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    quik question

    Hello Garlic, I actually made a suggestion awhile back about that issue and if it hasn’t been fixed the suggestion may need a necro.
  2. Name: Matricies Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:82997619 Job Name: OPSF - Omnipurpose Security Force Weapon Change: Awp (tfa_csgo_awp) to Scar - 20 (tfa_csgo_scar20) (10$) Proof of Payment:
  3. Hello Zeeptin, This is approved by me.
  4. Hello Strong, You may want to look at SCP 173's lore because its literally a statue that can't really talk so this was problely very strange for lots of people to read.
  5. Hello Rookieblue, The individual above I feel would be a wonderful candidate for LT-COL based on the following: - Active - He may not be as active as some security members, but I do see him on every once and awhile. His life is a bit busy but he does a great amount with the time he spends on the server helping assist troops and make assignments and fostering a positive environment for security. - Takes on Higher responsibilites - Despite being a LT, he has already begun taking on higher responsibilities without hesitation and works to try and make things easier for other members such as clarification on documents and improving procedures for all security members. - Leadership qualities - I feel that hes able to assist and lead security as a LTCOL well as he not only listens to the concerns of other members, but is able to be a great role model for other members. He is an FTO and assists in training troops and improving security as a whole. - Approachable/Friendly - This individual is friendly and approachable about concerns and topics making him well suited for handling situations with security members or answering questions and leading security in a reasonable way. These are the traits I believe a LT-COL should have and because of this I think he would make a wonderful LT-COL. He has my full +Support.
  6. Hello Scoot, I feel that you would be a great choice for LT-COL based on the following: - Active - Is on usually every day for several hours helping out security members and helping staff the server in his admin position - Great Leadership skills - I worked with this individual on Military RP and he was a great commander that assisted in dealing with documentation/rosters and meetings for RU Core and as a general in high command. He also was very in tune with his troops leading and helping lower members understand and develop there skills. - Approachable/Friendly - Scoot is very approachable and friendly. He not only assists security in making assignments but he helps foster a good environment for security and I could see him doing much more in a higher position. Overall, due to these traits I feel the individual above would be a great canidate for LT-COL and he has my full +Support.
  7. What you want to see? - Remove guns from D class or at least remove assault weaponry Why should we add it? - I don't know why D class got guns back 2 weeks after we removed them for this issue but now its even worse. The new damage buff to guns is helping with the melee D class issue but it also buffed the D class who run around with pistols/AK47s. This results in security/MTF/NTF being decimated by groups of d class with assault weaponry. We really should take the AK47 and the pistol away but if this seems like too much, then at least remove assault rifles from D class. What are the advantages of having this? - More RP friendly to Foundation personnel (Makes no sense why they have AK47s in D block. We already make it so customs can't spawn in D block with weapons) Who is it mainly for? - Foundation/D class who don't want to be in lockdown all the time. Links to any content - None. Simple removal of a weapon or 2 off crafting/class.
  8. Hello Knuckles, Unfortunately, while D class NLR is also an idea, it would be incredibly hard for staff to keep up with it due to the number of D class on all the time. It would take up a lot more time then would be necessary to just remove NLR from security in the D block area. So its more of a practicality issue because I think it sounds good in theory but its not very feasible in practice here.
  9. Hello Timmemes, Didn;'t know you much but its sad to see another member of high command on the server leave. But wherever life takes you next, I wish you good luck. Thank you for being our director for LCZ.
  10. Matricies

    HCZ Map

    Hello Culinary, Could you color the background black, so its a bit easier to look at and change the associated colored letters so they don't blend in? Otherwise its good.
  11. Name: Matricies Rank: WO Activity Status: Active (Almost Every Day for at least 2+ hours) Reason you should stay command (100+ words): As a new junior command officer, this opportunity given to me is to learn new leadership skills and constantly grow to become a better command member for the future. Not only am I very active but have shown that I am able to handle assignments, deal with certain security situations and be a proper role model for learning security members to look up to and learn from so that they can proceed and become more effective security officers. I believe that the skills I offer in leadership, accountability and responsibility make me a valuable member of security command and I will continue to improve upon those skills to help improve the quality of security and the satisfaction that members have in our foundation branch. Any concerns: None really
  12. What you want to see? - Security NLR removed while in D block or dying from D class personel. Why should we add it? - Security have several jobs on the foundation site and one of them includes controlling D class and dealing with D class riots. However, there can easily be an upwards of 15+ D class online with only 6-8 security members. With the nerfed damage values on guns, D class are easily able to approach security officers with melee weapons and to make it worse they can now have seemingly permanent pistols and assault rifles. As little as 3-5 D class can be responsible for killing the Security officers constantly but because of the NLR timers on security combined with the sheer amount of D class, this usually results in them all rushing out the door and causing easy havoc on the rest of the site while security is able to do little about it for the 3 minutes. If we are going to give D class advantages they really should not have (Assault Weaponry, Pistols, Easy to Approach with Melee weapons) security should really have the NLR timer removed if they are in D block or if it caused by a D Class. D class having NLR themselves is not a realistic solution to issue as it is incredibly difficult to enforce but removing NLR from security would help alleviate some issues. What are the advantages of having this? - This not only improves the balancing a bit when it comes to controlling D class but would help relieve issues felt by other foundation branches when mass D class breaches happen. It also relieves frustration for security who have NLR despite riot control being one of our PRIMARY duties with the number of people we have to control with the few security who are on at a given time. Who is it mainly for? - All Foundation Branches (Security is the primary but when D class breach en masse, every branch feels the impact.) Links to any content - None, this is a simple Rule Change.
  13. Hello Zeeptin, On the Custom class format you initally get 2 weapons with your custom class and then it says that you can pay more for additional weapons. My question is, it says 4 max weapons in the additional section, is that 4 weapons total (including the 2 you get by default) or is that 4 additional weapons (not including the 2 weapons by default)?
  14. Hello Deadeye, Make sure to use this format so its easier to read and see what the intent is. This is the suggestion format that most people use. Please make sure suggestions are pertinent and relevant! What you want to see? - Why should we add it? - What are the advantages of having this? - Who is it mainly for? - Links to any content - I also agree however. We literally just got rid of D class guns 3-4 weeks ago and now suddenly have them again.
  15. Hello Bigjohnny, Its not realistic for you guys at all to be able to rush us with wrenches/knives and expect to get past fully armed security forces with assault weaponry. If you are a D class, your supposed to be at an disadvantage, your not SUPPOSED to get past security without it being intensely hard. The main issue is the weapon pack we're using is really sucky and the damage was set to 0.25 nerfing the hell out of ranged weaponry while letting melee weapons get way too close.