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  1. When A Suggest That Has 30+ +Supports Gets Denied.
  2. When you make an entire SOP but they denie your Idea. Also -support, We don't want this. We don't Need this.
  3. Guys don't -support this because the presentation of what he was suggesting is from roblox. I've seen that used in other gamers like in half-life. Those did it better simply by painting the wall of it or not having so many. Though I don't have any idea how they would implement this without updating the map or putting down props that will only decrease the performance.
  4. You see the swep for 5208 is the pistol itself and it makes the player small when equipped which is why he has no other sweps. If you can mod the swep to be a m14 instead of a pistol and keep it balanced then I'll +support this.
  5. -support The swep he has is the only thing that is keeping them small and I'v killed several MTF as one of them so from my experiance they should stay as they are.
  6. I once had the DOC fucking blast me with the micro as 049.
  7. I'm guessing that if they accept this they are saying that they will either do option A or option B.
  8. I wished 5208 could have been made where they could be utilized by MTF like GENSEC could with 912 or medical with 999.
  9. +support Nice. This will make a fine addition.
  10. When you got SCPs like 049 that can be fearRped with only two guys with guns it can be really fucking bullshit when they just exploit this by parking two guard outside there cell and wait until he breaks the first door then come in and put him back in. +support.
  11. What you want to see? - I want to have it where you can docile SCP 049 with interesting ways that would make it fun for both parties for example. -If an office/surgery room is built into 049s cell his time of breaking down the doors decrease from 20% increments to 10%. 5 minutes to 10 minutes. -If two D Class are brought to him during his after breach 15 minute wait the timer will reset back to 15 minutes. -If a researcher or maybe medical surgent RPs assist him in making a 049-1 he will have to tell the 049-1 to be passive with foundation personnel unless he has made 3 049-1s. Why should we add it? - I have found that being a somewhat passive 049 is fun and engaging but there does not seem to be any incentive to bring this love back to 049 from personnel. Making it where personnel gets rewarded for doing things for SCP 049 like RPing with him, giving him stuff or giving him D class early will make it enjoyable for both sides. SCPs 049 gets stuff, early D boys and RP while personnel has more time, less stress. What are the advantages of having this? - More RP and maybe life improvements as well. Who is it mainly for? - 049 players. Links to any content - N/A Note: If this is accepted maybe I'll do suggestions for other SCPs and make it where they have passive ways to keep them contain while also making it fun for them.
  12. What do you want to see? - A: Lower both the crowbar and pipe price for D class supplier from 400 to 100, 150 or 200. If not... B: Remove the D Class Supplier and replace it with a new different D class job. Edit: Option C Recommended By Mike_da_noob: Lower the melee prices and add the ability to sell a low tier pistol or pistols. Maybe A USP and instead of 500 it be 5000 or 2500. You can decide your own price. Why should we add it? - Corpses are bad when you leave them in your establishment. Dead jobs are the same. The D Class supplier is a dead job. That crowbar did nothing. I can only see two ways for him to go. He can either be buffed or he can be thrown into the dumpster and replaced with a different new d class job. Maybe replace him with a heavy D Class that spawns with a hammer. Either get rid of the corpse or resurrect the son of a bitch, please. It makes the server look back. What are the advantages of having this? - Makes a job worth playing and if not A then B gets rid of a dead job and replaces a new better job that players would might like. Who is it mainly for? - D Class Players. Links to any content - N/A
  13. +support As a 049 main I like 035 so here.