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  1. Damn first you leave CI then you leave Nu7. Good luck in swim nerd
  2. I like the idea of the SCP but the swep wont be doing much for the SCP itself. I also don't believe we will be adding any scps to the server because there currently is no room for them and its just uneeded mostly.
  3. Arussso

    Nimo's Resignation

    Sir, you were the greatest VCMDR I've ever had. I had no one else in the branch that I liked/appreciated or felt like they had faith in me and you kept me going in Nu7 to the rank I reached. I wont forget you and you better hop in TS so we can play. Good luck on your life and hopefully you get the fuck that chick that friendzoned you
  4. -support I don't see you doing sits efficiently/effectively and I just do not believe it is your time to be promoted. Get more active on the forums, haven't seen a post from you in a few days besides this Q16 is incorrect you do not ban a person unless it is a urgent matter If you do not believe you deserve the rank you shouldn't get it.
  5. -support this is a cool idea but too much work would be put into it when it can die out fast and the time/effort of our management team is not worth it because their time is valuable. You would have the add in jobs for them to be even relevant to the server like more undercover agents. The only job they would have to do is terminate anyone who mentions redacted information and stalk maynard which would cause failRP if they just tail around maynard and stalk himThe players in the ISD branch would become bored and wouldn't want to play on it because it requires too many factors for them to enjoy rp as ISD. This idea is best to be left as an event because it is easier to just put undercover agents inside as modeling them or just having them change their name.
  6. - Support JRs are new the the community, branch and the server. It will take them a couple tests to get perfect results. They should learn from experience and they should be critiqued on points they can better on. I also do not believe this to be necessary is because it would waste the time of our researchers when they can be writing down a test/conducting one themselves. If they have questions about lore or how to conduct tests they should be answered but teaching every JR instead of just teaching it into the training. I, II researchers are not usually experienced enough to teach on a level were they can clearly understand, this does not apply to all of them but most. If any JR is confused about testing they can be linked to the SOP because everything inside will answer their questions.
  7. reason im leaving security
  8. Have fun in the airforce jet, while you fly in real life, ill fly in a gmod server
  9. 10 minutes is the minimum