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  1. Considering the fact that you had an outburst in the public discord today about how people were reacting to your own events, and Jess was one of the people criticizing you - I find this opinion to be more than a little biased. I applaud Jess for taking the initiative to try to better the server by becoming WarDog herself, after being dissatisfied by the current events.
  2. Big +support •Very Active •Dedicated •Creative •Wants to help server •Fantastic in-depth event idea
  3. What are your thoughts on the EGS addon?
  4. We want to keep the players have now, thanks, but no.
  5. What you want to see? - The addition of two addons to assist with entity spawning, and the creation of a new type of peacetime experience. Why should we add it? - Currently, the only things that happen during peacetime is training, or an event, both of which have recently been getting repetitive and stale. What are the advantages of having this? - By adding these two addons, it will allow the creation of a new peacetime experience, which will cause players to stay on longer, and create a unique aspect to Gaminglight MilitaryRP Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content - 1) Entity Group Spawner: 2) NPC Spawn Platforms: Explanation: For a very long time, the peacetime experience has needed a change. The biggest player loss usually occurs during the downtime from war, and unless some form of training or an event occurs, there isn't much to do but wait. In the past, there have been suggestions to create mission objectives for troops to complete during peacetime - For example, the cargo transport missions that John implemented. However, the downside with that is that they too, got very repetitive, very quickly. My suggestion, is to utilize the above two addons to create a "random" encounter system for players to go fight and resolve during peacetime. This already happens occasionally, where an event team member will spawn in NPCs for players to go fight - however it always seems rushed, and chaotic due to having to spawn in NPCs individually. For anyone that has played ImperialRP, you would have already seen the NPC spawn platforms addon, and will know the benefits that it brings. The first addon listed, completes the same task, but in a different manner. Instead of creating spawn platforms for NPCs to spawn around, it allows the mass spawning of ALL ENTITIES in different formations. This goes for aircraft, NPCs, weapons, and vehicles. Not only will it assist during the event, but setting up events will take much less time, as each entity won't have to be spawned in individually. With the issue of the individual spawning out of the way, the "random" encounter idea can be achieved. I propose that each peacetime, a staff member or a Wardog goes and creates spawn platforms (using the [2] addon) and small encampments (using the [1] addon), that troops from either side can go and destroy. The setup for each encampment would be fairly quick, and the staff or WarDog could then use the *TSay* and *CSay* tools to announce the location. Once one encampment is destroyed, another can be created at a different location. This gives the impression of "random" encounters throughout the map, much like one would find in a RPG game, with quick sidequests in between wars. As an added benefit, this also allows the event team to have less pressure on them to create events, which will allow for greater planning periods, which will lead to overall better events. Each event will also be more of a special occasion, and seen less as something to just pass the time, and instead as a involved scenario, much like events on ImperialRP are seen. Furthermore, if this system is enjoyed, then it will provide a reason to create a custom system that can spawn these troops automatically, and include stronger "minibosses" within each group - which is something that I personally have desired for a very long time. A custom announcement system could also be made, that announces where the hostiles are located, and what troops/bosses have spawned.
  6. What you want to see? - Possible change to one of the following two maps Why should we add it? - Highland is too large for the current population What are the advantages of having this? - It will incentive players to get on when there is lower population, as well as mix up the server dynamic due to how the maps are made. Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content - Map 1: Pros: Desert Map keeps the current models and jobs consistant Interesting Bases that incorporate past map base buildings (Forest Strike Bases) Smaller Map allows quick return to action after death There is a single town, split up into subsections, allowing different points to be close together which is an advantage for lower player counts Every single building can be entered at least partially Different vertical gameplay elements High Skybox Climbable Training Grounds Cons: Other than the town, the map is almost completely open, which can cause problems with sniping. Because of the smaller map size, the bases are VERY close together, which may confuse new players Some buildings seem unfinished - IE some doorways are blocked and lead nowhere. 217 MB Size - However Highland is ~190 MB Total 1 base doesnt have an airstrip, and the other doesnt have a helipad. There are places to make these for each though. Only 1 base has training grounds Map 2: Pros: New style of map, with a new atmosphere and playstyle requirement Bases and map setup is the same as Desert Fury - Easy to learn and many people already know it Interactive target shooting that counts points Training grounds that are climbable and barbed wire that damages players Huge underground tunnel system across the entire map The dumb invisible ladders everywhere from Desert Fury are gone Maps in each debrief room Cons: Skybox is VERY low - The same as the original Desert Fury before it was edited for Gaminglight use The map is in constant darkness, while some players may like this, others may not Models and Jobs may need to be changed - IE Taliban renamed and Models Changed Due to it being edited specifically for another server, the spawn room has server info in it and it will need to be edited out No airstrips at either base - Just like desert fury No helipad in one base
  7. Androntel


    This is more of a roleplay suggestion that is up to the leaders of branches, not so much staff.
  8. (Guys its 23MB, if I could -support my own suggestion I would...) Really though, I didn’t notice the size when I made this post, it should be denied
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    RJ Introducion

    A simple “Hi” always works, instead of your life story
  10. I never did agree with Pêrry on promoting you to CPT, but hey, you proved me wrong on that. Good work.
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    Removing WAC

    Does it have to be on the server already?
  12. Androntel

    Removing WAC

    What choices are available for the change? Is there a certain list to choose from? Or just any currently on the server?
  13. Ingame Name: Androntel Callsign: 1776 Rank: PFC Join Day: 2/26/20 Last Promoted: 2/27/20 Activity: Low activity due to school, but should be active more soon