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  1. -support Not really a fan of the map to begin with, but also I think it was looked at before when we were searching for maps and the skybox was uber low
  2. -support While I do think you have the potential to be a good command member, I do not think you have reached a point that uses this potential. My recommendation is to work your way through the officers again, and then be promoted up to command if deemed worthy.
  3. Androntel


    However, I would recommend people know who you are before making an application.
  4. Honestly by now we should get rid of WAC completely and go full LFS. The take can easily tank out the aircraft now, theyre not as OP
  5. What you want to see? - A Buff to the AR-15 and AK-74 (Level 90 Jobs) Why should we add it? - The AR-15 and the AK-74 are currently two of the worst weapons on the server, boasting a base recoil of 35% and 40% respectively, and mid-twenty damage. These weapons also have optional attachments that significantly worsen other aspects of the weapons for just small increments of decreased recoil or additional damage. What are the advantages of having this? - Level 90 can only be achieved by donating, and with these weapons being so unattractive it eliminates possible incentive to buy level boosts for these classes. By decreasing the recoil and increase damage, while also adjusting the other aspects of the weapons, it will provide a reason for these classes to be used, and a reason to donate for them. Who is it mainly for? - US/RU Donator Over Level 90 and Future Donators Links to any content - Only the AR-15 is Shown but the AK-74 has Even Worse Stats Basic Stats of AR-15 AR-15 with All Recoil Reducing Attachments Best Combination for AR-15
  6. Raising the skybox requires a map edit, which costs money.
  7. Just a heads up, your question 5 is under the word count minimum, and you should expanded on question 4.
  8. 1) The A-10C Thunderbolt jet does not have working missles 2) The Ospry has no model and will not spawn