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  1. Denied Imma miss you bro :_(
  2. Grade: (85%) B Test Quality: Standard Lore: 20/20 This followed the lore as expected. Creativity: 10/20 I cant say I've heard of this being done before, however, I could have guessed the results of this test. It just feels unimaginitive to me. Presentation: 20/20 I like the format used, also good job on siting your Format's Source! Writing: 35/40 I only detected a couple minor writing errors, so beyond that you did good here.
  3. Grade: (80%) B- Test Quality: Standard Lore: 20/20 This follow the lore well. Creativity: 10/20 Writing down the word 'Eric' to me feels a little un-imaginitive, just because of how many times it's been used before. Presentation: 20/20 I sort of like what you did with the color scheme, it makes it easier to read for me and more appealing to the eye. Note: If you are shooting for professionalism then this isnt the way to go FYI. Writing: 30/40 The test log was a little short, with minimal writing errors. If you could include more detail in the future, that would be beneficial.
  4. Grade: (70%) C- Test Quality: Standard Lore: 20/20 This followed the lore well. Creativity: 15/20 I have seen this done many times, however, not recently so good job. Presentation: 5/20 While I can still tell what happened, you didnt follow the format completely. There are many features of the format that are a necessity to test logs, so please follow this next time. Writing: 30/40 I spotted a few writing errors, however, the major thing here is the huge unnecessary space it makes it look a little messy in my opinion.
  5. Grade: (95%) A Test Quality: Quality Lore: 20/20 This lore feels well done and written. Like it's possible in the real lore. Creativity: 20/20 I've never seen SCP- 999 used in this way, very creative! Presentation: 15/20 The only problem with the presentation is the spacing. It makes meek have to look extra hard for the Headers/Questions. Everything else is top notch. Writing: 40/40 I couldn't spot any errors of any kind in the test log, this is very well done!
  6. Grade: (90%) A- Test Quality: Quality Lore: 20/20 This followed SCP- 096's lore very well. Creativity: 15/20 We already know, in lore, that SCP- 096 does not respond to any form of mnestetic drugs. However, this used anesthetics, which is an interesting change. However, I would've expected the same results. Presentation: 15/20 The test log used good fonts and colors, the spacing between the questions, the fact that there really is none confused me a little. Writing: 40/40 I saw no major errors and nothing that can effect this portion really, nice job.
  7. +Support Good lad and shows real potential.
  8. +/-Support +Previous command +Good worker and dedicated to research. -Can act a little immature at times, but as long as its controlled it would be a good fit for the position.
  9. +/-Support +Good effort and dedication on research. -Thats a little low time for command. +Despite that -support, I feel you would be a good fit for the position.