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  1. Name: Polar Rank: CPL Callsign: XA2 Date of LOA Leave/Return: 7/22/19 - 8/3/19 Reason (if private write N/A): 12 hour long band camp on weekdays, may be on weekends
  2. Name: Polar Rank: CPL Callsign: XA2 Date of LOA Leave/Return: 7/12/19 - 7/20/19 Reason (if private write N/A): Band, and a break
  3. +support you’ve been Foundation Doctor for two months and have enough experience for DHOR
  4. Name: Dr. L (Polar) Rank: Reserves Doctor SteamID: STEAM_0:1:68693050 How Active are you on Research?: Unable to be active When did you join Research?: February The position being applied for: Development Supervisor Why do you want this position?: I find reading SCP documents to be interesting and think that with this position, I can do those, but also put a bit of uniqueness into Development (RND) that would be very fun. One of the lore based type projects we could create is Project Olympia (http://www.scp-wiki.net/olympia-project) which is very interesting. An experiment we could do is injecting D-Class with 008 and attempt to have them keep sentience *kill them* and proceed to use low ranking GENSEC to create a super soldier. But also from what I hear I would be making my own subdivison and I have experience with starting from near nothing (E11). What skills do you have in leadership?: I can lead, and not be extremely rude such as when I suggest something instead of ordering it (Frankly its a nice way of ordering) What are some tests you have completed in the past?: A sick 682 vs. 096 termination test. You might find it in March. 035 interview. What can you bring to Research Command/Research High Command that others cannot?: Months of Command Experience as Commander of E11 and lore knowledge What is something you would change if you were a member of Research Command/Research High Command?: Easier Ability to have tests on Keter SCP's because God knows how long it will take to get perms If anyone, who would recommend you to be in Research Command?: If they see this, put it your response Thanks for reading
  5. -Support Ah, that didn't take too long now did it? Well I'm going to say this, I have always said this A. There is no need, for a marksman class. 1. It does not follow lore 2. E11 is a RE-CONTAINMENT UNIT not a COMBAT UNIT 3. Since E11 will be inside when dealing with issues there will be no need for a sniper as it is close combat and well, snipers are long range weapons B. E11 is pretty good as it is, no need for an update 1. Decent Health and Armor 2. A pretty good gun (My favorite) with 100% mobility C. Numbers 1. Recently E11 has had a spike in population and the old update was made to compensate for very low numbers on at once, but now, it has many, many people, up to (E)11 People on simultaneously. D. Everything th3 said E. You had a branch update (By me) almost two months ago - Ex E11 Commander Polar
  6. -Support You are not on site when CI passes by so you should not pop into existence to shoot a single CI
  7. E11 is to recover breaches, not gaurd and prevent breaches, that is Nu-7's job, and as boring as it is being E11, those long wait times are good for training
  8. -Support 1. No point in being CI if gates are camped since you cant make it through 2. In Lore E11 isn't on site until a bit after the breaches occur
  9. Name: Polar Rank: RCT Callsign: N/A  Date of LOA Leave/Return: June 15 - June 22  Reason (if private write N/A): Camping and I can’t bring a PC and WiFi into the woods
  10. Polar

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  11. -support This is essentially E11 with a different name