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  1. Mane it be like that, would say welcome to the retired club but it would be removed for you
  2. Although the guy is cringe, I say he would do good
  3. -Former SHC lol ! (Kinda cringe won't lie) -The homie and knows what he is doing
  4. Imagine not hearing his voice yet
  5. RIP the guy i use to troll at 5 am cause I randomly got on when i was Iden Another Auzzie down
  6. Damn, it be like that Enjoy retirement ! Wow.
  7. Who are you? All jokes, welcome to the retirement party thing idfk.
  8. As said already, Kev is one of the best if not the best pick for this. I've known Kev on GL for about two years now, throughout this time he has failed to stop caring and has strived to do better each battalion. Even with multiple things that has happened he has failed to give up, with this being in game or IRL. It takes a lot to reach that amount of dedication. Each time he has gotten a opportunity to become command he hasnt backed down, knor has he disappointed. I personally know this as I've been in two command teams with him. (Imperial Commandos and Inferno Squad.) Both of these times he has been able to fix battalions into the right position and if not make them the best they have been. When it comes to Kev himself, outside of his command position he is a great guy that is very easy to understand all you have to do is talk to him, and he will understand your points 99% of the time, even if he doesn't agree with it he will attempt to come to a compromise. -- With all that out the way, thank you for reading this and I Hope you take this into consideration. Kev, Best of luck bro, hope all goes well man. (Side note: Typed this on my phone so ignore any grammar mistakes or anything.)
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