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  1. Nice green name tag, Jeffe. Congrats on superadmin.
  2. That was not the new communtity. That was the forums of an old community I used to work for and I apologize for sending that link in the GL Teamspeak.
  3. This was after I accepted the position. They already had plans for the server.
  4. Precursor: As I am filling out this appeal, I don't want my staff rank back, I don't deserve it, and I don't expect any of my RP ranks back. All I want is to continue playing on the community I have been playing on for nearly two years now and to continue interacting with the community I have grown so fond of. I don't want my final times on the Gaminglight community to end with a bad taste in everyone's mouth. Steam Name: Buckell In-game Name: Buckell (MTF A1 DI XO Buckell XO32) Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:140966454 Ban Length: Permanent Banning Admin: Igneous Reason for Ban: Player poaching and starting a community as staff. Dispute: Let's start with the starting a community charge. I did not start a community, I was invited to it by the people who did and offered a high rank (I am not going to list their names but I'm sure you can figure it out). Joining this community was a mistake, especially since I was staff for Gaminglight at the time. I said I understood the staff handbook and by my actions, it showed that I was untruthful and I truly apologize to the Gaminglight community and staff team for doing this. All I was thinking about was the dumb rank and not the Gaminglight community. Like I said, I don't want my staff rank back, I just want to play on the server again. As for the player poaching charge, I did not message anyone about the server who didn't ask about it in the first place and even then (I explained why I was blacklisted and they found out about the server that way), I never advocated joining the server. I apologize to the Gaminglight Senior Management Team and to the Gaminglight community as a whole for my poor actions and bad choices. (My forums tags need to be removed. Also, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to put a CB appeal.)
  5. Me too lmao. Never leave us, Kade.
  6. I'm fairly sure the DoRS and the DoTF already can promote to the second highest position within their respective positions.
  7. Three-ish words for the SMT of SCP-RP. CHANGE FROM TFA TFA is the worst gun addon I have ever seen in my life. TFA makes M9K look like the god of all gun packs, not saying that M9K is inherently bad or anything, but it's definitely not as good as CW 2.0 or FA:S.
  8. +Support The Site Administration should have a large amount of control within the Foundation (because it's in the name, "Site Administration"). The Site Administration should definitely have more power within the Foundation and not just the O5 Council.
  9. Yeah, you could have something there. I didn't intend what I said to disrespect Homer in any way, I was just saying I was capable of leading a branch on my own. I never meant to put Homer down in any way, and he is a great CO.
  10. I can't remember disrespecting you... mind going into specifics? My apologies if something I said warranted being counted as disrespect.
  11. You are a great leader, however, your high command position is within CI and transferring that over to the Foundation could be troubling, especially with past connections. I don't know though, you could be the best damn HCZ Manager ever.
  12. Yeah, it is a shame that I will be leaving Alpha-1 if I get the position but there are people lined up who can lead Alpha-1 and do it competently.
  13. Following in my boy Kade's footsteps. Name: Buckell (MTF A1 DI XO Buckell XO32) Branch: Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 Rank: Executive Officer (VCMDR) Applying for HCZ/LCZ Manager position?: Heavy Containment Zone Manager How active are you?: I am on every day for more than five hours. Do you feel overly stressed with your current position?: No, I can handle my current position with relative ease. Why should you be picked for a manager?: The first reason I should be chosen for the position is that I can command a branch with ease, which I have been doing since Homer's inactivity. This is important since the manager position is apart of Site Administration which is in charge of all the branches and ensuring their smooth operation. The HCZ Manager will have to command security forces to establish secure containment for all of the SCPs that reside within the Heavy Containment Zone. Another reason I should be chosen as the new HCZ Manager is that I know the Site layout like the back of my hand, even more than some of the other high ranking officials. I know where everything is from the Temporary Euclid Containment Cell to SCP-035's containment chamber. Knowing the layout of the facility, especially the Heavy Containment Zone, is of utmost importance considering that is going to be the place you manage and the area you are going to be most often. The third reason I would excel as the HCZ Manager is my ability to manage. I have managed quite a few operations and I know how to successfully control and manage with efficiency. Like the title suggests, the ability to successfully manage assets is crucial, especially as a part of Site Administration. A fourth reason I should be granted the position of HCZ Manager is my ability to be professional and mature. As an Alpha-1 operative, especially as the Executive Officer, being professional and not being a minge is a must, and that is no different with a Site Administration position. The last reason I should be the HCZ Manager is my extensive knowledge of all the branch's SOPs. When I am bored, which is always, I frequently browse the forums and read whatever I find, because of this, I have read all of the branches SOPs and most, if not all of the information about them. Anyone apart of the Site Administration should know what all of the branch SOPs contain considering they are in charge of the different branches. These are the reasons I should be chosen as a Heavy Containment Zone Manager. I can command a branch with ease, I know the site layout like I know the back of my hand, I can manage with efficiency, I am professional and mature, and I have extensive knowledge of all of the operating procedures of the branches. I hope you take me into consideration when finalizing your decision of who should get the position. How are your leadership skills?: I would say my leadership skills are fairly good, considering my role within Alpha-1 since Homer's disappearance. How would you deal with a breach of SCP-682?: This ultimately depends on the situation. If there are MTF members on I would advert, "[F] SCP-682 has breached its containment chamber. All MTF members move in to secure 682 before it breaches the facility." Then I would assist MTF in the recontainment (handing out orders). If there are no MTF members on but there is a good amount of GENSEC on then I would advert, "[F] SCP-682 has breached its containment successfully." After I adverted that, I would head to D-Block to round up GENSEC members to go to recontain 682 (I would try to get Delta Squad members before any other GENSEC). If there are no MTF members and little to no GENSEC on then I would go to the armory, grab a tranquilizer pistol and reinforced restrains, and go hunt down 682 by myself. How would you deal with CI?: This is like the SCP-682 question where it ultimately depends on who is on the server. If there is MTF on I would advert, "[F] CI are raiding the facility! All MTF members move in to eliminate the threat." I would then do what I would do in an SCP-682 breach and oversee the MTF members and confirm that the CI threat is over. If no MTF members are present, but there is a generous amount of GENSEC online, I would advert the same thing as I would if there are MTF online excluding the MTF part, I would then gather GENSEC and have them assist me in eliminating the CI threat. What would you do on DEFCON three to one?: Like most of my answers, this really is situationally based but I would most likely evacuate the facility (on DEFCON 2-1) or try and salvage the facility (on DEFCON 2-3). What would you do if a GENSEC SGT disrespected you or disobeyed your orders?: I would inform the sergeant that continuing their actions will result in a strike and most likely a demotion. If the person stopped disobeying/disrespecting then I would let them go, if they continued, however, I will strike them. What rank can you promote or demote up to?: SGT in any Foundation branch, I'm assuming up to Researcher in the Research Branch. What rank can you strike up to?: The fourth highest rank in any Foundation branch. Do you understand that a Site Admin+ can have you removed from Site Administration if you breach the guidelines bad enough?: I fully understand and I hope it never comes to that. Do you understand that it is your job to do whatever it takes to keep what you know, and the Site a secret?: Yes, I will take all the information regarding the Foundation to my grave. Do you fully understand the guidelines?: Yes, I fully understand all of the guidelines. What changes would you make on how the zone you are applying for operates?: The security of the Heavy Containment Zone is crucial to keeping everyone secure because it is the place where the deadliest SCPs reside. I will try to maintain a 24/7 security presence within the zone to keep breaches at a minimum. I would enact a system like Kade implemented to where anyone opening a containment chamber for any reason would have to contact me first in order for me to supervise the encounter. The wellbeing of the Foundation is my first priority and many changes to how the Heavy Containment Zone operates will be done and these are just a few of them. Are there any changes to the Site Administration guidelines you would make if you could?: There is always room for improvement. I would change it to where Zone Managers could also activate the warheads and other minor things like it saying, "You should never involve yourself with treasonous activities." only under the Site Administrator ruleset. The guidelines are good though and most of the changes I want are just little things that don't change much. If you don't wish me to become the HCZ Manager please put constructive criticism in the reply section.