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  1. UHHH EXCUSE ME WHAT??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!??!?! I FINNA START CRYING BOY
  2. Damn I retire and now almost all of my friends from when I first joined are retiring along with me, I hope we keep in touch Matrix been a fun journey seeing you explore Imperial RP!
  3. Now this one I shedded a tear it’s sad to see you go my friend but hey we’ll always stay in touch
  4. You see I would’ve cried but like Camden was better so like
  5. Hello so I don't think people thought I would resign any time soon and I didn't think that either but once I got Grand General which was really exciting I lost inspiration to get on and I couldn't think of anything to help CMD or to help the server I lost it and I just didn't want to log on and I feel like the CMD is in a good spot where I can retire and no one will be majorly effected so with that these are some special mentions I would like say(By the way I would like to say this also applies to Staff): All of SMT: Thank you to all of you SMT for letting me get such high in the rankings and allowing me to help your server it's been fantastic! Hunt: Really funny guy, really nice, and gave some good advice with events honest to god good guy Hunt continue to be a minge while I'm gone Hunt :3 Luci: God damn you actually got to Vader you got to mother fucking Vader that's something no one expected from anyone in years good job man and be sure to ALWAYS use your "serious" voice while in DB Monaco: Thank you first of all thanks for being with me in STs and thanks for just generally being in there and helping me in STs you darn good VCMDR, continue to make STs great and make sure those two minges you got as VCMDR don't get out of hand or I'll come back and whoop them both Void: How did you not get a higher rank then me like WTF you were here longer step up yo game Void CMON, also make Monaco's life easier unlike you did mine Dagger: Stop getting demoted so many god damn times!!! Also stop drawing "stuff" on walls Blizzard: Didn't know you very long on the server you came out of no where befriend a lot of people but you did well you did fantastic continue to do fantastic and continue to make 501st a good ass battalion Owl: Funny guy, thicc ass, good face, and some nice man titties UWU OWO Pentagon: You little 5'6 midget get General already jesus! Badger: I have faith in you do better then all of the past Generals and Grand Generals do well and I honest to god hope if you get Grand General you sing before each CMD meeting >:3 UWU And for the last time I will publicly in front of everyone I shall UWUUUWUWUUWUWUWUWUW OWO.
  6. Job Name: Grand General Changes Wishing to be Made to this Class: Additions: Weapons: rw_sw_dlt19 rw_sw_dp23 rw_sw_westarm5 rw_sw_dlt19x Removals: Weapons: rw_sw_t21b rw_sw_dual_e11 rw_sw_tl50 Job Name: Marshal Commander Changes wishing to be Made to this Class: Additions: Weapons: rw_sw_dlt19 rw_sw_dp23 st_e11d Removals: Weapons: rw_sw_tl50 rw_sw_dual_rk3 Side note: Pentagon approved the changes for his MCMDR weapon set
  7. I don't know how to even say this but thank you Badaim for everything you've done in this community and thank you for helping me through becoming Army HC and believing in me when I did.
  8. until
    A rebel base on a snow planet with researchers find out how to infuse a holocron into the planet.
  9. UwU You will be missed my fweind *salutes* On a more professional mark: It is sad to see you go like this and honestly I hoped things could've gone better for you and IC as a whole. But as you probably know Badaim and I will be hard at work to make sure all the work you put in isn't going down the drain in your absence.
  10. until
    An group of Imperial Researchers go rouge.
  11. Another good CMD member gone ;~;
  12. DENIED Speak to Army High Command if you wish to know why
  13. -Support -Reasons stated in quote.
  14. +/- Support +I believe Storm Commandos would make a good addition to Storm Troopers +Amazing concept and I love Storm Commandos +Shadow and Alpha have put a lot of hard work into this concept and I know they'll do it properly -I am slightly bias seeing as I helped them with this idea back when I was ST CMDR