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  1. Good branch update, will hopefully make A1 a better experience for players
  2. +/- Support Kids have a tendency to be very impulsive and can make bad decisions. This effect can me massively amplified when on staff due to the power they are given which can lead to scenarios that are bad such as staff abuse. It also doesn't help that you are exposing those that are still in critical social development stages to the worst of the community that is met while in sits, such as those that are excessively toxic. But denying someone a staff position solely on age shouldn't be a rule due to some kids being more mature than others. Those that are at this range should be observed and judgement be made on their actions, not their age.
  3. What you want to see? - An increase to the minimum amount of required players for Self Breaching to occur. I suggest at least 75 but am leaning more towards 80 as a solutuion Why should we add it? - There are many AFK's late into the night and this causes the player count to stay above 70 at 1 EST even though there is nobody to stop or recontain scp's What are the advantages of having this? - Stops the server from being a cesspool of keters running around the facility and keeping the facility at a permanent defcon 2 as the situation won't get better due to a lack of players Who is it mainly for? - Everyone
  4. +support Excessively clear and would suggest a removal blacklist from staff and warning/ban
  5. Ritz

    Nukes - Denied

    -Support A better solution would be to just police those who are believed or proven to be abusing nukes and punish them properly
  6. -Support Not worth the risk *drools* yay peanut peanut *drools and falls out of chair* we need penut, we don't care of owner loses server, we need penut
  7. +Support While this would have to be done, it would only require a small addendum and could be changed to something like this: SCP-5208 must attack all other players, but can fear-rp and utilize non-combatants such as utility for their own means (scp's and staff are exempt from this rule and are to not be shot)
  8. -Support The rule is fine as it is