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  1. What are you suggesting? The reduction of NLR on Non-Combatants; Possibly down to one minute, or one minute and thirty seconds. A line stating this in the MOTD is all that is needed. Emphasis on Reduction, not Removal. Non-Combatants will still be punished for dying, it's just not as consequential.* Players who pick Non-Combatant jobs do so because they want to roleplay, not get into fits of combat. NLR will often completely disrupt the momentum of roleplay, and is generally very frustrating when the recipient isn't even allowed to do anything about it. Non-Combatants do not actively contribute to gun fights, they just unwillingly get caught in them, and often end up on the receiving end. It wouldn't be logical to hold the consequences of death to the same standard as those who are actively participating in fights, such as MTF, Security, and ACM. How would this change better the server? Death will be less frustrating, hopefully reducing the tension between those who want roleplay and those who want combat. Roleplay will be more encouraged, as the player is less heavily punished for getting randomly caught in the frequent fights that happen around the server. Chaos Insurgency may still continue to gun down Non-Combatants without as much backlash. Since Non-Combatants are not allowed to instigate the fights, they should not pose any problems unless they start breaking SOP. Remember, it's a reduction, so the Non-Combatants killed will still need to wait their NLR. Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. None I can think of, but I'll see in the replies. Who would this change mostly benefit? Research & Utility (Excludes RIG, MMF, and ACM)
  2. Score: 68/100 Grade: Standard Lore: 20/20 Everything looks in order with lore. I doubt not seeing SCP-012 would negate its anomalous properties. Creativity: 15/20 A very simple test, but also not one that has been attempted much. (Emphasis on "much") Presentation: 8/20 The presentation is relatively standard, but an attempt was made to personalize it. I recommend including images, and experimenting with fonts. Pictures of the SCP before the experiment, or even the room the test is being held in, are perfectly acceptable. Writing: 25/40 This log was nicely written. I was easily able to understand what was going on, and the descriptions given by the subject when asked to describe SCP-012 were well thought out. There are a few minor errors here and there, such as unnecessary capital letters and missing punctuation. Polishing up on these aspects can majorly increase the quality of your log. General information regarding SCP-012 could be built onto the background research. Not taking advantage of your background research can cost you on your writing, as it is a major portion for providing descriptions. But overall, I enjoyed the log. Hopefully you can apply said criticisms into your future work, and I wish you the best of luck.
  3. Score: 77/100 Grade: Standard Lore: 15/20 Everything seems fine with the lore. I appreciate your attempt on expanding SCP-087. However the use of amnestics were inaccurate, and the Class-D's behaviour directly contradicted the background research. It's okay to edit the results if it will make it fall more inline with lore. Creativity: 15/20 A standard SCP-087 expedition, nothing too ground breaking. But the inclusion of the "Ectoplasm", while being gross, was unique. Presentation: 17/20 The presentation is generally good, but feels a bit plain. I recommend experimenting with more fonts and images. Writing: 30/40 The writing is fairly decent. Everything is coherent, and clearly proofread. However more time could have been spent on analysing the slime, as it was implied to be the focus of the log. The use of amnestics, (while not being completely lore friendly), was entertaining to read.
  4. Score: 60/100 Grade: Standard Lore: 20/20 Everything seemed generally fine with the lore. SCP-939 eating speakers is an amusing thought. Creativity: 16/20 The question was poorly worded, and felt restrictive. Which is a shame because the idea was actually fairly creative! Perhaps you could have worded it better, maybe along the lines of "Can soundproof surfaces keep subjects hidden from SCP-939". Presentation: 14/20 This is simply an edit of the CI format. But I did enjoy the inclusion of photos, and the crane setup looked cool. Writing: 10/40 This whole log has very awkward wording, and it felt like an afterthought. I struggled to understand what this test was initially about. Try to put more time into your writing, and ensure that your sentences are easy to understand.
  5. +Support The existing rooms intended for testing were consumed by offices.
  6. SCP-098 still has access to donator weapons.
  7. SCP-194's Glass Containment Chamber is missing a keypad.
  8. Score: 85/100 Grade: A Lore: 16/20 Though the results completely align with what happened in-game, it's okay to twist the story to better follow lore. It would have been interesting to see SCP-513-1 attack, while being completely invisible to its target. Creativity: 20/20 I enjoyed the clever contradiction between SCP-513-1's physical harm, and SCP-714's memetic defense. The usage of the in-game radio was also very creative. Presentation: 19/20 The presentation looks great! It presents an official visual style, and consistently sticks to its gray theme. However, I'd like to see the pictures more organically integrated, rather than it just being placed inside of paragraphs. It was also odd that you wrote "RIG Unit Council was present" as your visual stimuli. Writing: 30/40 This test log has a decent length, but a large portion of it was padded with background research. You can better balance things out by either shortening unneeded information from the Background Research, or adding more detail into your observation. You can always perform multiple similar tests for the same log, to further vary your results. Overall, I see plenty of potential in your work, and I hope you use these criticisms well in your future logs.
  9. The Class's strength isn't the issue. It's the fact that it is so boring to play. You get the choice between a Demoman who throws Nitro Glycerine, a Stealth Operative who can turn invisible, and a regular swat.
  10. +Support Turning "Asking For Promotions" into an actual professional form is a ballsy move. It might help out people in odd time zones advance as well.
  11. Test Has Been Assigned For Grading Allow Up To 3 Days To Receive Your Feedback
  12. Test Has Been Assigned For Grading Allow Up To 3 Days To Receive Your Feedback
  13. Test Has Been Assigned For Grading Allow Up To 3 Days To Receive Your Feedback