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  1. Its a general Gaming light rule that racism is not accepted, and you have a press to talk key so when unplugging your mic dont press the key down
  2. I updated the ban to 4 days for lying to staff and you said the N word and said you were fixing your mic and you were playing a high pitched dog whistle like sound . For the 1 minute ban I accidentally banned you for a minute when I was changing the time by double clicking because the 4 day button is right on the ban button button. Racism or bullying is unacceptable on the server and that is why I banned you
  4. Damn, sad to see you go. We'll always accept you back with open arms
  5. Thank you for your service and your time put into the branch
  6. -Support The minge command was removed making Q16 incorrect Spam posted before making your app Wait a little bit and stay active on forums
  7. If you have time to play on ImpRP you have time for SCP