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    Jake late night
  2. MEGA ++SUPPORT -Hosts great events -Includes all battalions in his events -Great guy all around -Deserves this position
  3. In-Game Name: Jake Change weapons from.rw_sw_dlt19x To rw_sw_nt242c 10$ Cross Arms: cross_arms_swep, cross_arms_infront_swep, 40$ Channel Hatred 10$ Storm 10$ SteamID: STEAM_0:0:441225297 Total 70$
  4. Does the The Eternal Kingdom work ?
  5. In-Game Name: Jake SteamID: STEAM_0:0:441225297 Server: Imperial RP Custom Job Name: The Eternal Kingdom Color Of Job: 255, 0, 111 Job Description: Thexan was a Force-sensitive male Human who served the Eternal Empire. He was the son of Emperor Valkorion and Senya Tirall, and fought many battles on the Eternal Empire's behalf. He fell in a brief lightsaber duel with his twin brother, Arcann. Model: models/player/thexan/thexan.mdl https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=852238599&searchtext=arcann Weapons: Primary :, rw_sw_ee3 , rw_sw_smartlauncher ,rw_sw_dlt19x, (40 $ for additional weapon + it being a RPG) Bacta Injector ( weapon_bactainjector) Name of Saber: The Eternal Twins Saber Saber Hilt: models/swtor/arsenic/lightsabers/thexan'slightsaber.mdl Saber Length: 58 Color of Crystal: 255,215,0 (Gold) Force Ability's: Force Leap, Group Heal, Force Reflect, Force Lightning, additional Purchases: 50 $ Custom Donation for Inquisitor Job, Max Health $40, Bounty Hunter Swep - $50, (Not double sided) $20 Payed by STEAM_0:0:441225297 Total 280 Everything
  6. +support +Very Active +Has experience (just look at his forums tag) +Mature -Good at leading
  7. - Support - Not active. - Haven't seen you do much with SF. - Other candidates have worked harder and would be better fit for the position of Vice Marshal.
  8. +SUPPORT Active Mature Already Staff Knows what he is doing Good event ideas
  10. - support not mature enough just no
  11. until
  12. +/- Support +Very friendly. +Very active person +Good Application. -Support only made forums account two days ago. Good Luck!