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  1. @Atlas2134 remember to use format when making a report
  2. I cannot tell what has happened because the photos are too blurry
  3. The first event i participated in, It was an event were they locked like 10 gensec members in HCZ and turned on lockdown, they then released every scp, after 5-8 mins went by mtf came in but i was hiding with 3 other people, we made it to gate B but every scp was waiting.
  4. Mine was being kidnapped and interrogated by dogz, He asked what CI is and i said it was cumming in and i was sent to break in and cum in dogz, i then said we have a website and he looked it up and i said there was sample videos for him. He then took me to debrief and started asking me what CI is and I stuck to my story and he took me to the euthanization station and he told me he was gonna soft pk me and i rolled to throw him on the table but failed horribly. I told him i would tell him everything and I just told him my daily routine of what i ate for breakfast. I then took his wallet and tapped my comms to indicate i was in trouble. He then noticed it was gone so i hid it in my prison wallet, he said he had to give me a prostate exam to see if i was hiding anything so i had to squeeze my ass cheeks together to break the radio into atoms. He then shot me cause he said "Im done with this shit"
  5. Shouldnt it be The good The bad and the maynard a typical spin from the classic movie made in 1966 with Joe played by Clint Eastwood The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. I find this funny because In the movie The Bad is angel eyes played by lee van cleef which is refered to be the villian in the movie or the antagonist while Dr Maynard is working with the Chaos Insurgency would fit this role because he is a Researcher undercover for the CI (Chaos Insurgency) and he is the villain and they put him on Arrest on sight (AOS) like in the movie Angel Eyes has a bounty on his head and The Good (Clint Eastwood) and the Tuco played by Eli Wallach are bounty hunters and try and bring him in. I appreciate this and it is funny for us avid watchers in the movie.
  6. Name: Arussso Rank: CPT Time (please specify): I will be gone for 6/5 6/6 and most of 6/7 will be getting home around 6-7 EST Reason (if private write N/A): Gotta babysit my cousins while their parents are out of town
  7. Arussso

    Arussso LOA

    MTF Nu-7 LOA Format Name: Arussso Status on Roster: Active Reason For LOA(If Private then put as N/A): Gonna babysit my cousins for the next 3 days no time for RP Duration of LOA: 3 days will be home friday afternoon around 6-7 EST
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    Emoo's Resignation

    Poo eyes, your ass better come back
  9. Dr Monkey approves of this message
  10. Name: Arussso Rank: lieutenant Call Sign: LT97 Steam name: Cha0s_187 Discord ID Name: Arussso#3591
  11. You have cussed me out multiple times during a sit and called me and the other person names, need work on maturity and I will reconsider