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  1. - Support Look, you have been apart of the staff team and the server overall for a long time and I very much respect that but I do not believe it is a position suited for you. You seem like a caring person and you put dedication to your work but I think you should focus on Nu7 and not staff because I've personally seen you not been able to do your HCMD job and with a staff management rank plus your HCMD job already it doesn't seem very bright. You are very knowledgeable on the rules but I do not think you understand how to speak with compassion or empathy and it makes it seem like you are annoyed, do not want to be speaking with that person,you don't care at all and it seems rude. This personality type shouldn't be apart of the management team that helps push the community towards success. I know I haven't personally spoke to you since my resignation but I have been told that you haven't changed. Another reason I do not think you should be apart of JMT is because you do not handle your own shit head on and have your higher ups deal with it for you. This does not seem like a management trait that can help the server. If you can communicate better, prove you can lead, show responsibility and inspire people to join staff you would be a great member of JMT.
  2. +Support Not using a mic might be a problem for being in command but he has my full support and deserves the rank hes a hard worker and knows how to handle a branch and to be in command
  3. + Support +You're a very dedicated member to CI and that's whats needed in a branch, You are also very skilled in combat and know how to be in charge and take control when it is needed You've also grown a lot and learned from your punishments which made you a better person with attitude. You deserve to be in command.
  4. +Support Great member he deserves the spot
  5. My time has come and im leaving, im sure you guys will prosper and grow [email protected] boys Tony: Head of ci, pretty cool Orange: pretty cool Kales: Darf maul stanky: Where he go tho codename: Where he at tho Boozle: Enuz: King of janitors Corner: Old man Catsro where he at tho Board member rice: Ill miss you starr: Gappo Black Jesus: Went to insomnia Blanke: Who though Bill, Will: OG Genadiers
  6. Arussso

    Corners LOA

    Noted. Hope he gets better.
  7. Arussso

    Arussso's LOA

    Name: Arussso Rank: LTCMDR Callsign: GX02 Date of LOA Leave/Return: Leaving 12/27/2019 - 12/31/19 Reason (if private write N/A): Wont be in town
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    Silver's LOA

    Noted just pm when youre off LOA
  9. Accepted Please contact one of our FTO's and I'll dm you further information
  10. Denied Please wait to reapply in a 3 days or escape as a D-Class
  11. Youre name is on there chill, wont forget about you
  12. Name: Arussso Rank: CPT Reason for leaving: Got a lot of things to handle Will you stay active during your 48 hour notice?: Will try Its been a hell of a ride, going through 3 commanders and I've learned a lot from them Nimo and Fool doing great jobs with handling the branch Here are the people that were in Nu7 that made an impact Me: Im amazing Fool: Great CMDR Nimo: Likes monkey cum Blackbeard: Has a funky hairline Infected Niro: Great member Minecraft Villiger Nexieys: Great inspiration Jet: Smokes through line paper Emoo: Burning minecraft houses in MiliRP Death: Made me to PT for no reason Nick: Got hung by CI Sticks: Where he go though Nick 2.0 (The better one): Minge Catsro: Best DOC better than hairline man Lucky: Blanke & Black jesus: Moved to insomnia Big Thumby: Greatest but shortest lived RCT bread BONK: Best Nu7 out ther NGL
  13. What would you like to see added/changed? I would like to see a voice battery implemented into the server How would this benefit the server? This would decrease the amount of voice usage and screaming over the mic and allow important information to get through this would also decrease mic spam. For example everyone is arguing about something and someone finds a traitor, people are arguing nobody can hear who was called out and the guy who found out the information dies. With my experience with voice battery it can also be adjusted to how fast it decays, how fast it regenerates and how much you have and you can choose what ranks have limited voice battery such as SA having unlimited. Who is this mainly for? Everyone Please link any content: