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  1. What is your ingame name?: James What is your SteamID: :STEAM_1:1:80854686 What is your rank on the Naval Roster?: Midshipman What specialty are you applying for?: Aviation Officer What Naval HC (Admiral +) gave you permission to apply?: Chief Aviation Officer Badger What can you do to improve the branch you will be responsible for?: Aviation is a fairly inactive branch. We need more people in it. I will be an active member that will be at ATC whenever I can. I also want to do more RP with SF because they are not always flying so doing a little RP is always fun. Not only RP but I promise to bring a serious and funny personality to AO. I can also help advertise Navy and SF as the best branch. So we can get a new generation of troper. It will no longer be Purge RP but Naval RP. My goal is to have enough SF on to have a constant air patrol and also engineers ready to help them. Overall I want to make AO active and improve relations with SF and get both branches active. Why should you be trusted with this position?: I love aviation both in Star wars and in real life. I love aviation and when the options on my training were listed I knew I wanted to be an AO. I want this more than a lot of other applicants.Due to this being something I am passionate about. I am flight certified already so I know how to fly. I am very active on the server. To show how dedicated I am. I left my Command position and Staff position on PRP for IRP. I am committed to IRP and Naval. As I have said before I am both a former Staff member and Command member on another Gaminglight server with no warnings. I am not mingey and I can be trusted with AO and its responsibilities . Why do you want this rank?: AO is an overlooked but fun role in the Navy. Controlling ATC is a very important job without our aircraft the ISD can not be properly defended. It is vital to get SF and AO active so we can have a functioning air defense and Space force. I also love being able to fly so AO is perfect for what I want to do being able to fly and be in the Navy! Do you understand that if you receive a strike you will be stripped of this rank?: Yes What is your purpose within your assigned branch?: AO is tasked with the controlling ATC and performing SF tryouts and supervising SF and all other Aviation branches. We keep control of the Aviation sectors and standards high for their branches.
  2. Guys it has been an awesome run. I have meet some awesome people on SS. I just burnt myself out and I am moving onto IRP. I will still be around for advice but this is it. For all the PO and people I have trained I hope to see you as director someday. Here are some people I want to thank. @Tigersden11Thanks for being an awesome director! Bruh @bandit BRUH @JackHi Thanks for being an awesome DCOS I hope to see you as COS! @Zerg You are an awesome command member I want to see good things from you @mikey Bruh The other command I love you guys it was awesome being with you. To all the other agents if you ever just want to talk I will be more than happy to talk. I will miss you guys. I am crying writing this. It has been an awesome run. I won't be on too much but I am not gonna just disappear like Gibbi or Elapin lol. Goodbye guys -Former SS COS James M
  3. + support He is over 40 warns I have warned him before he is a minge.
  4. -Support I have never seen you on.
  5. It was his tone.
  6. So after I said “Ok I have decided you broke Fear Rp and you have been on the sever enough for me to formal warn you” He said F off and turned around. I took it as he said it to me then added Staff Diss.
  7. Mine is SS what is yours?
  8. PRP, Sleep, eat, and yeah fun.
  9. No WIll, Have fun that's awesome that you are doing a production. See ya soon!
  10. +Support -This makes sense if you scream at a cop you are gonna get in trouble. -It adds to an inmate RP