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  1. Name on roster: Rangiatea Rank on roster: CPT How active are you: semi/active Who should be the next Major? idk What can Security improve on? closing doors and having prepared tactics for certain situations Why should we keep you in Security? (30+ words) I should be kept as security because I'm fairly active given my timezone I am able to lead others and deal with minges and I can be on when few other command are able to be on meaning more time when lower ranked security have a chance to be noticed for there work
  2. +support ya as an ex SA I should have known that I can't warn without a sit and again im sorry about that it was his first time "micspaming" and he did stop immediately so he shouldn't have been warned also, ya as you said about my initial hostility id debate that as being more frustrated due to the class Ds but none the less unacceptable for a staff member of GL and for the owning up to my mistakes that who I am is someone who will admit his mistakes and punish himself for his own rule violations (as seen being 8/14 of my warns are from myself. and that all staff should as it is their job to be accepting of their mistakes and not try to hide them these mistakes are who we are
  3. Name: Rangiatea In Game Name: MC SGTMAJMC Rangiatea Rank: SGTMAJMC
  4. Rangiatea

    Ban appeal

    yaa that would be enough to get a ban for advertisement +support he has been banned for 1 year, if he only said "Crixrp is stepping there game up" Then I don't believe he should still be banned
  5. Rangiatea

    Ban appeal

    Strike First/Advertisement/Blacklisted full reason there +/- support While it has been a year since your ban im going to have a +/- support until you can elaborate more instead of "apparently advertising" once you tell a bit more ill change my support
  6. +support been a member for years and yet not even 50 most players wont reach these war hero markers unless they donate
  7. Name: Rangiatea Rank: COL Status: if we are using the roster "New Zealand"
  8. Dam back in the PRP section never thought id be back here... either way, the minge is to be issued any point after 30+ warns BUT I do believe it can only be issued once and i do believe that it should be issued alongside a warn so IF he hasn't had a warn in 3 weeks then he shouldn't have been minged now . of course this is my personal understanding and i might be wrong 30 Warns - 21,600 second minge issued, By Superadmin+ (Staff's desecration if the ban is issued) also if the minge is to be issued by SA+ then shouldn't the SA have the full story and it be at his discretion (again my understanding)
  9. if that's what you believe then ok but I will leave that there and we will see how others think of it
  10. Rangiatea

    MilitaryRP Survey

    I. Gameplay & Experiences Describe your experiences on Military in a single short sentence (not a paragraph.) overall good but definitely seen a few big problems What do you dislike about the Gameplay aspect of the server (More in the lines of gunplay or other game mechanics.) some weapons are drastically worse then others making certain fights very unbalanced What do you like about the gameplay aspect of the server? How do you think we can add to this or make it better? diversity in options (even if some are much better then others) just try and balance some things out a bit more, so like putting down a weapons damage or uping recoil of some guns What do you dislike about the role-play on the server? How can we change or fix this? i'm personally more of a serious rp person but if we change this the server is going to have a big player problem for a long time What do you like about the gameplay on the server? How can we improve this? i like that we have 2 different types of war and that we have a lot of different things at our disposal to win them What do you like most about the server? there is just so much tho ;-; What do you hate most about the server? toxicity How do you think we can retain more player on the server? removing toxicity should be a big help If you could have one major addition to the server, what would it be? cough* give officers nades again cough* i know not major but honestly, the only thing i can think to add If you could remove anything from the server, what would it be? i would have to say probably drones as they are useless a lot of the time and serve to annoy people the most II. Staff What do you like about the staff team? How can add to this to make it better? overall helpfulness of the staff What do you dislike about the staff team? How can we fix this? how some of them speak about each other and the management, now this hasn't happened in a while but it should be brought to attention because it happened and in case it happens again, staff should not openly complain about each other to lower tier staff or to players as it can make people not want to play on the server when they see the bad staff member or when they hear that management isn't that good (this also means ex management) Do you believe more or less staff should be on at a time? Why? i believe about 2 or 3 staff should be on at a time so that they can help each other with sits and get to players with problems within a good amount of time Do you believe staff sits are handled correctly? How so and how can we change this? haven't been in a sit with any staff so can't say Do you think the staff team is friendly enough? In what ways and how can we improve this? yes III. Community Do you feel like other members in the community are friendly? How do you think we can change this? yes i do feel like they are friendly but thats just me Do you believe other members in the community are helpful to newer players? How can we improve this? some are yes but the toxicity of others is pushing some players away, i think this can be improved by lowering toxicity within our officers then working down from there IV. Events Describe the current events in a brief statement. a nice change but unorganized What do you enjoy about events? How can we improve this aspect? its a change to just running out to war and waiting for war What do you hate about events? How can we change this? feels unorganized to the players like it takes us a while when a certain thing happens to organize the troops (my opinion) Would you like events to happen more often or less frequently? more often Should events be role-play related or non role-play related? bit of both Should events happen on certain dates, randomly, or both? certain dates would be nice however those who cant get on during the time would maybe not like it V. Senior Management Do you feel as if management is trying to improve the server? Why? yes I do when problems are brought to their attention they work to fix them Do you feel like management engages with the community sufficiently? How can we improve this? don't feel like im on enough for an opinion on the management Do updates come to the server frequently enough? no
  11. in consideration with recent events, I'm going to -support this once your restrictions on your officer are removed I will consider removing my -support and maybe if I see good things about you I might even plus support this, however, for the time being, I don't believe you are ready for FORECON as of this moment my advice is for you to change what the Marines and members of other branches think of you by proving yourself then you will have a good chance at becoming FORECON considering the meeting we had I don't believe this statement is true (my opinion)
  12. omg Gen Revillance i never got on well with him from a staff point of view XD i legit had to stand in front of him when he was launching nades into US base he then started slaying me saying he could oh the memories Tmod vs SA be like XD
  13. -support - if a permaban is issued it surely won't be appealed the same day - hacking - personally think if this is accepted that it should be reduced not removed and still quite long (like 1 month) - has been using it for a few days