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  1. Well this made me very sad, Kitty you were always a great person to be in Teamspeak and in game with. You were a great high command member and i really appreciate everything you've done for me and the department. I wish you the best of luck.
  2. lol he was command. you were removed tho @WreckedInRuinz
  3. Giant +Support Mature professional great leader amazing staff member knowledgeable would do great as a super admin
  4. Im gonna see if we can longer
  5. 21 Day ban* You were minging around breaking NLR not following the rules and right after that you asked me for a promo in PD. You have NITRP. And I did have a sit with you and you said whats wrong with my name and you weren't being compliant You comment oh "lol hahah" shows you thought it was funny and you knew what you were doing. Honestly I am surprised you are appealing this and the_lengend_27 isn't your SteamID and this is in SCP-RP ban appeals(moved by chad)
  6. Gmod Dayz Rust Rocket League Golf with your friends
  7. I'm about to drop a.... MASSIVE +SUPPORT I've known Duv for many months now, As a past staff member on PoliceRP I can confidently say he is a very professional and mature staff member. This man has demonstrated great integrity along with stellar leadership skills. I can tell Duv takes great pride in staffing on this community, he was very active and always willing to get on staff. He always stuck out from the other staff members going above the expectations of a staff member. This guy will not shut up about about CloneWarsRP xD. He is very passionate about the server and loves being part of the staff team there. He is a very very smart individual and can properly handle any situation that is thrown at him. In my option Duv would excel at this position and be a great role model for future staff
  8. Chad B

    Ya boy phil

    you better come on TS and talk to me Phil you are a great guy and i truly wish you the best of luck in life. Go kick some ass out there man
  9. you didn't know how to open chat in-game, it took me explaining to you for over an hour for you to type this,, you put zero effort into this. I don't think you are close to capable of being staff as of now
  10. +Support gave steam ID to two SMT members and the bans show he doesn't have an active ban.