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  1. Red is allowed since he is banned from the forums and cannot accept it
  2. Better solution: Leave PRP instead
  3. -support Both War Veterans and War Heros have a sniping class already available to donate for.
  4. +support I’d like to see the death counter added back into the scoreboard as well
  5. +support Active Not a minge Need ATC
  6. I'll put some context to this scenario. After a Russian Debreifing in which I was on RUMP, I saw Ryan kill another Russian. I asked him why he did so, and he replied that he was shoot prior to it. Without proof of this being correct, or incorrect, I held off arresting him, but told him not to do it again. After I turned my back, he immediately killed a second Russian soldier. I then arrested him, and adverted "RFA: RDM / Possible RDM x2" as well as "Sentence: 5 Minutes". A few minutes later, at around 5:30 left until war started, I was brought to a sit with two staff members, one being Quinn, and the other I don't remember. Ryan then claimed that he should not have been arrested, as the first RDM was warranted to due him being shot, and the second was warranted due to him being "harassed". The "harassment" in reference, was the second Russian soldier going up to Ryan and saying "whats your password to System64" or something meaningless along those lines. Ryan then also claimed that he should not have been arrested as "Neither player called staff because they didn't care, and he shouldn't be arrested just because one person cared" and saying that the MP (me) was being a "fun killer". Throughout this staff sit, Ryan was gagged multiple times due to him continuously speaking over the staff in charge of the sit, and demanding that he shouldn't have been arrested. To prove his point, Ryan asked the staff to bring the second player to the sit - This player being "RUAF A1C Jack Wood". When Jack Wood was brought, he immediately said he "didn't give a shit" and that he "wants to get back to war". Ryan then used this as reasoning for why he shouldn't have been arrested. The staff then explained that even if a player doesn't care (in particular this player only wanted to be in war, and didn't seem to give the sit much attention), that it does not warrant breaking a rule. By this point, the war timer had been reduced to around ~34:00 remaining, which by this point the sit had been going on for longer than the actual arrest sentence. After being granted permission to speak by the staff, I pointed this out to Ryan, to which he replied that he "didn't care about how long it takes" and implying that the arrest itself didn't matter to him, only that he was right. The staff continued to try to explain to him how the server rules function, and that there is a dedicated Kill House area for friendly fire battles, when Ryan then left the server, and earned himself an LTAP punishment. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -support I see no reason why his punishment should be lifted completely, as the LTAP and RDM were both valid punishments. However, 4 days does seem a bit excessive - especially since the "Player Diss" was a minor insult at most.
  7. -support While I do agree that we need a new map, I don’t think that we need to change yo maps that are that big.
  8. Most likely we'd be using the pronunciation of the Russian words - So for your example it would be Generál-polkóvnik. I don't think GMod would allow full russian characters anyways
  9. What you want to see? - A change of the RU rank names to be their Russian language equivalents, and for the RU rank icons to match Why should we add it? - Adds a bit more of an interesting concept to Russia, and differentiates it from what US has What are the advantages of having this? - The actual ranking structure wouldn't change, just the names and rank icons would be in Russian instead of English. Much like what the Germans had on 1944RP. Who is it mainly for? - Russia Links to any content - PS: I am aware that a version of this has been tried before, but that attempted to follow the real life ranking structure. For example, they changed 5 star gen to Marshal, and 4 star gen to GOA, and it resulted in quite a bit of confusion. However, what I am suggesting is different from that - 5 star gen would still be GOA, just the Russian name for it (Generál ármii or Генера́л а́рмии). This eliminates the confusion, but still provides the benefit of additional immersion. PSS: Once again, just to make it clear - I am not suggesting we use the actual Russian rankings. I am suggesting we use our current rankings, just in Russian instead of english.
  10. Androntel

    AA Tank

    What you want to see? - Addition of an AA Tank for the [T3] APC Crewman with a name change to [T3] Anti-Aircraft Crewman Why should we add it? - To have a counter for the new aircraft other than the Anti-Vehicle Specialist job What are the advantages of having this? - Better balance between ground and air battles Who is it mainly for? - Sentient Beings Everywhere Links to any content - PS: This is from the same creator who's vehicles we used for the old Armed Transport Jobs. I recommend looking at all of his new stuff from the past month, as quite a few of them look promising. and could be used for the other Core donator jobs. Here is the link to his collection:
  11. +support Looks cool, doesnt seem to OP
  12. +support Reasons The map as a whole seems like a combination of highlands and forest strike 2 Furnished bases with alarms, jail cells, offices, and everything else Bases have towers for ATC and Command centers for MP A centralized fighting location equidistant between the two bases This is especially nice since other than ghanzi, our past maps were not made to have a singular fighting spot, and instead we would usually just ignore other capture points Multiple additional capture spots, such as the log cabins or warehouses A good-sized city with nearly ever building enterable This is especially nice since I've always wanted a city battlefield and only forest_strike ever had that W A T E R - Seriously, there's enough water here that we could easily bring back the navy. One of the bases even has a boat dock. -support Reasons It feels really half-lifey, and quite small like it was ported over from something Theres a LOT of windows in the city - while this may be a benefit, I would see it as quite annoying to be shot from somewhere and have to check 200 windows for the sniper The trees are annoying to walk past, even moreso than the Highland trees Neutral Reasons The map size overall is moderate - It's a good fit for the current population of ~20-30, but if we're able to grow to 40-50 a day I would see this map getting very small, very quickly Final Consideration: +support Its a good enough map to try out for a bit, and I think it would definitely be interesting to see how war changes in a city and in such close quarters
  13. You should make a separate suggestion for it - It looks interesting
  14. Ingame Name: RUAF ADF 1LT MP Androntel SteamID: STEAM_0:1:102442970 What date did you start playing the community: ~June 28th, 2017 When did you create your forums account: July 3rd, 2017 What is your current ULX rank on the server: User How many warns do you have on the server: 2 What timezone do you live in: EST How often can you be on: Daily / BiDaily Why do you want to join the Event Team: In the current state of the server, events are mainly hosted by just 2-3 people, usually Shadow, Connor, or Emoo. Due to school starting back up, some of these staff no longer have as much available time to host events as they used to. Additionally, some staff are transfering over to the new Jedi vs. Sith server, which will further reduce the event hosting capabilities. With this in mind, I would like to join the event team so that I may host events, and assist with other staff/wardogs events, so that the server will always have something entertaining to do. I also wish to join the event team, as I believe the current events that are hosted could use some more creativity in their creation, and I believe that I will be able to do this. I believe that my past experience as both Wardog, and Event Team Head will allow me to create great events that players will enjoy. What is an example of an RP event you would host: The following link is an example of an RP event that I would host. Click Here. This event is created to be a storyline event, with maximum freedom to the players that partake in it. To achieve this, I have devised a path for each of the logical outcomes that can occur, and how to react to each of them. Additionally, I have created guidelines for how the conversations between characters can go, although this can be improvised by the players as much as desired. Note: As of posting, only Part 1 of this event is completed, but Part 2 will be soon finished within the same document