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  1. Hello Zeeptin, I am the owner of this class and I approve this player addition.
  2. Name: Matricies Class: OPSF - Omnipurpose Security Force Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:82997619 Steam ID to remove: STEAM_0:1:122488431 Proof of payment:
  3. Matricies

    Egag's Resignation

    Hello Egag, Nooooooooooo you just become Fleet! All jokes aside, if you have stuff you gotta do then so be it but it sucks losing another high command member so soon. You put a nice example forward for all naval individuals and I'm glad you were in charge during my time here in naval. Thank you for being our high command member and I appreciate the tours and experience you gave us!
  4. Hello Spice, The individual above would be a good fit to be along side in gunnery. They are mature, able to handle situations well, have good naval knowledge and have a good application and active history. Because of these reasons, the app has a +support from me.
  5. Hello Awg, It bites to see this resignation but you have things you got to do. You are a very mature individual who did his very best to put the server in a good position and support all branches, US and RU. I appreciate that I was able to set a standard for you and that you took it all the way to SMT+ and GOA in your own way. I'm glad to have met you dude and I hope you do well in your fall semester.
  6. Hello SMT, I never really understood this argument about real life gambling (RWT). Military RP, which has been here long before SCPRP, has both purchasable money AND a casino system including slots and had this along side blackjack/texas hold um tables. This never resulted in any sort of gambling addictions or legal issues because, there is zero incentive to do so. This was when you had to buy multiple helicopters/tanks/ammo to do certain things. I also should remind that unlike PoliceRP which has vehicles, raids and whatnot and MilitaryRP, SCPRPs only thing you can spend money on is guns and that it. Most classes start with primaries and secondaries so there is little incentive to do something like RWT. The tables were eventually removed because people just didn't use them but the slots still exist along side the purchasable money and its still not an issue now. I do understand the concern but it clearly has and is still not a moral/legal issue. I would love to see purchasable money as we have a long standing example of this, NEVER being an issue. But this has been denied by SMT+ and thus is not really going to be considered. So unfortunately it does get a +/- support because it is on a do not suggest list by SMT.
  7. Hello Propane, This would require a rule change as you are currently not allowed to attack people while invisible. This would also not serve any purpose at all, as getting attacked would let you call 966 breach anyways because 966 is the ONLY thing that would be able to attack and still be considered "invisible" unless you made it so that CI Infil/MTF stealth units could do it too which would be nightmarish. Because of the reasons above, this gets a -support from me. It wouldn't really change much because getting attacked out of no where is still a call for thermals/966 breach in this situation, which would cause the 966 to have to decloak anyways.
  8. Hello Popbottle, You have come along way and I think you would be fine but I promise you that putting this in your application is a good way to get it denied. Your application is to show that you really want the position and you need to put the effort in to making it thorough, detailed and relevant to the position your applying for. If you don't put any effort and then admit you didn't want to because you didn't want to write, that shows that you don't care about the position, regardless of what your application might say. Because of the above reasons, I'm gonna have to hard -support this. This is not an acceptable application at all and should not be accepted in its current state.
  9. Hello Rainbow, I'm going to have you redacted because I do not need howler monkeys following redacted around. Because of the reasons above this gets a -Support from me. I don't want anymore monkeys in MTF.
  10. Hello Zeeptin, My weapon changes were never put onto the classes from this post despite it saying completed.
  11. Hello Bread, I honestly would support this change. The SCPRP platnium rank is the most expensive of all 5 servers at 100 credits. Police rps platnium is only 90 credits and comes with a significant amount more. I'd like to see the mtf/scp job packs just added to the platnium rank because having to buy those on their own is a little absurd when you can pay 100$, get access to a lot of things but have it be no where near as much as another servers. (And I do get that police rp has a reason why it can offer so much more, theres no reason for scprps plat pack to be the most expensive out of all 5 servers with very little to compensate, even with all the added T1-T5 jobs you get. It just turns people away from buying it.) Because of the reasons above, this gets a +support from me. A lot of people see that job pack and the plat rank and then look at the other GL servers and see its a lot less for a lot more. SCP RP Plat Pack - Police RP Plat Pack -
  12. Ingame Name: Matricies Job Name: OPSF - Omnipurpose Security Force Server: SCP-RP Owner steam ID: STEAM_0:0:82997619 Ingame Name: Matricies Weapon changes - tfa_mossberg590 ----> tfa_remington870 (10$) Job Name: OPRF - Omnipurpose Riot Force Server: SCP-RP Owner steam ID: STEAM_0:0:82997619 Weapon changes - tfa_mossberg590 ----> tfa_remington870 (10$) Total (20$) - Payed by STEAM_0:0:82997619
  13. Ingame Name: Matricies Job Name: OPSF - Omnipurpose Security Force Server: SCP-RP Owner steam ID: STEAM_0:0:82997619 Ingame Name: Matricies Weapon changes - tfa_csgo_g3sg1 ----> tfa_csgo_awp (10$) Job Name: OPRF - Omnipurpose Riot Force Server: SCP-RP Owner steam ID: STEAM_0:0:82997619 Weapon changes: tfa_csgo_g3sg1 ---> tfa_csgo_awp (10$) Total - 20$ - Payed by STEAM_0:0:82997619 -
  14. Hello Blarg, This individual was medical command back on SCPRP and I've seen him do quite well on this server with passive rp. He is also currently the VCMDR of medical so I could see him definately helping another branch out just fine. - High leadership ability, able to lead troops and help with passive rp - Good experience with the roleplay environment due to his current status Because of the above, the individual gets a +support from me
  15. Hello Jackal, While this sounds like a good idea, the problem lies in the fact that this is not at all useful for 939 in the servers current state. He would kill someone, change his name and then nothing would occur because 939 only cares about people moving on our server. In the actual game this would be useful because it can actually change its voice, but in our server, that can't occur and theres no real way to force a roll or rp on someone reasonably with this. -Support, this has no real use on our server in the current state that 939 exists in. Unless there was a way to voice mod with a swep or a fundemental change to 939 rules with rolling and sounds, this will not be used and if it is, it will not be useful.