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  1. In Game Name: Soph Steam ID (STEAM_0:0:000000001): STEAM_0:1:451944273 Discord Name (Bread#0001): majestical british man#3955 If you have any SCP-RP warns, please list when and why you got them here (If you don't have any, exclude this from your application.): Five warns, Two RDMs Two Failrp and one KTAP two are from IMPRP and the rest scp When did you start playing on SCP-RP? (Approximately): Like a year or so ago idk Why do you want to join Nu-7? (75 word minimum): I would like to join Nu-7 because I would just to be in a fun MTF branch and do the required to be in it of course, not really much to say for this but I would like to enjoy the branch via recontaining scps or fighting CI. For anything else I would like to experience an MTF branch as I am in no current branch as of right now and would like to try different things at certain times. If you've been in any other branches, list them and what your ranks are/were. This counts for all servers. (If you haven't been in any branches, exclude this from your application.): Naval Rear Admiral, 501st 2LT, Havoc MAJ (Disbanded), Shock 1LT, Nu7 SSGT and some others i may have forgotten. Do you understand to get on at least every other day and keep yourself up to date with Nu-7? We don't treat it like a job here - but we do expect you to be notified and enjoying your time: yes
  2. Name: Soph CC Name: CI Tokubetsu Kougekitai 'SAC' Removing model: models/player/TF2_HoloPilot.mdl Adding model: models/player/tfa_nier_9s.mdl Model on server ^ Total: 40$ Side note: Making a different CC post because I don't wanna confuse you with the other one.
  3. Name Soph CC name: CI Task Force 'Chaos Control' Changing CC name to: CI Tokubetsu Kougekitai 'SAC' Removing model: models/grim/isa/isa_sniper.mdl Adding Model: models/suno/player/kratos/kratos.mdl Addtional 100$ for being over 4MGB Model already on server ^ Changing Description: The Tokubetsu Kougkitai also known as Special Attack Corps is a squadron that serves no one but the Chaos Insurgency. These men are feared upon and will show no mercy to those captured by them. They originated from the Japanese army and were assigned inside of the Japan's army as Kamikaze soldiers but they deserted to find a new purpose, with their fierce training they won't bother to kill you if you stand against their objective. Their national anthem is still their battalions song also known as Kamikazetokubetsukōgekitai. Total: 160$
  4. Name: Soph CC Name: CI Task Force 'Chaos Control' Removing Models: models/player/r6s_iq_small.mdl models/mw2/skin_12/MW2_Soldier_05.mdl Adding Models: models/player/TF2_HoloPilot.mdl models/grim/isa/isa_sniper.mdl Both on the server ^ Changing job color: 119, 62, 62 Total: 90$
  5. Name: Soph CC Name: MTF lota-10 'Damn Feds' Player Addtion Adding player - STEAM_0:1:451944273 Removing player - STEAM_0:0:563554371 Total: 40$
  6. just ask an admin+ ingame to set the spawn
  7. Name: Soph CC Name: CI Task Force 'Chaos Control' Adding addtional model: models/mw2/skin_12/MW2_Soldier_05.mdl Model already on the server ^^^ Adding: Cuffs, Tranq weapon_cuff_elastic (20$) weapon_m9 (20$) Total: 80$
  8. Name: Soph CC Name: CI Task Force 'Chaos Control' Issue: I added an extra 100 hp but I don't have it on the cc, we also dont have the pro hacking keycard or the pro pickaxe Things missing: weapon_hdevice_pro cms_pro_pickaxe 100 additonal hp (Where I put 100HP 200 ARMOR I meant that to be added to the already 100HP) __________ Player Addition Player being added: STEAM_0:0:137353046 Paid by STEAM_0:0:137353046 Player being added: STEAM_0:0:517744146 Paid by STEAM_0:0:517744146 (STEAM_0:0:517744146) (STEAM_0:0:137353046)
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