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  1. Lore Name: Kuma Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:63289245 Rank: Deputy Head Of Research Star Sign: Slenderman
  2. In-Game Name: Kuma Current Rank: Junior Surgeon Current subdivision (If not in one, respond with N/A): Surgery Rate your activity on a 1-10 scale (1 being bad, 10 being very good): 11 clearly Are there any changes you wish to see in medical: A life size cut out of Kirito is to be placed in every operation room, giving each patient who looks; hope that one day The Black Swordsman will pull them out of this chaotic world, and into the fantasy world of Alfheim Online.
  3. Name: Bullet Man / Jager Rank: PFC / D3 Callsign: XX4 / DIA6 Date of LOA Leave/Return: 10/22/2019 - 10/30/2019 Reason (if private write N/A): Holiday | No Access To A Computer For Bullet Man To Fight Crime.
  4. Score: 76/100 Grade: B Lore: 14/20 Test loosly follows lore, but never feels too far-fetched. Though I am bewildered about the thought of turning a disease into a pill. Perhaps further planning on the pill, could have made this idea alot more believable. Creativity: 20/20 Truly, a highly inventive way of using SCP-1025. Most tests revolve around what diseases can be identified from SCP-1025, however you took the extra mile and made a test that asks how diseases can be used. Presentation: 17/20 The images presented images were clear, and went through the test step by step. However I believe that finding a way for these images to be spread out across the log, would have been better than cramming them into a single location. The Colour Coding was used well, but it does come off as a bit excessive in some areas. Tone it down a little, unless you want it to look like a colouring book. Words such as "Zombie" and "Medbay" didn't really need the colour. Writing: 25/40 The test is written in fairly moderate quality. There are little grammatical errors throughout the paragraphs, and from a glance, it looks highly polished. The writting goes through the events step by step, and hardly leaves out any details. The Errors and/or Safety Hazards section is basically blank. There are several things that could have been filled in, such as the risk of consuming a highly experimental pill, or the risks of reading the text from SCP-1025. You weirdly kept calling the Class-D: "The Lucky One". Which was just bizarre, and the text comes off as extremely rambly in the Observation. It was told in first person, and it was as if you were having a conversation, rather than presenting a professional document, with many of your sentences starting with "When" and "So". It sounds awfully casual.
  5. Score: 91/100 Grade: A+ Lore: 20/20 SCP-079 was portrayed brilliantly. The audio log perfectly encapsulated SCP-079's personality, and characteristics, making this test highly believable to be something to have existed in canon. This test, by far has my favourite portrayal of SCP-079. Creativity: 19/20 The plan to utilize SCP-079's intelligence and capability to adapt, as a form of maintenance to repair flawed coding, has a lot of potential. As of now, the idea seems to have hit a dead end, as there is nothing stopping SCP-079 from tampering with the repaired codes. If you are able to think up of a way to out smart SCP-079 again, it would truly bring justice and closure to the idea. I look forward to a possible continuation, to further expand on the results. Presentation: 17/20 The coloured document that has been produced, looks beautiful. Everything is colour coded very well, and the overall log has an extremely clean look. Though, I do wish that you gave some attention to the default formatting. You left it very plain, and it seriously sticks out. It's okay to put your own spin on the default format. You don't necessarily have to follow it to a T. As long as the essential information is there, it will be accepted. You already have shown a partial bit of it in the main log. The Preface was Background Research, the Objective was the Question, the Concerns were Errors/Safety Hazards, and the Experiment Log was the Observation. By creating an additional section, maybe labeled as "On-Site Personnel", it would allow for the removal of that off putting start, which looks more like a draft, than an actual part of the log. Writing: 35/40 This test shows a clear understanding of SCP-079. Everything is laid out concisely, and the general flow of the log makes it highly enjoyable to read. The Audio Log is extremely well made, with excellent quality control, and an easily understandable format. I can clearly picture your chat with SCP-079 in real time, as I was reading through it. The dialogue was also evenly distributed, and both you and SCP-079, spoke in appropriate tones that not only made it easy to distinguish who was speaking from just the line alone, but also made the speech come of as far more realistic than most other exchanges. The information laid out in the Preface was crucial, and it gave plenty of context to SCP-079's actions, as well as how you would use such behavior, to deceive it into deleting its memory. The idea of attempting to outsmart the Old AI, is brilliant, and it truly displays the might that the Foundation, as well as the potential of your capabilities as a writer. The instructions listed was also clear, and it allowed an immediate understanding for the events that would transpire during the test. The overall test was very easy to grasp, and is definitely one of the best SCP-079 logs out there. I seriously look forward to a continuation of this, and am impressed with your steady improvement.
  6. Score: 61/100 Grade: C Lore: 15/20 The tests follows lore... sufficiently? The SCP-076-2 on the server is completely different from the one in lore, so this one is a little tricky to pin point. Creativity: 17/20 Not many tests exist of SCP-098 nor SCP-076. So it is interesting to see you tackle something different. The choice to utilize SCP-076-2's ability to manafest blades, is also a concept that can be recycled, leading to little restriction. Presentation: 11/20 Presentation is slightly above standard. I highly recommend the use of bullet points and colour to polish up your log. Writing: 18/40 Vindertech, I'm going to be straight with you. Stop plagiarizing the wiki for your background research. I've noticed that most of the writing in your tests come from straight from the wiki. To prove a point, 2/3 of this log is just stolen from the SCP-076 wiki. Background research is a really broad section. You can write about reasonings as to why you performed the test, or maybe events that have occured leading up to the the test. Either way, you have to change how you write your background research. The choice to include SCP-098 was fairly redundant. The inclusion the claw could have been interchangable with any other item. Perhaps including more items for SCP-076-2 to create, could remedy this issue, as it would dilute it out. The Audio Log is fine as it is, however the speech comes off as highly artificial. Although there are a few criticisms, if there is something I would commend you for, it's that you were clearly having fun. It's important for a Researchers sanity to keep a possitive mindset, as to keep the river of test logs flowing. You have shown immense didication to Research, and I hope to see your continued contributions.
  7. Kumandant

    SCP-999 Test

    Score: 70/100 Grade: B Lore: 20/20 The log portrayed SCP-999 in a fairly faithful manor. It pacified the D-Class as it should have. No complaints here. Creativity: 14/20 It's pretty standard to perform these kinds of test with SCP-999. However, the method you chose to test this concept with, made the log alot more interesting than it normally would have had. Presentation: 10/20 Presentation is standard. It follows the format as it is. Some images would have been nice. Writing: 26/40 The test is written very well. I struggle to find errors in your sentences, which shows that you have taken time into proof reading your work. Further more, the test is written in a way that is easy to understand. Each sentence brought new information about the events, and the log was easy to follow. Further more, offering those D-Class freedom and a large sum of money, gave this test a risk, which made it very engaging. (I wouldn't have been suprised if you opened the door, only to see that one of the D-Class have perished...) You also kept track of the D-Class's identification through numbers, rather than names, which is something most JRs fail to remember. I do have some very minor issues. The first was that no security personnel were listed. Always keep tabs on who is escorting you. The second was the missing amnestics that were supposed to be administered to the D-Class after a test. Failing to perform both acts in a test is against protocol, so always remember them. Although other than that, I have no other real issues with this log. The only thing holding it back is the lack of content, mostly due to the restrictive question. I hope to see more tests from you produced in such quality.
  8. Score: 78/100 Grade: B+ Lore: 20/20 Theming the test around the key sense of SCP-939, allowed for a test that may be seen as passable in canon. Creativity: 17/20 "Testing Earwax" sounds pretty boring. However the incorporation of ingame events and highly detailed writing made the boring concept alot more interesting. Presentation: 11/20 Presentation is a little bland. The log consists purely of default looking text, and there are a few typos and grammatical errors sprinkled throughout. (Such as "SCP-939 and it's Ears"). However the writing is what makes the backbone of this test. Writing: 30/40 I adore the backstory you had written. Such small details can go a long way in writing, and personally, my favourite test logs are ones that tell a good story. The test is written in a way, where you would be seen as a character, who has been developing up to this point. Your interests in SCP-939, eventually culminating into this one test. It makes the test feel alot more personal, and the reasoning behind the test, alot more believable. Choosing to tie in the reasoning behind SCP-939's hearing loss: as daily occurrences that happen in-game (Such as the CI raids), was an absolutely briliant idea. The list of possible illnesses that may have caused SCP-939's hearing loss, was also packed full of detail, and really drills the sense that effort was put into this. The text is filled with grammatical errors however, such as uncapitalized letters and oddly structured sentences. Also, when you're writing a test log, avoid shorting SCP-939 to just "939". (This is excused in Audio Logs of course).
  9. Score: 79/100 Grade: B+ Lore: 20/20 This test respects the lore of SCP-500, but also chooses to add on to it by giving it a deeper conspiracy involving the O5. Creativity: 19/20 Again, I love the idea of SCP-500 being something that the O5 is attempting to prevent the replacation off. It brings a good mystery to SCP-500. Another thing worth commending was the use of multiple test logs to tell this short story. Presentation: 15/20 The test is mostly written in the default formatting. However the addition of the video did compensate for it, as well as the neat inclusion of "glitches" and kill agents. Writing: 25/40 Most of the content generally resides in the video, so I'll go over it first. The video was recorded with decent quality, and it is what was used to tell the events of most of the test. However the video definetly could have used some editing, especially at 2:40 when you went AFK. An odd thing I could also give you marks for were the decent /me's performed, though they were diffucult to read due to the size. I would have preferred if you just recreated the events of the video into text in your observation. You could have also included the medical department to assist in research, which was a missed opportunity. Despite the flaws however, I am very pleased with what the build up has led up to, I would love see you conduct more tests that continue to tell a story.
  10. Score: 86/100 Grade: A Lore: 17/20 Events generally follow the lore of SCP-1879 pretty well. However, there was no mention of what was paid to SCP-1879 when you bought the desk. Having "The Factory" be included was a bit strange, but a neat addition nevertheless. Creativity: 18/20 Most of the creativity mainly was on the Event Team's part, however the additions provided throughout most of the test, as well as the gaps filled in the interview, really made up for it. Presentation: 15/20 Test is presented fairly cleanly using the forum's formatting. The use of bullet points and bold text made the test easy to comprehend. The observation log was also well made. Writing: 36/40 This test is packed full of content. From the well written background research, to the roller coaster that was the interview, time and effort was put into this test log and I cannot sing enough praise of it. However some minor things did stand out to me, such as the fact that no security is listed under escort, as well as the mother weirdly being present walking around in "The Factory". Since the test does happen as a part of an event however, it can be glanced over. Another minor nitpick I do have, is when you refer to the desk as "He". Throughout the test, you call the desk a "Thing" yet you also refer to the desk as "He" and "Him". It's like calling a loaf of bread a she. Also, you could also call "The Object Salesman"; "SCP-1879-2" instead, as that is its designated number. Overall however, I am pleased with the results. The test log was a highly enjoyable read and I hope to continue seeing your contributions to Research.
  11. Kumandant


    Please follow the format below: Rank: Clearance Level: List of Personnel involved in testing: Level D personnel involved: SCP: Errors and/or safety hazards: Question: Background Research: Hypothesis: Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): Analysis and Conclusion: Do your results align with your hypothesis?:
  12. Name: Bullet Man / Jager Rank: PFC / DIA Callsign: XX9 / DIA5 Activity: 7 Region (US/EU): EU DiscordID#: Kinzokuma#5594 Suggestions (If None Leave Blank): A fix for Shade's hitbox would be cool. What would you like to achieve in CI: CHAOS AND INVADE!
  13. Score: 70/100 Grade: B Lore: 20/20 You listened to previous critiques and ended with a test log that's much more faithful to SCP-049-2. Creativity: 14/20 Concept seems kind of dull. Perhaps further elaboration on why you needed to know the speed of SCP-049-2 would help support this question. It's clear that this question was created to be applicable towards multiple SCPs, which there is nothing wrong with. Presentation: 9/20 Presentation is average. Just simple text that follows the format with not much changed. (If you're still having problems taking screenshots, you can either verify your game cache, or use an alternative like print screening). The jumbled mix of speech and narration does also come off as messy. Maybe look into separating speech using an audio log. Detail: 27/40 There was no reason why that second D-class had to be sacrificed for this test. My suggestion, put the D-Class behind a glass wall opposite to SCP-049-2. D-Class are expendable, but they're not unlimited in supply. A minor thing that should be changed is also the narration being in first person. Unless the words are directly coming out of your mouth in an audio log, the portions that are used to describe events and such should be written in third person. The measurements were absolutely crucial to this test, which is why it is a good thing that they were nicely made. Work was clearly put into this, as the calculations do check out. (The inclusion of both Metric and Imperial were a nice touch). The large amount of description throughout the test also made the events easy to follow, as it created a clear image of what was happening in-game.
  14. Lore Name: Dr Gears Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:63289245 Rank: Foundation Doctor Activity Level: ?
  15. Your in game name: Dr Gears Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:63289245 The player's in game name: security so gangbeast The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:0:234318052 What did the player do: Purposely Disrupting Training, Spawn Camping Research Bunks Evidence (required): a Any Extra Information: He is aware that this is against the rules ( And expressed immense joy in voice chat about it ). I was also in the middle of recruitment training, so this was mainly done to completely disrupt that.