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  1. Name: Knox Rank: Trainee # Events Ran: 1 How will you improve yourself on this team going forward? Just getting started
  2. This is what im talking about
  3. Hello everyone on Gaminglight today. My name is Knox, in real like my name is Logan but i see we have a Logan in the community. I am right now playing on the SCP RP server and most know me there. i have around 6 days on it and was just accepted into the Event Team and is ready work the best that i can. a little about me, i am in High school, its like hell in this school. I'm 15 years old turning 16 on Feb 17, really have nothing else to say about me. The SCP RP is great and one of the best servers i have ever played in a while. my first server to join was Icefuse, that was very bad to stay on then went to Undead Servers. then Undead became dead(its a joke) and i stopped playing Gmod in till i joined the SCP RP and now i get on everyday of the week. thanks for reading this post and hope to meet you guys and chat about how school is hell
  4. Knox

    Meeting Times

    Can't go to the meeting on Saturday, Sunday I'm free all day
  5. Donate now to become the elite squad of Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 Classified as "Nine Tailed Fox"
  6. Nothing about 096...... i guess i have to try harder next time lol
  7. Knox

    Alpha-1 Major Update

    well we didn't, going to stop now
  8. Knox

    Alpha-1 Major Update

    you took a 300 HP GOC down it 10 seconds
  9. Knox

    Alpha-1 Major Update

    did A1 just get buffed while they are already OP?
  10. Knox

    Alpha-1 Major Update

    …….. while NTF has basic GENSEC guns
  11. this is Dr.Knox level 3 researcher, i will work with you on this tests, as 066 is a Euclid class.
  12. Knox

    912's Test

    Form Title: [SCP-912] Research (1/12/18) Lore Name: Knox Rank: Junior Researcher Clearance Level: 1 List of personnel involved in testing: None Level D personnel involved: 1 D class SCP: 912 Hypothesis: What will happen when Aimbot helper is put into 912's database. Observation: After Junior Researcher Knox Grabed D Class 2343 and 912, Junior Researcher Knox brought both to the Shooting range and lined up the D class onto one of the targets. Junior Researcher Knox Handed 912 a Glock 17, after shuting 912 off, Junior Researcher Knox put the Aimbot helper into the database of 912. After powering 912 back on Junior Researcher Knox gave "Code 69", SCP 912 then emptyed a clip into the target that was holding a gun to the D class. All shots were a perfect headshot, after the first firing Junior Researcher Knox gave "Code 97", 912 attempted to shoot the D class running around the room, most shots missed but some hit the target. aftet the test the D Class was injured. Junior Reseracher Knox gave "Code 66" then the D class [DATA EXPUNGED] Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): N/A Errors and/or safety hazards: N/A Conclusion: 912 with the Software can hit targets while they are standing still, while moving it is hard to shoot the targets. will need to do futher testing on Aimbot helper Approved by the Director of R&D and the Head of Research. For use in Site-05. Secure, Contain, And Protect.