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  1. -support Base raids just lead to lots of spawn camping.
  2. -support The reason theres so many is because this is supposed to be much slower paced. Its not meant to be domination like MilitaryRP had, its meant to be more objective and conquest driven. Example: A Squad a british go and capture Courtyard. They have an engineer build up fortifications, and get a tank to fortify the area. Logistics comes and supplies them with ammo crates. Germany sees this, and launches a campaign against them to take it. Large force of germans attack, british defenders attempt to defend, they call for reinforcements as needed. It isn’t supposed to be “cap this point, then leave to the next and cap that one”, then leave that one and cap the next. “Oh we lost one? Okay send a couple people over until we cap it back.” Slower paced gameplay leads to more roleplay, which is what its meant for.
  3. +/-support +Responsible +Dedicated -App is lacking and not detailed
  4. +support Experienced Respectful Respectable I have no doubt he will be active
  5. -support From my experience on SCPRP, gensec command hasn’t exactly blown me away with their leadership skills. That combined with you having no recommendations gives me the impression that there is a better person for this job.
  6. Androntel


    The date is unannounced as of now. When it opens, it’ll be announced. Until then - Patience :D
  7. Gaminglight had a FiveM server for a while - John put in tons of work for it, since everyone had asked for it, and then no one got on and it was a waste of time and effort.
  8. Androntel

    Atom's LOA

    No, actually he can’t.
  9. +support Always wanted something like this, just *never knew how.