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  1. Hello Jackal, While this sounds like a good idea, the problem lies in the fact that this is not at all useful for 939 in the servers current state. He would kill someone, change his name and then nothing would occur because 939 only cares about people moving on our server. In the actual game this would be useful because it can actually change its voice, but in our server, that can't occur and theres no real way to force a roll or rp on someone reasonably with this. -Support, this has no real use on our server in the current state that 939 exists in. Unless there was a way to voice mod with a swep or a fundemental change to 939 rules with rolling and sounds, this will not be used and if it is, it will not be useful.
  2. tfa_csgo_awpName of Job: Omnipurpose Security Force SteamID: STEAM_0:0:82997619 Weapon Change: tfa_csgo_awp --> tfa_csgo_g3sg1 (10$) Name of Job: Omnipurpose Riot Force SteamID: STEAM_0:0:82997619 Weapon Change: tfa_csgo_awp --> tfa_csgo_g3sg1 (10$) Proof of Purchase:
  3. Hello Orange, Security Heavies actually are allowed to leave D-block with Low command perms. They can enter HCZ with MTF perms which means they can escort when needbe. This would be like taking away keycards from a level 65+ security jug. I do not at all recommend this change but if it really is that bad, instead lower the keycard to level 2. But this would however need the tranq removed as well. -/+ support. Reduce the keycard level, do not completely remove it. We have command/NCOs who play on this class. Punish the offenders not everyone, as the same could be said for MTF/CI juggs and other donator+ classes.
  4. What do you want to see? - I would like to see the Rank Structure Picture from the ST training area redone if possible. Why should we add it? - It is a bit outdated and should be updated with the new ranks and whatnot. I'm unsure if we still know or have the person who had done it originally but it certainly needs an update. What are the advantages of having this? - Fixing the rank structure picture and providing clarity. Who is it mainly for? - All Branches. Links to any content - None. Potentially contacting the original maker of the rank structure picture. What it currently looks like -
  5. Hello SMT, 682 has access to the donator store guns for some reason. Might want to fix that cause gun-wielding 682 is not a very promising thought for the foundation.
  6. What are you suggesting? - I would like to see platforms placed in 682s chamber. Props at first like fences/solid platform props but later on actual map platforms. How would this change better the server? - The addition of the drowning addon is nice but with 682s chamber being completely filled with liquid, you either have to jump onto the tiny ledge near the blast door or constantly be pressing on the up key. If you don't do either of these things, you will drown and die multiple times in the chamber (-2500 hp per drown tick). Adding some platforms would help with this situation. This also provides an area for 682 to rest so foundation can easily check up on him and feed him. Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - None really aside from it being maybe a little easier to afk on him. It otherwise just makes it less annoying to be on 682 and check on him. Who would this change mostly benefit? - 682, foundation members so they don't have to yell into the acid to see where he is. Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion - As a donator, I can spawn props and I was able to make myself a simple walkaway in the chamber that simulates what the platforming could look like. (Ignore the other junk.).
  7. Name of Job: Site Director Job Model (Model Paths): N/A Job Description: N/A Job Weapons (Ex. tfa_csgo_mac10): Change tfa_deagle to tfa_csgo_deagle Job Salary: N/A Job HP: N/A Job Armor: N/A Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): N/A Current Deagle on this class only does 30 damage which is garbage compared to the pistol on DoURS job (80) and the TFA CSGO Deagle (73)
  8. Name of Job: D-1919 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:82997619 Weapon Change: tfa_csgo_elite --> tfa_csgo_revolver (10$) Proof of Purchase:
  9. Hello SMT, Apparently the Keypad Cracker can't open 457s door. I tried 3 different times and to no avail.
  10. Hello Bionicle, They aren't on the list like the other grenades. So I think there fine unless they weren't added to it. I'l get told by Zeeptin if they aren't and if they aren't I'l just pull it.
  11. Name of Job: D-1919 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:82997619 Branch: D-Class Job Color: 45, 161, 85 Custom Job Description: D-1919 has been in the foundation for nearly 10 years, assigned to scps that require the same individuals. However, underneath his cooperative nature is a scheming, planning and destructive mind bent on causing as much chaos as possible in the foundation, starting with site-05. Player Model: models/player/kerry/class_d_1.mdl (Already on server) Medkit or Cracker: Medkit Primary: tfa_contender Secondary: tfa_csgo_deagle Extra Weapons: tfa_csgo_elite (20$) and tfa_csgo_flash (20$) Additional Content: Pro Cracker (20$) and +100 Armor (20$) Total Extra: 80$ Proof of Purchase:
  12. Matricies

    GMod 2?

    Hello Cree, This is the same situation with Starcraft and Starcraft 2. People didn't exactly want to switch over 100% at first which meant all it did was split the base at first. However, the newer item will eventually start to gain traction as people made gamemodes whatnot to function in its code and as that gets more stable and fleshed out people eventually started leaving starcraft till it was essentially a ghost of the former community. People still play the game but definitely no where near as much as before. Garrys Mod has a long long history of addons and server environments and at first there may not be much of a reason to move platforms. But as the next Garrys mod becomes more and more stable, more addons are put in and the stability of the code and engine improves beyond what the current Garrys mod can handle (Due to it being newer), eventually players will start playing more on the newer version and owners will eventually have to prepare to move platforms or risk losing a lot of their player base to the newer platforms. I don't think people will move right away but I doubt they wouldn't keep updating the next garrys mod as the entire community thrives on this addon environment that we've created. Unless they absolutely botch its release and future developmentsomehow, eventually people will flock to the new one if they keep the community development that they have for the current garrys mod.
  13. Hello BuckBe, So along time ago we actually implemented a crafting system for d class that let them make all sorts of things, crowbars, desert eagles (and at the beginning rpgs woops!). It was a nice addon that gave some people stuff to do but the issues came at the expense of GENSEC and eventually the entire LCZ. It was ultimately removed because the addon was found to be causing lag on the server and thus ended an era of crafting for D-class. Even if a suitable addon for this is found, I don’t know if many people would be willing to go back to those days without some sort of extreme quality control on the weapons that would render them weaker then normal. It’s a common trend that when D class or GENSEC get updated with new weapons the others numbers falter and unfortunately the new items get nerfed and barely/if ever used again. -/+ support on this if an addon is found but without one this will 100% get rejected. Even if it is found, I don’t think a lot of people will look forward to d class riots being a hour long again.
  14. Hello Neo, I've been thinking about that for awhile but the better choice would just be to no-collide them. I have the same issue with getting stuck on the damn things to and it easily could be solved by them just being no-collided. No reason to change the keypad system really. -support