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  1. Read Before Applying! Title Your Post - [Name]'s Field Agent Application. Only Lead Researchers+ may apply. Applications are to be submitted to the following: https://gaminglight.com/forums/forum/525-research/ Questions are subject to rotation. The SCP described in the event is up to your interpretation! So feel free to bend the story as you see fit. Context You are called up to the surface after being informed of sightings of an anomaly. Upon interviewing MTF reconnaissance, you are informed that despite their best efforts, MTF have been unable to make physical contact with the anomaly, due to it's elusive properties. Format Your name, and a brief description of your character. You have been granted clearance to recruit personnel of any department (that are of level 3 clearance) to assist in your operation, in an effort to diversify the plan. Describe the team you would assemble, as well as your plan to capture the anomaly. After successfully executing your plan, you now have the anomaly in your custody. But despite the successful operation, you are then ambushed by a trio of CI, who demand the captured anomaly. How will you defuse the situation? After temporarily securing the anomaly into containment, you have been trusted to design its containment procedures. What is your plan to secure this anomaly?
  2. +Support This is an outstanding idea that would give players something to do during downtime, and will majorly push the server's overall quality. But it's up to SMT if they're actually up for the challenge.
  3. For a server that's trying to compete in the rankings, forcing new players to download a content pack just to see certain models is a bad move. Especially when the server already has a long initial load time. Downloading the content pack should be optional, with the only benefits being faster load times, more stable gameplay, and the ability to spawn props from the addon. If every other SCP can be viewed normally, why should this be left as an exception?
  4. -Support SCPs being on the surface frequently disrupts the flow of the server, and causes all branches in LCZ to suffer. -This is because SCPs on the surface usually hide or get captured, which causes absurdly long stalemates, and disrupts RP due to the static Defcon state. This change only benefits the SCPs, not E11. -The two SCPs expected for this change, would set the site into Defcon 3 or below, if they ever were to breach. Therefore, E11 would not be sitting in base at Defcon 4, they would be in site, being the calvary that gives the on-site MTF the extra firepower they need. It's called a gate, not a door. It's meant to both be an entrance and a defense. -They would basically be completely worthless if they can be broken open. -Chaos can raid the Foundation to get the door open, which is what does happen most of the time.
  5. -Support I was approached by a Utility member to take a look at this suggestion, and after reading through it, I found many holes in your arguments. So putting aside the fact that this suggestion is basically looking to downgrade Research Bunks, I'd like to refute your statements "it has been an issue that UTIL is entering the CC's, because, well, its practicaly inside their bunks" -Utility bunks are the clearly marked spaces on the side, not the middle of the room. -It's not difficult to enforce a rule against playing with the SCPs near your bunks. -People are not entering the containment chambers because they are near your bunks, they are entering it because it has new SCPs, and people want to look at them. "For UTIL, the new location will be beneficial on its own already, as it will be closer to medbay, making it easier for the medical branch" -Saying it benefits Medical is a stretch. Why would medical be in Utility Bunks? Most medics are meant to be stationed at Medbay, and they even have their own dedicated spawn. If you're thinking of replacing their current spawn, that'll just make it harder for Medical, as not only do they have to walk further, and medical command would also lose their control during Medbay lockdowns. "Research will now have SCP's inside of their bunks, allowing for easier acces to SCP's for testing, even if its a Defcon 3-2 scenario" -All researchers already have access to test during Defcon 3, even the Juniors. -The whole "SCP inside of bunks" thing is extremely short term. I can imagine people getting bored after just a few days. -The use of Class-D are restricted anyway during Defcon 2, so you are very limited to what you can do. "The additional space will also be good for Tech, as they will have some space to do projects in, which is something they have been lacking ever since 173 has been re-added, as it removed the space they could usualy do that." -Two spaces have already been made readily available for Technical for build in. The windowed room directly on the right of Utility Bunks, and SCP-1162's old room. Beanz has taken advantage of the windowed room to build a nice workshop, which anybody may view. -Why on earth would technical build something in a room that only few people can access? If I built something I was proud off, I would want everybody to see it. Miscellaneous points -Janitorial receives no benefits from this. -The spawn area is already evenly divided for Technical and Janitorial, and you were even given a fancy new Training Room. -Technical and Janitorial are heavily discouraged from staying in their bunks, as they have been tasked with the prevention of self breaching.
  6. Lore Name: Kuma Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:63289245 Rank: DHOR Activity Level:
  7. This is false. The model is still in use by all other research classes except for JR, and the one listed in the bug report.
  8. Score: 97/100 Grade: A+ Lore: 20/20 You took a risk by attempting to create your own lore on SCP-966, and as a reward, ended with much more creative freedom. The results produced were believable, but most importantly, entertaining. It's actions like these that really cement your place in research. Creativity: 20/20 I love it when researchers publish tests that build off each other, and this is an example of that. Testing SCP-966's resistance to disease does seem like a logical step, after it displays preference to prey riddled with it. I also enjoyed the small audio log you added. It's little touches like that which really sell the quality of your work. Presentation: 19/20 Though this log does clearly use the SOP as a base, the overall presentation was very nice to look at. It's simplistic, and uses very mild colors. The images of SCP-966 sitting on the medbay bed were also really silly, and got a chuckle out of me. There were two issues I could point out in your presentation. The first was the awkward spacing on the first page, where words were scattered all over the place. The second issue I had noticed were the cut text at the bottom of the third and fourth page. I recommend just outright removing the text that's at the bottom for those pages. Writing: 38/40 The first this I noticed was the phenomenal quality of your writing. There are very few holes to poke in your paragraphs, and it is clear that proof reading was done. Most of your sentences are cohesive and make sense. However there was an awkward sentence at "SCP-966 became aggressive, legs and arms jittering as it reacted to the disease". Perhaps this could have been rewritten. I do take issue with it being written in first person, as this kind of perspective is usually reserved for audio logs or diaries. But this really is just personal preference. Overall, time and effort was clearly put into this test. I do hope that you continue to create more tests that build off each other, and with time, maybe it could even accumulate to your own story. I wish you the best of luck in your future works.
  9. Your test has been assigned for grading.
  10. I agree. Aggressive positioning such as the edges of the elevator, should be punished.
  11. Isn't the point of a Tesla Gate to catch enemies such as Class-D and SCPs off guard? Adding a light would make the gates less like a defense, and more of a mild inconvenience.
  12. Score: 93/100 Grade: A Lore: 19/20 The results produced seem fairly accurate, and is believable to be able to replicate in canon. I mainly enjoyed SCP-527's particular skills in solving riddles, as it follows the theme of absurdity, in Dr.Wondertainment creations. However, the belief of SCP-527's weakness during intelligence tests, being the result of a "decreased cerebral size", is incorrect as SCP-527's anomalous properties are purely cosmetic. Creativity: 19/20 Although the concept of testing SCP-527's intelligence, certainly isn't ground breaking, you made sure to provide variety in your tests, which explored many angles of SCP-527's understanding, and brought upon a few interesting results. Presentation: 20/20 The log was presented in a very clean and appealing manner. The text was easy to read, and you even included a table of your results! Further more, you also included an image of your experiment, and you went out of your way to present it as something official. I have no qualms with the presentation. Writing: 35/40 This log is generally well written. You made an effort to use try and use correct terminology in your descriptions, and you took care into inserting proper punctuation. The events that had taken place were also simple to understand, and the results produced can easily be seen as canon. To summarise, your writing passes of as professional from a surface level, and can be believed to be something that could have been found from the wiki. Though the writting does seem professional, it isn't without its mistakes. There was an awfully awkward sentence in "SCP-527 has no other known qualities that makehim extraordinary and acts, speaks, and thinks like a regular humanmale". Where the paragraph begins to derail in a series of "ands", most likely because you attempted to build off text taken from the wiki. Another case is in: "he and a D class were given the sameriddle. SCP-527 answered three out of three of the riddles correctly". Where the explanation implies a single riddle, when 3 were actually given. (This can also be seen in the Math section.) There were also a few minor grammatical errors such as in "a arm", and incorrect terminology when referring to SCP-527. Refer to SCPs as "it", not "he" or "she". In your conclusion, you stated that SCP-527 can be useful during military settings, because of his strong problem solving capabilities. This is actually contradicted by your own results, as it was shown that SCP-527 performed very poorly at chess, which is a game that's about strategy and resource management. An alternative conclusion may instead be that his average level intelligence, may see it as a weaker threat to the Foundation, or perhaps its strong ability to solve riddles, being the possible result of prolonged interaction with its creator. Despite the flaws in your writing, a clear effort was made, and the overall result was certainly impressive. With that being said, I shall conclude by marking this log, as Quality.
  13. Score: 78/100 Grade: B+ Lore: 15/20 Though SCP-966's reactions do seem reasonable, I would have loved to see it act a little more 'beast-like'. A creature such as SCP-966, wouldn't likely sit still after being poked by a human, especially when in-lore, they are said to be fragile. Perhaps adding further characteristics such as SCP-966 emitting screeches to cause sleep deprivation within the Class-D, would further portray a more accurate depiction of the SCP. Creativity: 15/20 The concept is fairly strong, however its execution ends up being quite underwhelming, as the experiment gives very short and repetitive results. Presentation: 18/20 The presentation is generally well made, however the excessive use of colour does make it difficult to read at times. There is a total of 7 different colours used for your text. Try to limit your palette down to around 3-4. Also, try to be mindful of the background. The dark greens on the black background is quite straining to read. Writing: 30/40 The accompanying description that follows each of the Class-D's actions allow for the events of the experiment to easily be followed. There are also no major spelling and grammar mistakes, making the overall log very cohesive. Though the information presented is straight forward, it quickly begins to get very repetitive. You could have remedied this issue by theorizing reasonings behind SCP-966's reactions, such as its aversion and aggression towards the lighter, being the result of fear from the emiting light source, or perhaps some other enate primal instinct. By creating more details, you are also able to create more variety in your results. Other than that, the log is fairly well made. The paragraphs were written with good consistency, and the overall log is passable to enjoy. I'll give this a Quality.
  14. +Support *Typing* ------------------------------------------------ /FOUNDATION 682 BREACH! ------------------------------------------------ *Enter* DHOR Kuma: /FOUNDATION 682 BREACH! Fuck