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  1. -support Just... no. The weapons USAF has right now are balanced, and work well with the jobs. The ones suggested would be the opposite. ~The beretta ARX 160 is the MARSOC rifleman gun, and giving it to a basic soldier class would be unfair to the marines, as well as making the soldier class to strong. ~The MX4 Storm has the same issues. Having this as a basic medic gun would be to strong, it is already on MARSOC corpsman, and theres no reason to put it on USAF medic. ~Instead of changing to the scout, the better suggestion would be to change back to the mosin. The mosin was a good fit for the class, and it was balanced. ~Nobody uses the officer class to fight, theres no reason for them to have a better weapon ~The M4 is a perfect weapon for rifleman. No changed needed at all. ~I’ll be honest, I don’t remember the USAF corpsman weapon, so I can’t say much about it. ~It would be completly unbalanced to have USAF corspman be the only corpsman class with the saiga. If anything, make a suggustion to change all the sebrus back to remingtons. ~A pilot job needs no rifle. All in all, this seems more of a “I want op guns to fight with” suggestion, instead of something that was made with the intent of bettering the server. You completely ignore the effects these changes would have on other branches, and you dont give a second thought about screwing over RUAF.
  2. 9/12/19 Updated: -Rank Requirement for INSCOM changed from SM to LT.
  3. +support Respectful and follows orders well. Jumper is the type of guy who if he’s in PT, and a recruit needs to be trained, he’ll still check for permission before switching. Always on top of things, and a good soldier.
  4. Wartime is fine, but I do think peacetime was reduced by too much. I’d say 25 is a good balance between the two.
  5. There is almost always more US than RU, except for on the occasions where some US will go to RU to balance the sides for war. And yes, US can get mingy, and I mention that US needs to improve with things as well. Regarding my statement that the non-roleplay has killed the server before: Although this is not the only example, it is by far the most severe. When war the war timer was removed, 90% of RU refused to get on the server. When they did, all they did was KH, constantly. The only time they would put time into missions and such is when US would specifically ask them to do something with them, and even then sometimes they would say no. Now-a-days, even with the war timer it is the same. RU never does missions or training during peacetime, and the only adverts that ever happen is regarding KH. Even when US Command PMs people on RU regarding doing a mission or roleplay with US they almost always just get ignored.
  6. We should not be splitting up the server in two. The server as a whole is roleplay oriented, and by allowing people to not roleplay is counter-productive to the server’s goal, and will end up killing the server again like it has in the past. If people want to just play a game where they just go out and fight each other, then theres no point to certain jobs, ranks, or leadership. There’s a good opportunity to keep the server alive again, but if we don’t fix the problems that killed it in the past, it won’t happen.
  7. Well said! Thank you for providing some more input about RU - I definitely have more experience about US workings than RU. Regarding the communications, where do you guys usually talk? I can never find anyone in public ts channels, and there are times when I’ll be on RU and don’t hear anyone - Although just today I was hearing lots of RU callouts, so I know it does happen somewhere. Is there a specific ts channel, or am I just having bad luck with radio timing? PS: If you have any specific ideas you know RU would like, please PM me, cause I always feel like I’m not doing enough with events to cater towards RU, and I’d like to change that.
  8. What you want to see? - Fixing the playstyle discrepancies between US and RU. With the server regaining population again, it is well past time to finally fix the differences between the two sides. Why should we add it? - For the last year or so, it has been painfully obvious that the US and RU do completely different things. At the simplest level, US has a larger tendency to focus on the role-playing attributes of MilitaryRP, while RU focuses more on just the fighting part (War, KH, Raids). Going into more depth, it falls down into 5 main categories: (1) War Planning - A typical preparation for war for US begins something like this. If it is TDM, we get into a convoy, transport each person over to the main fighting area, unpack, set up for war, and then repeat as necessary. For Domination, we set up specific squads for each point, and use the radio to organize troop movements across the map to each point that needs it. However, for RU, communication is much less lackluster for both gamemode. After spending significant time playing as RU, it was made clear that RU has a much more "all out attack" mode. It works quite well, and is a viable plan, especially when paired with the higher skill level of most Russian players. But the problem arises when players who want to roleplay more are part of this. For players that would like to have strategic planning, Russia seems to be the wrong side to choose. Something to note about Russian strategies, is that the radio is used much less than teamspeak. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but the majority of RU communicates in cliques, often being in a private or locked channel with friends than communicating as a whole faction. Once again, for players that wish to work more as a team then small squads roaming around the map, this isn't a benefit. Now, some people would just simply say "Well then they should go to US!", but there in lies the issue. From a server standpoint, we should not be herding people into one side or another based a set of criteria. Take this for example: If a player wants to roleplay a lot, currently they would go to US. But if they ever want to play as a different job, with different weapons, and different team members, there isn't really an option for them. The most they can hope for is to play solo against their friends on US, for a war or two, and that isn't right. We need to be encouraging people to try out both sides, so that the gameplay doesn't get stale. If each side dedicated themselves to roleplaying as a team, instead of just nothing but point & shoot, people can get fun and exciting roleplay out of both sides, each exclusive from the other due to the creative minds of the people leading them. (2) After War Briefings - This catagory isn't something that can really just be changed manually, it will be changed over time as the other categories evolve into what the suggestions are. As it stands now, US usually takes longer (honestly a lot of times too long) debriefings discussing how to improve in war, strategies for the next war, and overall concerns. Like i mentioned earlier, 6 times out of 10 they take too long, and end up just being repeated statements and ramblings. Because of these longer debriefings it leaves less time for roleplaying, which most of the US forces desperately wants. It brings something new and exciting to the repetitiveness and frustrations of war. To try to maximum the time for roleplaying, limits on the number of PTS's that are taken should be implemented. For RU, debriefings are the opposite. They are usually straight to the point and precise, but also sometimes lack the roleplaying qualities of discussing strategy. If RU as a whole starts to practice more roleplay like actions, then this issue would probably take care of itself/ (3) Events- From a more administrative point of view as a wardog, I've noticed that mainly events that are more story based seem to please the US, while events that are more fighting based please the RU, and they don't like to go to events that don't have what they like. The biggest issue within this category is finding a sweet spot of both that will please both sides. To do this however, US needs to be willing to do more fighting heavy events, with PIC's and NPC's, instead of getting bored like they so often do, and RU needs to be willing to engage in the roleplaying part of things. For those that were there, a good balance of this happening in the past (and what I hope to happen for all events eventually) is the event by SA Awg and myself. In this event both sides had to hunt down a bomber of a village, and fight through his citadel, and execute him. It was a great balance between the roleplaying of US, and the fighting of RU, and almost all players came out of it pleased. But on some occasions, when events like these happen, people from both sides would opt out of participating. For this catagory, I would encourage both sides to be more open minded about events, and participate in them as much as possible. Even if you don't fully enjoy the event, your reactions to specific events can help wardogs and staff make better events for everyone in the future. (4) Peacetime Occupations- This category is a lot like the (1). Because of this similarity, and to avoid repeating myself, it will be straight to the point. US does missions and training, while RU almost always just does KH. This should be fixed for the same reasons as (1). US should have KH more often (Especially now that were on ghanzi), and RU should have roleplay missions. This gives a better balance and commonality to both sides. (5) Job Requirements / Usages- This one is something that just recently came to my attention, and it was something I had thought was fixed previously. Mainly it revolves around the jobs of ATC Controller, and FORECON/KGB. Before I get into this catagory, something to note: These jobs were originally created for the US side. ATC and FORECON were made part of the roleplay on the US Side, and then were later added as jobs. KGB and the RU ATC were added to balance it out and keep it equal. Because of this, there is a very large difference between what the two jobs entail on each side. On a grand scheme of things, ATC is used to control pilots in the sky and have set codes for what to do, and how to act. Both sides originally used them often when the job first came out, and then activity on them dropped off. Recently however, US has made significant efforts into using them again, and I believe it would be in the best interest of the server if RU revived it as well. In all honesty, this isn't high on the priority list, but it would be a nice touch for each side to have a dedicated airspace. The big issue of this catagory is the FORECON and KGB jobs. For US, FORECON is meant as a *special* special forces job, something like SEAL Team 6 is to the Navy. It is meant for those who excel at everything, the best of the best, and is very choosy about who gets in. The problem arises when we go to the KGB. KGB on the RU side, is nothing like FORECON. Currently, it is nothing more than just another free job you get when you hit SGT. Obviously, each side is entitled to how they want to have people unlock jobs, but in this case, it needs to be regulated server wide. The Scout and Crewman jobs get access to exceptionally good weapons and vehicles, and allowing enlisted to have access to them on RU, while US requires you to be an officer, creates a very large gap in the fairness between sides. The simpliest solution to this, is to make KGB more restrictive. It by no means has to have as much thought or backstory into it as FORECON does, but a simple raise of the unlock rank to CPT/MAJ would balance out the sides incredibly well. What are the advantages of having this? - This problem has been on the server for a very long time, and it would be great to fix this once and for all. The server population is rising again, and now would be the best time to cement Gaminglight MilitaryRP as an actual semi-serious roleplaying server. The only way for this to happen however, is if both sides come to an agreement on how to act. Who is it mainly for? - The server as an entirety. No one side has all the issues, and this post by no means is meant to convey that. Both sides need to improve in certain areas of gameplay so that the server can come to a good compromise. Links to any content - N/A PS: Once again, this in no way is meant to target one side or another. Both sides have things they need to improve on, and I implore you to read the whole post before commenting.
  9. +/-support Nobody is just banned for no reason. Theres a story here that someone isn’t telling.
  10. 9/6/19 Updated: -Removed Tempest from Chief -Added Tempest to Brigadier General -Added Sam to AChief
  11. Androntel

    Update MOTD

    It was a rule put by Scheffer a while back cause RU would come to US db and listen to all our plans
  12. Captain applications for USMP are being removed, so it doesn’t matter either way
  13. Androntel

    Update MOTD

    1) Knife rushing was removed? 2) I’d keep the one about 100m away from base. If we do change to ghanzi, this is where this applies. 3) Add the following rule to the MOTD. It is already a rule, but it is not in MOTD, and people are complaining. ”You cannot attend the opposite side’s debriefing after war. If you participated on both sides during the war, you must go to the debrief of the side you fought for most during the war. Attending the debrief for the side you did not fight for is considered FailRP.”
  14. There is no Neon on the roster. Are you Nova?