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  1. -support Everyone has regional NLR (expect D class) for example, if you die in HCZ you cant enter there for the next 3 minutes and dont know anything from your previous life If i goto D block as a DoUSR and get shanked (which happens alot SOs have more armor then me) i dont want to wait in my spawn in EZ for those 3 minutes because i died in D block
  2. Do you mean more of the RP doctors? if so those are RP ranks for people to work towards and they actually have a lot of choices that you dont see on the roster
  3. +Support +Gives medical more things to do +Other branchs wont just buy a medkit so they dont have to goto medbay -If there is not medical on these could be a bit bad
  4. -Support SCPs cant team anyway already have a raiding team More action for GENSEC? They dont even do a considerable amount of their CURRENT jobs
  5. Currently they are both errors and i think either of these models would be good
  6. Containment engineer models/player/tfa_trent_cleaner_grenadier.mdl OR models/player/tfa_trent_cleaner_mech.mdl Containment cleaner models/player/tfa_trent_cleaner_grenadier.mdl OR models/player/tfa_trent_cleaner_mech.mdl
  7. Janitoral command needs level 3 Containment engineer needs level 3 Containment cleaner needs level 3 Medical command needs level 3 Security Warrant Officer needs level 3 Researcher needs level 3 Security Sergeant needs level 3 Security Sergeant First Class needs level 3 Security Master Sergeant needs level 3 Security Sergeant Major needs level 3
  8. -Support This is your first post] No proof of warns No ULX rank Under the word requirement Question 16 is completly wrong lied about reading staff handbook because ^
  9. Welp, I haven't made one of these since coming back 8 months ago. Can i just link a old one? No? Ok. Well we will start off with the basics, my name is Rangiatea you may all call me Rang. I am a super admin for SCP RP and the DOUSR, my ingame name is either Spire or Aktus depending on who i am RPing I originally joined this community mid 2016 Back on mil RP and i spent around about 7 or 8 months on Mil RP and got to SA back then. I then transfered over to PRP and remained there for a few months before retiring and making a really bad decision and getting blacklisted. late last year i got unblacklisted and came back and forth from the community until seeing SCPRP. I gave SCPRP a try and loved it. within a week i went to a staff interview and got accepted back into the staff team and have been here since So to those of you who have never seen me before hello And to my old Mil RP or Police RP friends long time no see and the those SCP people,
  10. I don't think changing meeting times is a good idea, but instead make a separate EU meeting time +support for separate meetings
  11. Ok so all the D class were doing were jumping onto each others head to form a sort of "staircase" up the wall towards the fence line of upper D block. None of them (at the time) had a weapon out and Nickly started firing at them What i believe should have happened was a staff member called for them using each other to climb NOT opening fire into the crowd of 5 class Note: at one point 1 did come with a knife and that 1 was killed, the D class did nearly make it to the top
  12. Max time is 5 minutes, no cooldown as of yet but due to it currently being SA+ we know not to abuse that
  13. 1 Denied 2 -Support actions have consequences The amount of things you did in that short time frame is unacceptable
  14. -Support -Low forums post - failure to meet word count + Q16 is pretty well done