5. What you want to see? - More ways to make money being implemented. Whether it be the mission things from MilRP, Slot machines or adding like a 100k-500k$ donators could donate for. Why should we add it? - If your regular infantry this isn't much of a problem but for people in the armor/air divisons, stuff costs a lot of money. It makes it rather easy to run out of money when your transporting/using tanks/air vehicles and over time it impacts the wallet hard. This would help ease up on the bank a bit. What are the advantages of having this? - Improves Armor/Air brigades abilities to help Who is it mainly for? - Luftwaffe/Panzer/MOTINF. Links to any content - none
  6. Hello Echo, You are not on my roster at the moment. Please talk to a DHOS+ to resolve this because at the moment you are an SO.
  7. Hello MOTINF, Per Danny's request, we're going to have a branch meeting at 6PM EDT on tuesdays. It will be held on the TS in the MOTINF rooms, so please make sure you are in attendance.
  8. Hello Chris, You are not on my roster at the moment. I have a chris who is a LCPL but not SGT JFTO Chris Kyle. Please talk to a DHOS+ because at the moment you are a SO. Hello Gary, You are not on my roster at the moment. Please talk to a DHOS+ because at the moment you are a SO.
  9. Hello Theman, That kinda bites. Hopefully you can get it fixed at some point.
  10. Hello Rang, I would love to have the magnetic lockdown back. Getting tired of D class initating nonstop riots and having to sit in the hall way with MTF/Security and research being unable to do their jobs. It does need to be in control of a high level personnel to keep it from being abused. But otherwise we need something.
  11. Hello Mars, Unfortunately, the applications that were open to everyone were closed awhile back. You now have to be MSGT from what I understand to apply for an officer rank and it more then likely would only be 2LT.
  12. Hello Zach, I don't want a DS branch. Just a job SGT+ in each branch could use to train people for that branch.
  13. What you want to see? - A Drill Sergeant Class that has the ability to whitelist for the basic class in each branch that is to be used ONLY for training. Why should we add it? - I know that the current adminsuite is able to make jobs that have the ability to whitelist for specific jobs and it would be nice if we didn't have to call admins to whitelist new recruits to the basic job. People have to be SGT+ to get the whitelist so they must be trusted members in their branches so they don't abuse this. Recently, there was talk about a training form as well, and this could be used in conjunction with the job to keep track of whos getting whitelisted. What are the advantages of having this? - Not having to annoy staff about whitelisting PVTs to the basic job for each branch. Who is it mainly for? - US/Germany. Links to any content - None.
  14. Hello General Security, This is a rolecall for all security LCPL+ who are on our roster. Please respond with the following format: Name: Rank: Why should you retain your current rank? (SGT+ must answer this): Any Concerns?: If you are on LOA do not respond to this post unless your LOA ends before the required date or you have some special circumstance you have talked to High Command about. In addition, if you are not able to respond to this post due to forum issues have a low command member do so for you. Failure to do this by 6/15/19 will result in removal without question.
  15. Hello Chiken, Thats not the point of the post. I don’t want the tanks to be unrestricted. I’m saying a lot of the confusion about who can and can’t spawn tanks is due to the donator store saying you have access to them. People can get on any other donator job but to use the tanks you have to be part of the mobile armor branches. It’s pointless to have some tanks be donator specific when the people can’t use them unless their part of those branches and thus it should be removed from the donator store and just be made a normal part of the crewman jobs.