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  1. we do try made this server as friendly as possible however we cant always be on the very best and based on your replies i think ^ suits well and if you would like to talk about this with you use pm thank you
  2. then you could report the staff member but in this community, we try and keep it as friendly as possible by keeping the disrespect as low as possible
  3. +support if it has been 8 months then i think he should come back hes obviously not just posting this for the sake of posting as seen by his replies and how fast they are you guys gave me a second chance. yes it took time but ive proved myself again let him have that chance however keep an eye on him like you did with me i think that should do it and if he shows signs of anything like that again reban him
  4. Name: Rangiatea Branch: Security Rank: Lt-Col Are you applying for Light or Heavy Manager: Light How active are you now: during the weekdays I'm not very active due to my timezone and school but during the weekends I spend as much time on the server as I can (from about 9 am till 6 pm unless I need to leave) Do you feel overly stressed with your current rank: no Why should you be picked for manager(250+ Words): I think i should be the new LCZ manager because i have had a lot of experience leading branches during my time in gaminglight i have lead the marine corp on 2 different occasions ive been the “GOA” of the taliban back when it was a faction the LTG of RU and the COS for the FBI and while these events were a long time ago i still have learnt a lot over my time in all of those roles ive learnt what i need to do to lead a branch, i had to rebuild the marine corps from the ground up when i first joined them i was the only active member and because of what i did for them i made them at the time the elite branch they once were so long before i joined the community. I will work hard to make sure that whenever anyone enters LCZ they will see it as an area full of some of the best members the foundation has and i will make sure those that fall behind and guided so that nothing bad will happen when inside LCZ of course i will have to start with Gensec but with these new squads that have been added i believe that that is a good start to making LCZ the safest area in the site i will make sure researchers and other foundation personal know exactly what they should do during a breach and i'll make sure security quarrintens off the affected areas. Overall i think i would be a good LCZ manager because of my previous experience leading people and my ideas for making LCZ the safest area on site How are your leadership skills: my leadership skills are great as I have led many branches across the GL servers How would you deal with 173 breach(For LCZM) : get at least 2 gensec members or if they are busy use the A1 bodyguards I have and move to recontain 173 while making sure all personal not equipped to contain/encounter 173 to leave the area in case of my failure in recontaining it once i locate 173 and have my 2 other foundation personal id recontain him and take him back to his cell then ill make sure that everyone i told to stay clear can reenter the area How would you deal with CI: i would request MTF to guard EZ if the CI are still in there and if there is a lot of CI inside EZ and their location is known I would send 5+ gensec over (as they can enter with a CPT+) and once they are done have them report back to d block if they have moved past EZ and their current location is unknown then id have gensec form 3 teams 1 to hold at d block to keep the d class in and the other 2 to go and report to 1 LCZ entrance each and once they are at their entrances I would give them permission move forward and have the highest ranks lead a sweep of HCZ while leaving at least 1 person behind incase CI slip past them What would you do on defcon 3-1: Defcon 3 make sure all forces within LCZ are attempting to recontain the escaped SCP's and having only essentials in d block holding d block down Defcon 2, lockdown d block and reassign more people from d block to recontainment, defcon 1 escort all members of the foundation to the panic room/evac and order gensec to prioritize the staff and i myself will hold at d block along with any others that wish to try and stop the d class from reaching a safe area from the blast (rp) OR personally escort as many foundation personal as possible to the bunker/evac What would you do if a security sgt disrespected you/disobeyed orders: at the very least a strike and talk to them about not being disrespectful and that because I outrank him he is required to listen to the orders I give him and that it is fail RP if he doesn't listen to higher-ups if he then continues to be disrespectful and disobey valid orders then demote him What rank can you promote/demote up to: SGT What rank can you strike: the forth highest in any department Do you understand that the Site Admin+ can remove you from Site Administration if you breach the guidelines bad enough: I understand Do you understand it is your job to do whatever it takes to keep what you know and the site a secret: I understand Do you fully understand the guidelines: yes i do What changes would you make on how the zone you are applying for operates: make sure security patrols more if they have the manpower and makign sure everyone shuts doors behind them so its harder for D class to break out Are there any changes to Site Administration guidelines you would make if you could: no
  5. Name: Jacob Kelar, Spire, dreamy Rank: Junior Researcher’s Clearance Level: 2 Date of Incident: 25/1/2019 Describe the incident: The experiment was to determine if 999 prioritize people who were more traumatized then others the test was inconclusive so as we were about to take the d class back to d block junior researcher Dreamy pulled out a firearm and was holding us all hostage. Spire pulled out his radio and hid it from Dreamy and requested backup at the testing chamber the first responders were SO ███████ ████ and SO █████████ they tried talking Dreamy down and he said myself and Spire could leave Spire tried to take the D class with us and was shot in the arm for it and is at the time of writing this in the med day awaiting medics to give him proper treatment as he just treated himself. List classes of SCP(s) involved: 999 Immediate complications due to the incident: Dreamy arrested and KIA Long-term complications due to the incident (if applicable): Spire’s left arm injured and he will most likely be in a sling at least until its healed Spire might also be in shock after the incident as by the time he got a chance to attend to his own wounds his arm was covered in blood Type of response towards incident (MTF/NTF/Security/ETC): Security took control of the situation and found and captured Dreamy upon his run from the testing room Resolution towards incident: Dreamy arrested had to be executed before being interrogated due to Defcon 2 and his containment area being breached by D Class and a Ci raid it was too risky to keep him alive How dangerous was the entirety of the situation?: Both junior researchers wounded during the incident class d were also wounded but thanks to GENSEC all hostages were saved Extra Information: made by Jacob and Spire (rangiatea) original sorta "leader" of the test was jacob was meant to be uploaded by Jacob but he got off and didn't respond when i asked when he was putting it up
  6. Name on roster: Rangiatea Rank on roster: CPT How active are you: semi/active Who should be the next Major? idk What can Security improve on? closing doors and having prepared tactics for certain situations Why should we keep you in Security? (30+ words) I should be kept as security because I'm fairly active given my timezone I am able to lead others and deal with minges and I can be on when few other command are able to be on meaning more time when lower ranked security have a chance to be noticed for there work
  7. +support ya as an ex SA I should have known that I can't warn without a sit and again im sorry about that it was his first time "micspaming" and he did stop immediately so he shouldn't have been warned also, ya as you said about my initial hostility id debate that as being more frustrated due to the class Ds but none the less unacceptable for a staff member of GL and for the owning up to my mistakes that who I am is someone who will admit his mistakes and punish himself for his own rule violations (as seen being 8/14 of my warns are from myself. and that all staff should as it is their job to be accepting of their mistakes and not try to hide them these mistakes are who we are
  8. Name: Rangiatea In Game Name: MC SGTMAJMC Rangiatea Rank: SGTMAJMC
  9. Rangiatea

    Ban appeal

    yaa that would be enough to get a ban for advertisement +support he has been banned for 1 year, if he only said "Crixrp is stepping there game up" Then I don't believe he should still be banned
  10. Rangiatea

    Ban appeal

    Strike First/Advertisement/Blacklisted full reason there +/- support While it has been a year since your ban im going to have a +/- support until you can elaborate more instead of "apparently advertising" once you tell a bit more ill change my support
  11. +support been a member for years and yet not even 50 most players wont reach these war hero markers unless they donate
  12. Name: Rangiatea Rank: COL Status: if we are using the roster "New Zealand"
  13. Dam back in the PRP section never thought id be back here... either way, the minge is to be issued any point after 30+ warns BUT I do believe it can only be issued once and i do believe that it should be issued alongside a warn so IF he hasn't had a warn in 3 weeks then he shouldn't have been minged now . of course this is my personal understanding and i might be wrong 30 Warns - 21,600 second minge issued, By Superadmin+ (Staff's desecration if the ban is issued) also if the minge is to be issued by SA+ then shouldn't the SA have the full story and it be at his discretion (again my understanding)
  14. if that's what you believe then ok but I will leave that there and we will see how others think of it