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  1. Score: 71/100 Grade: B+ Lore: 20/20 You listened to previous critiques and ended with a test log that's much more faithful to SCP-049-2. Creativity: 14/20 Concept seems kind of dull. Perhaps further elaboration on why you needed to know the speed of SCP-049-2 would help support this question. It's clear that this question was created to be applicable towards multiple SCPs, which there is nothing wrong with. Presentation: 9/20 Presentation is average. Just simple text that follows the format with not much changed. (If you're still having problems taking screenshots, you can either verify your game cache, or use an alternative like print screening). The jumbled mix of speech and narration does also come off as messy. Maybe look into separating speech using an audio log. Detail: 28/40 There was no reason why that second D-class had to be sacrificed for this test. My suggestion, put the D-Class behind a glass wall opposite to SCP-049-2. D-Class are expendable, but they're not unlimited in supply. A minor thing that should be changed is also the narration being in first person. Unless the words are directly coming out of your mouth in an audio log, the portions that are used to describe events and such should be written in third person. The measurements were absolutely crucial to this test, which is why it is a good thing that they were nicely made. Work was clearly put into this, as the calculations do check out. (The inclusion of both Metric and Imperial were a nice touch). The large amount of description throughout the test also made the events easy to follow, as it created a clear image of what was happening in-game.
  2. Lore Name: Dr Gears Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:63289245 Rank: Foundation Doctor Activity Level:
  3. Your in game name: Dr Gears Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:63289245 The player's in game name: security so gangbeast The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:0:234318052 What did the player do: Purposely Disrupting Training, Spawn Camping Research Bunks Evidence (required): a Any Extra Information: He is aware that this is against the rules ( And expressed immense joy in voice chat about it ). I was also in the middle of recruitment training, so this was mainly done to completely disrupt that.
  4. Kumandant


    This test is invalid as it fails to follow the required format.
  5. Score: 80/100 Grade: A- Lore: 20/20 SCP-343 was portrayed extremely well. The relaxed behaviour coupled with the coy responses made for a believable and lore friendly interpretation. Creativity: 16/20 The interview was filled with plenty of great questions, and the approach towards interacting with SCP-343 is silly yet grounded. Presentation: 16/20 The log is clean and easy to follow. The use of colours is especially commendable as it allowed for simple viewing between the parties during the interview, as well as the breakup of the abundance of white text. Visual accompaniment would be welcome however. Detail: 28/40 As said before, the portrayal of SCP-343 was spot on. It allowed for enjoyable banter, and is the best rendition of SCP-343 I have seen in a test log. You also made sure to keep the conversation even. The interviewer spoke as much as the interviewee, and that's something to be appreciated, as too often interview logs would feel one-sided, with one party talking way more than the other. Though the content is enjoyable, there were many grammar mistakes littered throughout the test, with minor ones such as lower case letters at the start of sentences and missing punctuation; to wording errors such like: "The SCP-343 is an interesting SCP" and "Can you disappear some SCPs". Also, avoid using slang in your test logs. Words like "Chill" are highly discouraged. The only major gripe I have with your test log is the grammar. I encourage that you use sites like Grammarly, as it can be a great asset when composing a test log. This test has been an entertaining read, and I hope to see more interviews, as you show a great talent for it. *Takes a slice of pizza*
  6. Your test log lacks content. Each segment only consisted of a single sentence, which is not enough to recieve proper grading. We value quality over quantity; put more time into your test logs. Your question is well thought out, so expand on it further. SCP-999 loves everything, and everyone. If it has the option to pick "everyone", that's what it will choose. Turn the situation to where its choices become limited.
  7. Score: 61/100 Grade: B Lore: 11/20 SCP-049-2 is supposed to be mindless and aggressive towards all that approach it. However the dismissal of this concept allowed for interesting events to take hold. Creativity: 13/20 Breath of fresh air from 049 interviews. However the concept is very restrictive. Presentation: 15/20 Presentation was fairly standard, however the visual accompaniment allowed ease in following the events of the test, as well as the breakup of large blocks of text. The combination of observation and visual stimuli worked greatly in your favour. Detail: 22/40 The beginning was filled with enough description to get a firm grasp on why the test was held. The simple formating on the observation made the test easy to understand, and the interaction between the D-Class and 049-2 honestly got a chuckle out of me. Overall, this was an enjoyable read, and I look forward to your future tests.
  8. Name: Kuma Branch: Janitorial & Medical Rank: Junior Janitor & Resident Rate your Activity from 1 to 10 (1 being very low 10 being incredible) 4 Are you on the Roster: No
  9. Ingame Name: Kuma What rank are you applying for: Foundation Doctor From a scale of 1-10 how is your knowledge of lore? (Explain): At the time of writing this, I'd say a 7, and that number will keep growing as I spend more time invested into SCP. I have a decent knowledge on a lot of SCPs, even some obscure ones. As well as Task Forces such as Zeta-9 and Groups Of Interest such as the GOC. Personally, I am not the type of person who would actively seek out grand stories such as SCP-610. But instead, I prefer SCPs that are just dumb fun, like SCP-011. Why should we allow you to have this position? (At least 300 words): To put it simply, I am fiercely loyal to research. I spend hours on it. It's what I came to the server for, and it is what I continue playing on the server for. I am known for being a researcher because of the time and care I put into it. This loyalty spawns simply from passion. I love the thought of being a researcher in a secret government facility, and after much searching, GamingLight has been the place that I have decided to settle down in. I have been managing consistent activity on the UK server, and have often been there to train Research Trainees during these hours. I am capable of maintaining activity on the UK server mainly due to my timezone, MYT. Being completely flipped from EST, I have been getting on when no other Research Command has been able to, and have been using this allocated time to conduct tests, as well as train and empower other researchers around me. This is not to say that I am a saint, far from it. As I said before, I am just passionate. I deeply value activity, but I also highly value when people can remind themselves that what we're playing is a video game. After all, if everyone is too serious, no one has fun. Minges enjoy what they do because people take RP too seriously, so an environment where people can just sit around and chat rather than worry about their next promotion, will suck the fun out of trolling. At the end of the day, we're all just are a bunch of losers playing a video game, so why be at each other's throats? That is the philosophy that I like to follow. I am not going to propose massive physical changes, as we are naturally comfortable avoiding change. Making big changes will not make people want to play as a researcher, it will just alienate them. People play to meet and chat with other people with similar interests. It's the key reason why RP has become so popular. So by pushing such a passive philosophy, it will avoid alienating existing researchers and bring out the RP that we all originally fell in love with. How would you lead the branch? (At least 100 words): Personally, there are 2 ways a branch can be led successfully. The first is verbal encouragement. People will naturally respond well to a positive reaction. The best method of intensive is not promotions. Far from it. I believe the best method is just a simple "Good Job". Take the time to look at their test, and give them constructive criticism. Highlight the things they did well so that they do better next time. Personally, this was the reason why I performed tests in the first place. It was not because I wanted a promotion or wanted to kill time. It was simply because I wanted the approval of my higher-ups. A simple "This is very well made" was enough to keep me going, but recently, I felt like this has been lost, and I don't want to see it disappear... The second method is setting an example. Your subordinates will naturally follow in your footsteps, and a leader must be capable of being someone your subordinates want to strive to be. By getting up, and performing a test, your subordinates will surely also do the same. Even if it's all an act, putting on at least something that could resemble confidence and dedication would be enough encouragement for your subordinates to get up, and do their jobs. After all, when the Captain loses hope, so does his crew. How active would you be? (Longer the better): I'm not going to state how active would I be, but instead talk about how active I have been. I have routinely checked into the server on a daily basis, and I regularly pump several hours into the server. I have often even been the only Researcher available on the UK server, and have done my best to avoid Research's absents on the server. My activity resides mostly in the EU server, as it fits most reasonably with my Time Zone, and it is where I will continue showing fierce activity on Research.
  10. Score: 16/100 Grade: N/A Lore: 6/20 The D-Class should not have died instantly. No word was said about the D-Class acknowledging SCP-012 in anyway, and it just comes off as silly that he just died as soon as he walked in there. However, the hypothesis was somewhat accurate. Presentation: 3/20 This test is poorly formatted. The information listed on the top is weirdly arranged, and the section listed as "Class-D Involved" is literally empty. There wasn't even a security personnel mentioned in listing. Creativity: 3/20 The effectiveness of restraints on Class-D have been performed even in canonical test logs. Detail: 4/40 Each segment only consisted of a single sentence with little to no detail and many grammar mistakes. The background research is somewhat acceptable, however it still suffers for the same reasons. For future reference, try to at least add some description on how the D-Class died to make up for the anti climactic outcome.
  11. How was I "involved" in this test?
  12. Score: 85/100 Grade: A Lore: 20/20 The thought of using vitamins goes well with the theme of SCP-049 being a doctor. Presentation: 17/20 This is very well put together for a test that's made in the forums format. There are some minor inconsistencies however, such as missing colons in the category section, and the colon switching to a dash in the observation. This test will benefit from proof reading. Visual accompaniment would also be welcome. Creativity: 20/20 This is a very creative way of Testing on SCP-049. Never have I seen a researcher try to give it vitamins of all things. It's ridiculous, and I love it. (I especially enjoy the jab against the effectiveness of vitamins). Detail: 28/40 You did extremely well on highlighting the several vitamins used in the test. Reading SCP-049's reaction to these vitamins kept the test engaging throughout. Background research made was believable and was applied to the test well. Some parts of the test did come off as messy however, such as the odd conclusion, and the instruction of the D-Class. 3 hours is highly unreasonable for the D-Class to obey instruction. Their lives are being threatened after all. Minor Issues There are some minor grammar issues, such as missing punctuation and unnecassary capitalised letters. Try to keep the writing in third person. Remember the names of your escorts. Even their call signs would suffice.
  13. Score: 60/100 Grade: B- Lore: 15/20 SCP-343 follows lore fairly well, however a bit of "Personality" from it would be encouraged. SCP-343 only showed up to answer questions as they were, and it comes off as very straight forward. Presentation: 12/20 A clear effort was made to create a format using the forum page. Perhaps trying out google docs may suit the style your going for? Creativity: 16/20 This is a really creative way of utilizing SCP-343's knowledge. However, the outcome could have been a little more outside the box. "More Guards" comes off as a bit of a boring answer from an omnipotent being. Detail: 17/40 This test was very simple, yet effective. I'd love to see more answers from SCP-343 however, as it is a concept that can be applied towards every SCP on site. I also highly recommend using an interview log format for your interactions with SCP-343, as it keeps everything much more cohesive.
  14. Score: 59/100 Grade: C+ Lore: 19/20 It is believable that 999 would be immune to most diseases. Presentation: 6/20 Presentation is fairly standard. Creativity: 19/20 The concept of SCP-999's immunity to sickness is not original in itself. However the reaction to the bubonic plague was intriguing, and you also made sure to keep SCP-999 out of direct harm. I especially enjoyed the concept of sweets being used as a medicine for SCP-999. Detail: 15/40 Test is fairly short and lacks description. The concept has lots of room for expansion, such as a longer list of diseases. Perhaps you could also include how these diseases were transmitted onto the sample, and also go into further detail into how these diseases affect SCP-999. Mistakes "SCP-999's wiki page" is not background research. No Security escort has been listed.
  15. (I'm grading this under the basis that it is combined with the first half of your test). [Score: 51/100] Grade: C- Lore: 16/20 Not much is known about SCP-1245-2, so you worked well with what you had. Presentation: 5/20 The accompaniment of images in the first half was helpful. Further use is encouraged. Creativity: 19/20 I have not seen many tests like this, and the concept is somewhat engaging. This could be expanded on further. Detail: 11/40 First Half Test is very short and description. Performing multiple versions of this test may assist the document in lengthening its contents, such as SCP-1245-2's response to various types of uniforms. Second Half Nothing was learnt in the second half. SCP-1245-2 was breached and the observation consisted of you retreating from SCP-1245-2's spear.