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  1. Hey guys, I know most of you really don't know me especially since I really didn't stick around very much on the server and this might come as unexpected. So heres the deal, I saw an aspiring server and I wanted to assist in the launch of the server. I noticed that not many people were applying for my favorite Darth so I applied for him. Completely unexpectedly I actually got it, and I was super happy for the chance to do so. However, I've noticed my lack of activity on the server was concerning to me but even more so when I was asked individually about my activity. I didn't quite understand my lack of activity either to be completely honest, I had fun to an extent but nothing really clicked very hard for me. It finally hit me just a couple minutes before making this, I'm not in my right genre. I've never really been a die-hard Star Wars fan like a lot of people. I've enjoyed the franchise enough to watch the movies every once and a while and get it's merchendise but I cannot say that I am extremely dedicated to it. I'm aware that there are very many people who would be more worthy and thankful for this position than I am, and its completely unfair to those people who could be twice no... three times better than I could ever be. So for those reasons I am resigning from Darth Thanaton. I am extremely thankful I was able to fill this position in the first place. I am extremely thankful I was able to help start this branch and the server. I am extremely thankful for everyone I met along my short time here. I am sorry if this causes any problems with the CoC, but I plan on getting a job and keeping my grades up and well, I cannot see balancing my JvS, SCP-RP, School, a Job, and everything else I don't want to say here. So If I need to treat this as a 48 hour notice, so be it, I can stick around for the next couple days just please let me know though. Honorable Mentions: Pixel - You were the first person to make an impression on me and welcome me to the server, you're a good person and I hope you go far in the Jedi Council! Pentagon - You were a great Darth Malgus, congratz on getting Revan you deserve it! General Jackus - haha four arms go brrrrr, all serious good luck with Sentry man! #SCPGang Creamey - Quite possibly the single best combination of command members that could've come of the inquisitors, best of luck to you Grand Inquisitor. #SCPGang Kami - If there's anyone that should take my place, I'd want it to be you, stick with Inquisitors and you'll go far. #SCPGang To All Inquisitors - Remember, we are the darkness, we are fearless, remorceless, merciless warriors. We take what we want without hesitation. To Everyone Else - Thank you for sharing this fun experience with me, hope to see you around sometime!
  2. Here comes another ET LOA Name: GLaDOS Rank: Senior Event Team Member Time of LOA(MM/DD/YYYY): 11 Days Reason(Put Private if you do not wish to say): Failing most of my classes in school, need time to repair grades.
  3. As the Owner of the Custom Class, I approve all changes made in this post.
  4. Imagine Darth Thanaton taking the first LOA for the Inquisitors. Name: GLaDOS Rank: Darth Thanaton Date (MM/DD): 09/08 Date you will return (MM/DD): 09/15 Reason (can be private): My grades are taking a shit, need to repair them without distraction. If absolutely necessary, I will still be available via Discord. Please Follow the CoC first!
  5. GLaDOS

    Whos exicted?

    Actually am very stoked, wasn't at first but I'm actually counting down the days.
  6. Name (which you most commonly use): GLaDOS First rank/character choice: The Grand Inquisitor Second rank/character choice: Darth Thanaton Do you have any command experience? If so please explain: Yes, I currently have a lot of Real Life experience holding Leadership positions and managing people in a large group of up to 20+ people at a time. I am also currently Senior Command in GamingLight SCP-RP Research Department. How active can you be?: Extremely, I am online schooled, so I can be on at anytime if needed. Though I will prefer to finish school before getting on 'completely'. Are you familiar with the Star wars universe and have played other Star wars related servers? If so please explain: I've followed up on the Star Wars lore for quite a while since I was a kid, I think I have adequite enough knowledge. But here's a numberic value: 7/10 Why do you want to become command?: In the past I have proved to many others that I have the ability to be a great leader, that depends on if I'm given the chance. I have succeeded in making a very functional group of people, I guess you could call a "Branch" of sorts. I believe that I would fit this position very well and I'd like to throw my name in the hat for it. What qualities can you bring to the position?: I have many great defining qualities of a leader that I believe would be a great aspect to this flowering server and the branches within them. I always have an open mind, I am open to ideas and suggestions of any kind, as long as they have the best interest of the branch in mind. I see myself as the type of person to call on in the time of need and can contribute greatly if given an opportunity. I have a lot of real life experience with understanding and helping others as well as command experience in SCP-RP in the Research Division. I can also understand the fact that mistakes are made, I can give people a good amount of chances before stepping in myself, however I am not afraid to put my foot down where it need be. I am one to love fun, I can take jokes and mess around as much as possible BUT I know when to be responsible and serious, there is a time and place and I can tell the difference very well. I am a very good and detailed writer, I have experience writing thorough documents for my branch, for instance I wrote the first draft of the R.I.G SOP for the Research Branch, we use the same one to this day (it's changed slightly due to updates to the job). I can accurately change and/or add rules and restrictions where they are needed, I can also tell the difference between balanced and broken as well as unfair and fair. I am one to be calm and collected, especially while dealing with problems, I can control my temper anywhere in any situation. Why should we pick you over your competitors?: I personally do not hold myself in higher regards than my pears, I believe my competators would do great in the position as well. However I believe that my experience and dedication to a great task is well over unmatched. During my period as Command let alone Senior Command, I believe that I have the necessary skills to make a flourishing and great branch. If you'd like to see a reference of my work, here is a post that was highly rated by everyone and even considered by Igneous: Link. I wish nothing but the greatest experience for every player that wishes to join this server, and I want nothing more in the world than to provide that. At the end of the day, we're all just players looking for a fun time, good luck to my competators and thank you for reading this. Now lets take it to those Jedi hippies!