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  1. If you read past that I was in my base with a kid sign and the person I killed apparently had my family name in it but I did not see because of the distance in which name tags load
  2. Your In-game: OMG Jinzan Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:510504745 The admin's name in-game: Hanxi The admin's steam name (If you know it): IDK What warning did you receive: RDM Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: The guy I killed came into my base which had a KOS sign he had my family name which I didn't see. in the sit he said I killed him I said it was in my base and instead of it being dismissed or a verbal I was just given warn even though I have no prior warns. Any extra information: I was unaware I wasn't allowed to kill someone in my own base if they have my family name even when I didn't see it .
  3. *Cough* UR not gonna get it *Cough* jkjk
  4. wow looks like were both free to watch mando now xD gonna miss you even though I left to
  5. I have decided that I am not able to play as much as it seems to be needed on this server so this is my time to resign From Vice Commander / Staff I have a few messages for a few people Monaco, Definitely the best guy on the server has been my friend from almost day one. I have definitely made friends with him and others from this server Luci , You have helped me during my run as VCMDR and just with the server in general you have a great future in Imperial RP. Pentagon , the eagle that swooped my position when he joined that then became my friend and teammate good luck in you future Jake , Ur horrible at dueling. Mickey , My boy we still need to finish watching mando xD Void , Worst mic ever. and finally Blizzard, My command member that busted his butt to get there and I respect him deeply good luck as Commander
  6. -Support -Inactive +good officer +Good guy - Not fit for VCMDR - Has been saying he wants to resign which isn't something you should say then apply for VCMDR
  7. +/- Support +Great App +Active kinda lots of the time AFK - Dont Believe he is ready - has said some stuff that I wasn't to happy about
  8. + Major Support +Odin (Hugh) Is great and a major help in command already now i speak for my self but i think others would agree that Odin is a great choice for VCMDR and is already a massive help as COL i hope to be serving beside you at the same rank - App could be longer
  9. 1. What is your IGN? (In-Game-Name) : 501st Vice Commander Jinzan 2. What Regiment are you applying for? 501st (Vader’s Fist) 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? I want to become commander of the 501st Because I have so many plans for the battalion that I want to achieve as the commander alongside my SNR Commander to make the 501st one of if no the best battalion on the server. Some plans are to Remake documents and maximize info for all 501st to be able to obtain, Work with the battalion and other battalions also so they can share ideas and voice their opinions so we can plan for the future of the 501st Battalion and Gaming light as a whole. I also want to fill out 501sts roster with active and mature people, and get it as active as possible but first for that to happen I would work on fun things to do throughout the day to give 501st and anyone else something to do I believe by holding private missions and sims with a few people at a time would make them feel welcome and would help boost the player base of the whole server not just the 501st. Of Course, 501st is my main focus but I believe a Secondary focus should always be to help every battalion not just yourself. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? I Have About 850 hours worth of playtime on this server and plan to keep racking those numbers up. 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? The main purpose of a Commander in my eyes is to be active with the community show and teach great leadership to aspiring officers and NCOs. As well as Lead and help with anyone’s problems may it be not knowing what to do for there future in their respected battalion or it may be helping them when they don’t know their battalions COC or rules to the full extent which you should go out of your way to teach or get them help with instead of yelling and getting mad at them. It may even be something as simple as there lost and need help in which case take them and anyone else who is lost on a quick tour to show them the ropes. The other purpose of a Commander is to be able to think on the fly and take over any situation and attack an issue with full positivity and with the best plan that comes to mind, A Commander should never second guess himself and should always believe in his plan. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : I should be trusted as a Commander for the fact that I have built up what I think is a great reputation on this server, I have also Sworn to a lot of possessions that you have to be trusted to get such as my current rank as VCMDR and my staff ranks that I have obtained. I also believe I have shown my maturity on this survey by dealing with stuff with staff and as Vice Commander, I have been trusted by people to make on the fly decisions about players in other battalions that have been failing to do their jobs Either by giving them warnings or in some rare cases removed them on behalf of the commander of that branch when they were to busy to do it and it had to be dealt with fast. 7. How often can you be Online? : Right now I can be active but during about ⅔ of this summer, I will be absent from game but will be able to communicate over discord and be active with document meetings and with my battalion outside of the game. As well as I may be able to get on the game a few times and after summer I will become fully active again and will be on almost every day. 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : I have no warning on Gaming light and plan to keep it that way.
  10. ++ Major Support +Great guy +Mature +ready and fit to be a CMDR +Great App Honestly a great guy and a great VCMDR I would love to see him as CMDR and even higher. I have never seen a more Competent Command member I think Monaco deserves CMDR more then anyone I know and cant wait to see him as one. Secondly he is great with documents and makes them look great I Know that may not mean a lot but I think its a great touch. He deserves this and i hope in all my heart he gets it.
  11. +/- Support +Active +Good guy +Mature -Bad app -not ready for the role
  12. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) and your SteamID: 501st VCMDR Jinzan 6793 (STEAM_0:1:510504745) 2. What Regiment are you VCMDR+ in?: 501st 3. Why do you want to stay as a (vice) commander of this branch?: Because the 501st has been my battalion since the start and the people in it are great 4. How active are you on the server (include timezone)?: Pretty active im usually on from 2 pm EST to about 8pm EST although i have been a little busy lately 5. How active would you say your battalion is? If it is inactive, what are you doing to fix this?:Pretty active now about a month ago it was inactive
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