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  1. +support for The most part (Ohh security just supporting ideas to nerf d class fiwncnxi) But I don't support the pro D class losing their guns as its pretty bad tbh I'm iffy on supporting no D class CCs in D block but apparently it is really bad And does this also means the loss of miners?
  2. Yes it may be boring for new players who join but when we dont have them for full we can just be rushed in the cooldown but then during the cooldowns when they mass riot we cant do anything so we sit in a TDM game until it comes back, its only 5 minutes and it only activates for massive riots, and for partial we NEED that otherwise it will just be always full lockdowns
  3. igneous said he would edit them to be less OP as currently none have been edited i also requested it be nerfed so i can have it, i suggested making it semi auto only and possibly a damage nerf
  4. Rangiatea

    Command Purge

    Hello GENSEC as some of you may have realised by now our Captains and lower have gone through a purge this was agreed upon by high command at my suggestion, and I will publicly name a few reasons as to why this purge ending up happening 1 The reports Overall I have received many reports about my command and the incompetence that they have shown when it comes to leading GENSEC, now I would also like to state that this is not the main case for MOST of them. 2 A rework The way I plan to have GENSEC command run will be reworked over the next few days and remaining command will be put through a lot of tests by myself, I plan to rework their skills, how they act, and the punishments they give out to mingey personal. 3 Responsibilities High command feel that overall our command has been lacking in their responsibilities and taking their position of power for granted and not doing the main jobs they agreed to complete, be that complete training, organizing their subordinates, not listening to orders completely or just general inactivity. Lastly with this new purge there is obviously a LOT of command positions open and we will be looking for new members to take their place if any SGT+ wishes to apply for WO you may please note however that just because you get accepted for WO does not guarantee you a position in low command good luck. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdj7dHL7-g1gBC671zonzxnUWJDd4besB48vGHjg7r2CC9HBw/viewform
  5. We could just lower the requirements for it to be called and make it like CPT+ in Gensec or high command in Mtf possibly However I don't support it being up to 30 minutes 10 minutes maybe but I don't think anything higher would be fair to d class or new players
  6. Rangiatea

    RCF Roll call

    I plan to address this at tomorrows meeting
  7. welcome back you big ol inactive long time no see tyler should come check out SCPRP boi because i want to abuse you again hehe
  8. Name of Job: Security officer Job Weapons (Ex. tfa_csgo_mac10): add tfa_csgo_mp9 remove tfa_csgo_ump45 Name of Job: Security Lance Corporal Job Weapons (Ex. tfa_csgo_mac10):add tfa_csgo_p90 remove tfa_csgo_m4a4 Name of Job: Security Corporal Job Weapons (Ex. tfa_csgo_mac10): add tfa_g3a3 remove tfa_csgo_famas Name of Job: Security Sergeant Job Weapons (Ex. tfa_csgo_mac10): add tfa_amd65 remove tfa_csgo_galil Name of Job: Security Sergeant Job Weapons (Ex. tfa_csgo_mac10): add tfa_amd65 remove tfa_csgo_galil Name of Job: Security Sergeant first class Job Weapons (Ex. tfa_csgo_mac10): add tfa_amd65 remove tfa_csgo_galil Name of Job: Security Master Sergeant Job Weapons (Ex. tfa_csgo_mac10): add tfa_m16a4_acog remove tfa_csgo_galil Name of Job: Security Sergeant Major Job Weapons (Ex. tfa_csgo_mac10): add tfa_m16a4_acog remove tfa_csgo_galil Name of Job: Security Captian Job Weapons (Ex. tfa_csgo_mac10): ADD tfa_l85 REMOVE tfa_auga3 I wasnt sure if i needed to add everything from the format if the rest are not being changed if i do then i will fix it up once i get home
  9. - support failure to meet word count Q16 is not correct in any real way you have a appeal up for abusing 173s swep saying "it was tempting" i dread to think what you will do with the temptation of staff powers you are also currently still banned for 5 WEEKS
  10. use this format -support and it doesnt matter if its tempting or not just because you can do it doesnt mean you should, you can block off all the spawn room doors is that tempting? does that mean it should be allowed?
  11. -support on the lock down specialist it's to be done by COL+ and with a staff member +/- support on the security ci idea but I want that ironed out more i don't like what I see for it right now -support on the ci raid specialist just not needed +support on cameras as they can be used to find escaped d class and scps +support for NLR timer as long as it's not extremely big -support on the AR addition we had one once and it was hell for gensec because of them being used on mass and the d class having no nlr the deagle is alright for a group with no nlr security are not exactly smart so it's not to hard to take out the lowers with it
  12. +support kiwi superiority great guy can be on late at night goodly app kiwi good luck - The better kiwi
  13. -Support on the weapons +support on the keypad cracker
  14. +support am lazy/ special gives trainees something to do while waiting for FTOs