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  1. +/- support + The scream, when you look at its face, is broken and if is kept we may just want to change 096 rules - I actually quite like the new SWEP and it seems to work well
  2. was told to make this so i did same outcome tho
  3. Your In-game: starr Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:417990687 The player's name in-game: Voldemort | Harry Potter The player's steam name (If you know it): Qdh | Rick What did the player do: Advertised and admitted to hacking, they also showed it to me. Evidence (REQUIRED): What do you believe should happen to the player: Permaban and blacklist Any extra information: Everything is in these screenshots/video so no extra info, besides the fact that he could crash the server Steam IDs are STEAM_0:1:87989178 | STEAM_0:0:245516933
  4. You forget to count MTF, Reznovs and D-Class CCs make it far by themselves. As I said beforehand, in this server, it's pretty obvious of the different teams for the TDM that's here (GenSec vs. D-Class | MTF vs. CI). CI do normally get to LCZ at least once but with MTF spawning inside the Foundation anyway, we just push them back again. Surprisingly with you guy's new CCs, you hold well against them, so it may be annoying SOMETIMES but in the end, every branch has a time where they get defeated, and personally I believe that happens to GenSec the most but only because you guys are pretty much at a constant battle you get me? So in the sense of a W/L for GenSec, it may be higher than say MTF but that's because you guys literally always fight, which has always been the case for you guys. Oh and the last thing I'll mention is that if it becomes a problem because of the rise in those hammers, then that's a nerf on the hammer and not CCs cause people do pay a lot for them. Hell, I could get into more intricate details but for now, I would say at the very least be curious about this turnout. If it really becomes a problem then we put it back up again or just learn to handle it, or branches get on during the times of riots.
  5. Mostly +support +049-2 lasting longer will help with tests and RP scenarios +The red screen is annoying as hell and you know you're a zombie based from the zombie claws SWEP +Maybe a tiny buff to 049-2 but nothing too high - to the following -Increasing the time and buffing the hell out of the 049-2's isn't the way to go in my opinion -049-2 lasting until he dies may not be too necessary
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    see you in a while crocodile
  7. +support I mean if I'm perfectly honest, over my time in this server I find that through the GenSec and MTF jobs I've had the CC's RARELY ever make a whole group get out and actually barely get out themselves. 90% of the time they just get slaughtered by MTF that go in (may or may not die) then come back from NLR. Also, the D-Class CCs are pretty rare and I'd say that Pro D-Class (which is mostly the same) is more frequently seen. The CCs also can't get heavy weaponry so it isn't that effective unless GenSec can't aim/kill them.
  8. also @Bread if there is it really is needed so this whole issue with the button spamming can be a bit more contained... ESPECIALLY when GenSec fall down.