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  1. ^ security shouldn't have the highest damage sniper in the game The ithica is too strong of a shotgun to be left on a class that can be used by a CPL+ Last time i checked the famas had 850 fire rate and about 27 damage l for refrence that would kill a d-class in about half a second or in about 5 shots or a d-class cc in 10 shots or a second idk how hard it is to get this class but this is one of the best shotguns in the game Unless these things are changed I'm leaving a -Support due to the fact that at the end of the day, your main job is to deal with d-class which at most have 200 combined (a diamond or a cc) which these weapons are overkill for
  2. bruh it sounds fine and it most likely won't get accepted because it is simply (IMO) too much work for how much of a non-issue it is
  3. Ritz

    Buff 066

    ^ this is like making a weapon buff post where you go MAKE WEAPON BETTER OOOH OOOH AH AH
  4. -Support no ID checkpoints exist only to annoy people
  5. Ritz

    Armory Changes

    +Support looks good and spices up the armory edit: i don't think igneous will like the usas because I'm pretty sure he don't like the autoshotguns
  6. +Support yes active good man
  7. A Omi-9 sub branch has a class with stats that out do every other class that isn't a scp Funny thing here, armor is just an extra stat. a person wit 200 l 200 will die the same speed as someone with 400 hp. I'm not saying you're wrong but I'd much rather be able to heal back up to my max hp. Take the Omi-9 juggernaut for example, after a fight it can simply heal back up to 350 hp and buy 100 armor putting it back to 450 combined, which is 150 better than for example a CI cc which could only get back to 300 combined whilst doing the same actions And as a side note people who say "Armor takes 80% of the damage hp does so it's better" that 20% of damage goes directly to hp so it doesn't make a difference besides be worse at it's own job. this is a fault of HCMD and their decisions for branch updates as extensive testing should be done when looking to improve or simply give the branch a refresh as to avoid a situation such as this. Unless I'm wrong Fool and Bread tried to buff the Nu7 operative a lot but it was denied for reasons of "Nu7 is a starter branch". Also Unless I'm mistake doesn't the Omi-9 base operative have a higher stats than both of these? which going against a branch (CI) that only gets 1 Life per raid seems a bit unfair for the Alpha op Also y'all forget that it's CI vs 3 branches
  8. -Support You're in the wrong here
  9. Ritz

    Another Hacker

    git gud broh yur just mad cus bad +Support