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  1. Please make sure suggestions are pertinent and relevant! What you want to see? - D class riots being limited on how long they can last for, im not exactly sure on a time i think somewhere between 10-20 minutes each hour is fair Why should we add it? - on the 22/4 (my time) we had a D block riot that lasted most of the day and because of this a lot of GENSEC and felt like we were not playing an RP server but more of a TDM server, and this also stopped researchers from RPing as they couldn't get D class for tests. I don't believe riots should be removed but instead limited to how long they can last for (a riot being 5 or more D class) because if you join a new RP server and want to join GENSEC you will just be sat playing TDM or if you want to join Research you will be sat with nothing to do while the riots are going on What are the advantages of having this? - this will lower the amount of time the riots last giving GENSEC a break from TDM and allowing research to do their jobs Who is it mainly for? - Security and research Links to any content - N/A
  2. already denied ;-; i tried to get it for WO+
  3. racism is not tolerated here and 10 minutes or 10 hours once the MOTD is closed you have agreed to the rules
  4. + support the training block idea was bought up and denined for the reason of it could kill gensec if not done probably like the promotion cooldown was and considering we are the branch needed to go into NU7 and A1 it is to be expected a lot of people want to join but if i joined the server and was told a couldnt become a SO because of the freeze and that i should do research i would have left, while yes it will help research it will also harm gensec to much to be considered viable will also stop the random promotions to LCPL i have to do because there are to many of us and if 20 gets to small then we have a major problem
  5. Rangiatea

    Ban Sparnel07

    cant read the name of the prop owner however we can see you disrespecting him in one of these screenshots
  6. Rangiatea


    +support mass player dissrepect racism is not tollerated here
  7. - support warn seems justified but something about this entire situation just doesn't fit in my head, anyone else getting that? or am i just being special? XD
  8. ok i have many a problem with this (yes i must word things like this :D) im pretty sure SO's are clearance level 2 as they are in lore aware of what they are protecting/keeping contained. we send patrols down there with SO's a lot however they must be accompanied by a SGT+ is this warn meant to be lying to staff or RDM you warned him for a change in story? but you confront him about not committing mass RDM by my understanding of your side?
  9. https://docs.google.com/document/d/17S8CWNZVkCKFKAoM7oDa7kdLDtKTOfhyg7OfKq-Lavo/edit as of now all gensec should be looking to this SOP as the other 2 are outdated i will be keeping this SOP updated weekly
  10. Rangiatea

    quik question

    wait wat 0.o
  11. +support would save gensec a lot of manpower as we wouldnt need to send out patrols could make certain rooms in certain area's a camera room
  12. A quick reminder to anyone who replies to this rollcall just because you responded does NOT mean you cannot be removed if no junior command+ see you active you can be demoted unless you have a valid reason
  13. i may have sent you the needed stuff for your report but i will have to -support this chose NOT to include the @ from the player I found who was asking for xp