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  1. In-Game Name: Winkle Stink Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:188519844 ULX Rank (Donator Rank/Staff Rank): platinum How many hours do you have on the server?: 3 weeks What is your general knowledge on the rules?: I know them very well How many warns do you have? (No more than 15): I have 18 got permission from calamity. Why do you want to join event team? (150 words+): I wanna join Event Team because it seems like a whole different experience then just playing on GOV or Crim. It also gives me time to get to know more people in event team because ill be with them a lot. As well being able to have a bigger role while playing on Police RP and just making people experience more fun on police RP. Also ideas for future events as well. I am a very creative person most of my ideas may be good or bad depending how it would work on Police RP but i would love to see what i can come up with event team! As well just being able to help on the server it would make me work harder then ever and i have no plans to disappoint you guys and anyone. If i do get in event team i will try my hardest to help you guys in anyway possible! Also my Building skills are not that good. Describe an event you could create (Be specific): I would love to bring a Snipers only but everyone has one heath and who ever is last remaining will win. Also maybe like a long term event that will last for a lot longer where 3 houses in subs have teams in them and they organised a plan to raid each other only thing they dont know who will raid each other no teaming and what team lives last wins. If accepted, what time(s) are you available to hold events? (Must be in EST timezone) Monday - Friday: 7 pm est Saturday and Sunday: Saturday and Sunday 2 PM EST to 9 EST Have you read the Event Team Guidelines? Yes
  2. See ya later big minge! will miss you
  3. This is hard to say but i just have so much to much to take care of on PRP and in real life and i feel like ive gone inactive and someone else can take my spot and be better then i have Seb - Amazing command member thx for letting me get to this point Omar- didnt talk to you much seemed like a good guy Niko - Thanks for being a amazing guy and command member and just being amazing Whale- Hahah where to start your so funny as monkey finger never change Rhammer - Another amazing command member always being active and all that dont stop EMS needs you It makes me sad seeing me leave this department and you all will be my friends for ever Make sure someone good takes my spot