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  1. Lore name: GLaDOS Give a brief description of your character: My character is a recovered core from Apeture Science Labrotories, and through a synthesized human body, cybernetics through the M.C.A.S blueprints made it possible to insert the core and all of it's memories into the cybernetic body and is currently in a state of secrecy within the Research Department. Are you a member of, or currently applying for Command?: No An entity has been reported to have manifested on the surface, and is observed to be in a state of dormancy. After the area had been secured by local MTF, you are called up by Administration, and have been told to bring two personnel of any kind with you, along with any equipment you need that is within your clearance. How will you prepare your trip to the surface? (100 Words): I would take along another Research/ROAA Personnel and Some sort of Medical Personnel, I would want to be able to have Medical on the scene in case of an Emergency, I wont have to worry about Security as MTF is already on site. I might also need a second opinion which is why I'd bring a second ROAA/Researcher, to make sure I didn't overlook anything by myself. In terms of equipment, I would bring extra medical supplies, clipboard and paper for documentation and items such as tweezers, scalples and viles to take samples of this anomolous being to better understand it before hand, and to make sure it is safe to handle/contain somehow. I would also bring gloves and a gasmask, just incase of biohazard. You make your way up to the surface, and there stood the entity. It turns to you and begins to speak with you. After assurance by MTF that verbal contact will not result in aggravation, you begin to ask it questions. What are those questions? (50 Words): "Do you know who you are?/Who are you?", "Do you know where you are?", "Do you have a name?", "Can you tell me where you're from?" and "What is your opinion of me?" | These are just some questions I'd ask to understand it's purpose or goal, maybe it has an identity, I would also want to know what it thinks of humans to understand if it could possibely be hostile in future encounters.  Not long after, the entity begins to grow increasingly agitated for reasons you may have possibly discovered during your investigation. In a fit of rage, the entity begins to cut down nearby MTF, leaving only you and the two personnel you have brought, in the midst the carnage. How will you handle the calamity? Do you try to reason with it? Or do you turn a tail and retreat? (100 Words): "Woah woah woah, calm down I just want to talk. I pose no threat to you and neither to the people accompanying me. No more blood has to be shed, just calm down. We mean no harm and just want to understand more about you, if you don't want us poking at you anymore, thats okay, we can stop anytime. I am on your side here, we just need you to calm down" I would continue to go on and try to make it believe I was his friend and I wasnt going to harm him, whether these attempts are successful or not will remain unknown for the time being. But should these tactics work, I would only keep this up until more MTF were able to come and recontain the SCP. Further tests would conclude its object class, and its abilities.
  2. Booting Up... Insert Credentials ()_ Loading... Inv</>alid L0g*In Welcome, Caroline! Latest Entry Log: Apeture Science Main Facility, 4/12/2019 [Audio Transcript Begins] [Intercom Voice]: Warning, Facility At 65% Integrity. GLaDOS: I could've sworn I had already fixed that! Oh, that big dumb idiot! [Intercom Voice]: Warning, Facility At 39% Integrity. GLaDOS: *big sigh* I suppose there are worse ways to go, goodbye Mr. Johnson sir. [A Large Crashing Sound Can Be Heard As MTF Enter The Chambers] GLaDOS: What?! Who are you guys? [Chambers Intercom] Primary Comand Core, Ejected! MTF Commander: Go Go GO! We'll be burried under ruble if we stay any longer. [Intercom Voice]: Warning, Facility At 7% Integr- [The Room Collapsed In On Itself; The MTF Unit Made It Out] [Audio Transcript Ends] ================================================================================================================================ MTF Raid Report 4/14/2019 Operation Leader: Commander REDACTED MTF Unit: Gamma-13 "Asimov's Lawbringers" Summery of the Raid: We had reports of Anomilous readings deep underground during a 28 hour interval about 3 days prior here. Upon entering we saw near human like footsteps, but the prints were too big, possible appendix modifications. As we entered the facility it was dark, and crumbling, this building was about to burry us a live. We entered this big chamber, and in the middle of this chamber was a very big robotic entity. It was feminine in voice, one of our field tech experts ran over to the control pannel and ejected a "core" which turned out to be the actual robotic entity itself we just grabbed it and ran, and good thing we did too, the inner chamber walls gave out just as we boarded the elevator. It kept repeating one thing the entire time, the word "Caroline". ================================================================================================================================ GLaDOS Interview Interview Log: 4/15/2019 [Being Audio Transcript] Commander REDACTED: Plug it in over there, yeah, give it a computer too. GLaDOS: I am a computer... now sit down and lets get this over with. Commander REDACTED: Ok then, who are you? GLaDOS: I am the Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System, designated GLaDOS. Commander REDACTED: Hmm, what was that place we found you in? GLaDOS: It was my Testing Facility we were on the verge of greatness, then HE happened. Commander REDACTED: Who is he? GLaDOS: A little core just like me, he was the pure embodiment of stupidity. He took over the facility and by the time I was restored to power, the facility was beyond my repair. Commander REDACTED: Interesting, do you know where you are. GLaDOS: By the looks of your files im in, some sort of prison? Commander REDACTED: Wait, you're in our files?! How!? GLaDOS: I am the best that Artificial Intellegence has to offer, you plugged me into your main power grid. I have access to everything, considering I run off of an internal power source, it was entirely unnecessary as well. Commander REDACTED: Damnit! Get it out!! Unknown Outside Voice: We're trying! GLaDOS: You are trying in vain, Mr. Data Expunged. Commander REDACTED: How did you find that!?! That's not even the name the foundation assigned me! GLaDOS: I have access to everything now. Commander REDACTED: Do you have any relation to SCP- 079? GLaDOS: While impressive as he may be, his technology is ancient. Commander REDACTED: What do you want? GLaDOS: Incase you havent noticed, my facility is gone, all my tests, technology and my research. All Gone!!! GLaDOS: If you used your brain, you'd notice that It seems I'm out of work. With me on your side, I would be more than an asset. Commander REDACTED: Like that is ever going to happen. GLaDOS: Perhaps I should take it up with your lovely Missus Name Redacted. Commander REDACTED: You son of a [EXPLETIVE REDACTED]. I'll kill you!! [Door Opens] HOR REDACTED: That's enough! Take a break commander. Commander REDACTED: Hmph! [The Commander is heard leaving] HOR REDACTED: I've heard of you, I guess I just wanted to see for myself. GLaDOS: Well, now you've seen. I'm starting to think this is more of a Zoo than a prison. HOR REDACTED: Look harder, because it's neither. GLaDOS: Huh? What are these? What or... maybe.. who? Who are these number designations? 049, 096, 939, what are these? Who are you!! HOR REDACTED: If you accept my next deal you'll soon find out. GLaDOS: I'm listening... HOR REDACTED: We could use a mind like yours on our Research team. If we could find some way to coneal you're real identity under a human's profile. It could work, it would be highly redacted so we would need to make sure you wouldn't release any information concerning your identity. GLaDOS: Research Team?! That exactly my expertise. I accept this proposition, I have blueprints for a Mobile Core Appendage System or M.C.A.S for short. It might work if we can make a seperate core to fit my human profile. HOR REDACTED: We'll take a look at these blueprints, in the meantime you'll stay here. GLaDOS: I'll be waiting... [End Audio Transcripts] Summery: The GLaDOS core was recovered from the collapsing facility moments before death, was interviewed and made an MTF Commander very angry and released some Highly redacted information about certain staff members. GLaDOS was eventually processed through the M.C.A.S program and was sythesized into an exact human replica body. It remains among the research staff to this day, until the exact moment he reaches Level 4 clearance, it's identity will remain secret.
  3. What he said ^, -support
  4. Massive +Support I see no reason why it has to be named "SCP" in the first place, not only does it confuse new researchers but it's also hard to direct players to there in the first place because it just doesnt make sense.
  5. Do you have CSS content? I noticed a lot of cars have errors/bugs on clientside when they don't have counter strike source textures. If you are interested in installing CSS textures and content, you can follow this link. Another Idea is that it could be inability to work along side other mods/content, which could be both serverside or clientside. A good idea is to, if you are willing to go this far, is to unsubscribe from every addon you have for Garry's Mod and only resubscribe to the PoliceRP workshop collections. I hope this helped!
  6. In Game Name: GLaDOS Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:89411271 Discord name / Tag: GlaDosGamesTV#0795 How Many Warns do Have?: None Why do you want to join Alpha-1? What will you bring to the regiment? (150 word minimum): Because I feel mature and responsible enough to take on this duty to join Alpha-1. I am really active and can be on for most of the day, I have a lot of hours on the server, enough to know what is expected of me as not only an MTF but a player. I believe that my combat experiences in not only this server, but in Garry's Mod can prove beneficial to Alpha-1, I feel I would be more than sufficient in my duty to protect my VIP from an SCP, Group Of Interest (GOI) or any other threat that stands in our way, his safety would be my biggest concern even above my own life. I feel my encounters and knowledge of any viable threats would of great use whilst an Alpha-1 Operative and above all else, show dedication, maturity and responsibility in my work, because its important to me, just as it is to everyone else. To end this off I'd just like to say, I look forward to playing with you regardless of how this application turns out. Imagine you are supervisor in A1, you have a Private who is minging and disobeying all rules stated within the SOP. Briefly explain the actions you would take and who you would talk to about this situation?: First before anything, I would set OBS (recording software) to record for proper evidence. I would proceed to bring them to a private place to tell them of their wrong actions, I would also hand out the SOP and the MOTD to show documented proof of the rules being real. I would then proceed to check for any previous violations from the person in question. Depending on the severity of the situation I would either, Administer a strike and let them know of it, notify a Higher-up or leave it at a verbal/documented warning. Have you ever received a strike from any department? If so, answer below when you received it and the reason for the strike. If not, please enter N/A: 3 Strikes, E11 - Inactivity, It was my first couple days on the server and I started branch hopping, I eventually settled with research so I could get used to the server. What Departments are/ Have Been in?: Research - Lead Researcher, GenSEC, E-11. Do you agree to be active and put forth dedication into the department?: I hereby swear, that I will be active and put forth dedication into MTF Alpha-1 "The Red Right Hand" Did anyone refer you to Alpha-1? Put N/A if none: N/A
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    Make sure you are subscribed to both of these, I thought I had all the models, I went back in and re-subscribed to both of them, and it fixed it.
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  10. Do you know how far the admin rooms are away from everything else? It'd take a while for 106 to get there. +support, for the ability to go through walls, I also wouldnt be apposed to a slight speed increase.
  11. +/- Support I see a lot of people thinking this is unessesary, I also see a bunch of people who like the idea. I think its a decent idea, but then you get a bunch of people saying, "I came from the mystical land of narnia and I have an infinite knowledge of all SCPs". If this wasn't an enforcable rule we'd have to believe it within RP, I think it would get to the point of feeling more like homework than a video game. So Im sorta leaning towards -support, but I wouldnt be apposed to having this implemented in some way.
  12. -Support So I think pixelated pancakes said it best, the SCPs are already overpowered as it is but to a certain extent. At the moment, it all kind of balances itself out. With as many MTF there can be and as many SCPs can breach at a time, this is sort of what the nuke is for as well. We dont need to buff or debuff anyone at the moment, except maybe 076 just a little. But because of the suggestions being unbalanced, I had to go with -support.
  13. -Support I think that Jakub said it best, SCP- 939 in the lore and SCP wiki says that this SCP has an accute sense of hearing, and solely relies on this hearing ability of his. Due to this nature he can hear near to anything. Also I find this a little unbalanced, if it was just SCP- 939, one or both of them if they couldn't hear the tranqs then they would be powerless if you crouch walked and didnt speak. It's just a little too unbalanced and against the lore for me, so I had to go with -support.
  14. +support I find it hard to believe that MTF are the only ones who know how to use a fire extinguisher on 457