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  1. Test Rating: Good I like how you wrote an unknown SCP, as far as I know when people try new SCP's its not an associate researcher. In all, nice work!
  2. Polar

    Dr L Loa 2/3 - 2/8

    Name: Dr L Date of LOA Leave/Return: 2/3 - 2/8 Reason (if private write N/A): Band
  3. Name: Polar Rank: LCPL Callsign: XA18 Date of LOA Leave/Return: 2/3 - 2/8 Reason (if private write N/A): Band
  4. Polar XA18 Semi-Active Suggestions: Respond when people ask where are you guys
  5. LEVEL 3 CLEARANCE OR ABOVE IS REQUIRED TO VIEW THIS FILE, FAILURE TO MEET THIS WILL RESULT IN TERMINATION. Username: Vortex Password: ********* ................................................................................................................ Access Granted. Welcome ❚❚❚❚❚❚ ❚ Playing audio file... Doctor L: This is Doctor L, the date is January 26th 20❚❚. This test was done with the help of Jr Researcher Giovanni who was under my supervision, and Research Assistant Manager Slurmp. Casualty Report, One Class-D subject due to SCP-682. MTF presence with no issues. Audio Over, Beginning test log. Doctor L: Another simple test, personally one I find the most efficient. As as far as we know SCP-096 and SCP-682 are slated for termination and with both being invincible this will go well. T- 30 Seconds to face viewing A mask is placed upon SCP-096 which will activate and cover its face when a loud noise is detected to have safe viewing of SCP-096. T-20 Seconds to face viewing. Final precautionary measures are checked and systems are nominal. T-10 Seconds to face viewing. SCP-096 is placed into SCP-682's CC. Doctor L: Everyone face the wall and keep your eyes shut! Once it is screaming we are safe. T-0 Seconds to face viewing. A Scream is heard and the mask functions as expected. SCP-682 has viewed 096's face. Doctor L: Its safe, please observe the fine ability of these anomalies. T+10 seconds to face viewing. SCP-096 charges SCP-682 and manages to remove 10% of the skin on its left front leg. T+15 Seconds from face viewing. SCP-682 charges SCP-096 at high speed and manages to remove 50% of its skin, leaving a large amount of an unknown substance on the floor, presumably blood. T+20 seconds from viewing. A loud crunch is heard, followed by silence. SCP-096's skeleton is motionless and dismembered on the floor. An image pops up. End Log. A ping is seen on the monitor of the screen. SCP-096 Object Class... Neutralized
  6. This is due to the unoptimizabled map, the Mapmaker said that it wasn’t the best. I’m all for fixing it tho. +support.
  7. Does it display healthy amounts of detail and depth? To be honest I felt like I was reading an actual log! Does the test show a decent amount of creativity involved in the test question and hypothesis? 131 is a rare SCP due to the fact it is a donator however I like how you tested it for affection. How efficiently is contextual evidence utilized? Very well, combined with the curiosity it seems to behave as expected. Was the test proof-read and checked for spelling errors? Grammatically correct. Besides the fact this was in the wrong location, I feel this test was good, especially for a guy who just joined and only can test on Safe class SCP’s. I look forward to seeing what you can do! -Research Manager Doctor L
  8. 1. See image at bottom. Each line is a possible "kos line" that GENSEC could guard depending on what you guys want. Also map has been updated to be able to have both airlock doors open at once. 2. Multiple solutions, A. We set the spawn in the cafeteria and make them run, or B (check link) we use a server wide respawn timer that really only affects D-Class. I've seen other servers use this for maps like this and it really helps mitigate the swarm. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=655894831
  9. I’ll draw a diagram of what I’m thinking to convey the idea. Edit: Looking at possible solutions because I also noticed this major issue.
  10. I feel as if removing both the airlock doors and functions would be able to remove most the issue. How much do you think that would work?
  11. This is infact an issue to some, personally I feel as if the map would feel more like an in-lore map with odd sounds and other things. Im not staff, or a coding master for that matter, but as far as I know we have a test server that could be used to setup the map without an issue. I dont know if this is a thing, but maybe a preset system is possible (probably not)? So the test server could be built and implemented into the current server. The fog is snow (I think) and surface would mostly be limited to the outpost area. Vents can be entered and exited through, I think the best idea for CI would be a cool-down and the Foundation wouldn't know about them. Definitely the biggest issue with the map, however a solution that could be used is straight up removing the airlock doors to mimic our current way of D-Block at the moment. Currently as I make this post (Monday 3:00) there are 70 people on the server which usually crescendos up until about 10:00. While server population at certain times may be an issue, when most people would even play this works (to me). This would make sense by basic logic and architecture, the time for MTF to make it would be realistic and ability to work together to sweep. CI have vents that access HCZ and LCZ (Ill get to that). D-Class breaches should be less irritating with GENSEC to be able to use manpower to find them, and with one exit for D-Class it would be well guarded.
  12. There is a bunker for CI with the E11 area outside the main base.
  13. Believe it or not, there is a vent system for entry and exit so it’s not just one entry. I don’t have hl2 on my PC and have only seen one missing texture about a literal pixel wide Yes, as you said D-Block is very different but my idea is an RP breakout using tools and rolls, but if we wanted we could always just remove the doors on the airlock.