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  1. Nice green name tag, Jeffe. Congrats on superadmin.
  2. That was not the new communtity. That was the forums of an old community I used to work for and I apologize for sending that link in the GL Teamspeak.
  3. This was after I accepted the position. They already had plans for the server.
  4. Precursor: As I am filling out this appeal, I don't want my staff rank back, I don't deserve it, and I don't expect any of my RP ranks back. All I want is to continue playing on the community I have been playing on for nearly two years now and to continue interacting with the community I have grown so fond of. I don't want my final times on the Gaminglight community to end with a bad taste in everyone's mouth. Steam Name: Buckell In-game Name: Buckell (MTF A1 DI XO Buckell XO32) Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:140966454 Ban Length: Permanent Banning Admin: Igneous Reason for Ban: Player poaching and starting a community as staff. Dispute: Let's start with the starting a community charge. I did not start a community, I was invited to it by the people who did and offered a high rank (I am not going to list their names but I'm sure you can figure it out). Joining this community was a mistake, especially since I was staff for Gaminglight at the time. I said I understood the staff handbook and by my actions, it showed that I was untruthful and I truly apologize to the Gaminglight community and staff team for doing this. All I was thinking about was the dumb rank and not the Gaminglight community. Like I said, I don't want my staff rank back, I just want to play on the server again. As for the player poaching charge, I did not message anyone about the server who didn't ask about it in the first place and even then (I explained why I was blacklisted and they found out about the server that way), I never advocated joining the server. I apologize to the Gaminglight Senior Management Team and to the Gaminglight community as a whole for my poor actions and bad choices. (My forums tags need to be removed. Also, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to put a CB appeal.)
  5. Me too lmao. Never leave us, Kade.
  6. I'm fairly sure the DoRS and the DoTF already can promote to the second highest position within their respective positions.
  7. The thing about Nu-7 being equal to Alpha-1 is, Nu-7 is essentially boot camp for Alpha-1. Alpha-1 is the most senior MTF the Foundation has to offer.
  8. Three-ish words for the SMT of SCP-RP. CHANGE FROM TFA TFA is the worst gun addon I have ever seen in my life. TFA makes M9K look like the god of all gun packs, not saying that M9K is inherently bad or anything, but it's definitely not as good as CW 2.0 or FA:S.
  9. +Support The Site Administration should have a large amount of control within the Foundation (because it's in the name, "Site Administration"). The Site Administration should definitely have more power within the Foundation and not just the O5 Council.
  10. Yeah, you could have something there. I didn't intend what I said to disrespect Homer in any way, I was just saying I was capable of leading a branch on my own. I never meant to put Homer down in any way, and he is a great CO.
  11. I can't remember disrespecting you... mind going into specifics? My apologies if something I said warranted being counted as disrespect.
  12. You are a great leader, however, your high command position is within CI and transferring that over to the Foundation could be troubling, especially with past connections. I don't know though, you could be the best damn HCZ Manager ever.
  13. Yeah, it is a shame that I will be leaving Alpha-1 if I get the position but there are people lined up who can lead Alpha-1 and do it competently.