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  1. Ritz

    Medical Armor

    +Support This would give people a reason to go to medbay instead of just getting a reset, which is the better idea as an MTF rn because 100 armor just doesn't cut it in combat
  2. +support (for riot shield) The riot shield would be a cool, RP-friendly idea that could expand tactics used by Gensec. Otherwise I am going with a -Support Flare gun is too good and causes server problems like lag Stun baton would be too much, laggy 912 is already hell to deal with and we don't need 10 more of those Flash Bang would be unnecessary as frags are enough for Gensec to massively hamper riots, blinding D-Class along with your teammates takes fun away from both sides
  3. As MTF or CI, 100 armor just isn't enough compared to what full is. It is fully worth it to wait 3 mins in order to get 100 more armor back. There would have to be a armor swep or something that could add armor to make this a good suggestion. -support
  4. Ritz

    MFGA - Denied

    @Fool I like this
  5. Me and The boys playing hardpoint with mtf
  6. Can this please be accepted, I'd like to supplement one inactive branch with another. I'd kill to see MTF Nu7 CE Bob the Builder be a real thing
  7. You could also make the swep not work on his cc causing him to not be able to improperly Self breach +support
  8. I feel like we all agree that this is pretty good
  9. Was denied because you could dupe harpoons if i remember correctly
  10. +Support once he throws it you can just start yelling fear rp and he has to stop whatever he is doing because he tried to kill someone with his main weapon
  11. +/-Support - He is experienced with a cmd position - There's a better candidate (in my opinion)
  12. +Support Is a really hard worker who deserves this rank Dude, buy a mic If you can afford kids than you can afford a mic
  13. Although it would be a little bit of a hassle, wouldn't it be possible for a staff member to delete the duplicate machine(s)?
  14. +Support It shows a lot of dedication to work your way back up after a hard PK I think he'd do a great job as CMDR