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  1. I thought about Vietnam, but there would be nothing to do. Wed walk around forests, get our heada blown off, take cover for an hour, then keep walking . One of the best parts about the Rev. idea in my opinion is how easy we could utilize the upcoming custom dom system, and take cities and such.
  2. Foundation is good on the basis of that theyre trying to protect humanity. The problem is they are the type that say "at all costs". and usually the cost is other humans lives. The CI arn't out to really help anyone, just to destroy the foundation, but they do wanna protect humanity FROM the foundation. I'd say theyre just neutral. The GOC - Your definition is pretty self-explanatory. Theyre evil. Overall? No one. They all suck.
  3. Updated and Expanded! Thanks for being patient!
  4. This resarch has provided an unusual conclusion... It seems that we have all been decieved, and that SCP-066 does indeed have abilities that can lead to fatalties. Further information is required. What exactly did SCP-066 do that resulted in the death of the Class-D?
  5. What you want to see? - Change from Modern US vs Russia, to the US Revolutionary War (US Colonies vs British Forces) Why should we add it? - MilitaryRP is in desperate need of a revamp. It is no fault of anyones, but players are just simply getting sick of this type of gameplay. While events are enjoyable, and missions are entertaining, not many people want to keep fighting the same type of people day in and day out. This would allow us do completly refresh peoples expectations of MilitaryRP, and would introduce completely different gamplay for players to enjoy. What are the advantages of having this? - This be very appealing to British people as well as us Americans, almost no servers have this type of gamemode, and having a militaryrp that is based off of the revolutionary war would be very interesting for other players. It would also be a big change to MilRP, which would incite players to come back and join Milrp. Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content - Haven't looked into any specific addons yet, I would like to get an idea of what people think of this first. The Details: This idea would be a complete roleplay change from what we have now, and theres no other way to say this. It's different enough that it could almost be it's own server, but if we were to go that route it would most likely put the normal MilitaryRP at a disadvantage, so I believe we should just change the server we have now. SO! I can hear everyone asking - "Andro, what would the branches be?" And thats where I think the best part lies. We would no longer have the army, marines, and airforce (or navy :<), and while this will probably be a turn off for most people, I encourage you to keep reading. The branches, or as we would call them, brigades, would be as follows: The Infantry Brigade- Just normal foot soldiers equipped with musket style weapons fitted with bayonets and the works. They would be tasked with entrenching in a position and defending it from the enemy forces. They would also be tasked with being the main fighting force in battles, and would be the first wave of attacks on an enemy location. The Calvary Brigade- A Battalion of Horse-Mounted Soldiers fit with musket style pistols and sabers. They would be used to demolish enemy encampments and quickly perform flanking maneuvers. The Artillery Brigade- The name speaks for itself. They would be able to spawn in cannons and fortifications (Much like the combat engineer we have now) to further friendly encampments to fend off enemy attacks, as well as provide support firing for friendly offensives. The Naval Brigade- As a quick look to history would prove, boats were a large part of capturing key locations throughout the war. These boats would transport troops through the coastline back and forth, as well as provide fire from cannons positioned on the boat to siege enemy cities and locations. Depending on if we needed to add more brigades or not, there is also the possibility of the following: Minutemen / Militia- No explanation needed. This would be for the US Side only. German Mercenaries- It is well known that the British employed German Mercenaries, and these were the troops stationed in the city when Washington crossed the Delaware. British Side Only. Congress / Parliament- What military would they be without the constant bickering and technicalities that both sides faced throughout the war? Congress would be the deciding factor on big military decisions, as well as allocating supplies. These people would not be fighting. And for the third faction, in replace of the Taliban: The Native Americans! (Indians)- I mean.... Yeah. They wouldn't have guns, and would just be there to be a nuisance to both sides. Concerns: Now since I've made the first post, and since I've talked to a few people since updating this I realized that I did not account for custom classes. Even after thinking about this idea for a while, I still have no clearcut solution. It wouldn't be fair to make everyone pay to change the classes to fit the new server, but it would be a lot of work for SMT/EMT to go and change each class to everyone's specification. To be honest, I don't think it would be right of me to talk about a decision like this since I am not SMT/EMT, and the decision would ultimately be up to them. The only thing I could provide as advice would be to first remove all the inactive classes, as that would diminish a lot of the work needed for either decision. Another concern would the be the donator weapons. This I do not see as that big of a problem, as they would just be changed to a weapon that reflected the time period and would be worth the same amount as paid. Pistols to pistols, rifles to rifles, and knives to knives. The final concern that was brought up (Thank You Ace ^_^) would be how players adapt to a change like this. Personally, I don't think it would be that difficult. Formations would stay the same, as well as communication and training. The only big chance would be the fighting styles and weapons, but the leadership styles, and the gamemode style would be about the same. If you need examples of how they fought, google searches or history books are your best bet Conclusion: There are a few more things that I have ideas about, such as the ranking structures, and the weapon types, but I'll save those until I see the reactions of the community about a change like this. Even if you don't agree with me that this change would be fun, I do hope that you read the entire way through, as the best way to form an opinion about something is if you know everything about it. Thanks for reading. Whether you hit the yes or the no, please leave a reason why
  6. Its a nice map, but it looks like itd be more fit if we removed russia and made it US vs Tali.
  7. Ive always wanted a city map to destroy >:)
  8. Don’t feel down. While it was a less than average app, I agree, they were unnecessarily rude about it. On behalf of everyone, Id like to apologize for their behavior. I look forward to seeing your improved application. -MG Androntel
  9. I would put in some more effort for this app. Until then, Ill reserve a opinion.
  10. Closed. All USMP who did not respond will be removed.
  11. Androntel


    -support In my opinion this map is much to bland and unappealing. I see no reason why we would need to change to this. EDIT: I do apologize if my original statement come off a bit rude.