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  1. All of the above. Gameplay gets repetitive without any roleplay, so the limited time I get free of IRL stuff is better spent elsewhere.
  2. That actually used to be a thing. We had a custom pause menu that would show the front of your character from third person, as well as buttons to connect to other GL servers. Only problem with it was it was really buggy.
  3. Valkyrie would have told Alsher to ban him, on MilRP, as it was an all-server blacklist.
  4. -support. 1) The weekends isn’t the problem where there isn’t population, its the weekdays. The better idea would be to use double XP weekdays as a reason to play during the week, and not just on weekends. That being said, the idea as a whole shouldn’t happen. As you pointed at, the only bonus to levels is the “war” classes - If we double the XP, it will reduce the appeal to buy level boosts, and implementing things that further lower profits is not a good idea. 2) Once again, money can be bought on the shop, and this will reduce profits. If something was implemented to increase in-game income, it should be more ways to make/earn money, not just free double days. 3) War Veterans are meant for players who have been here long enough to get lots of levels, and be rewarded for that. The war heros are rewards specifically for people that buy level boosts - theyre not supposed to be obtainable by normal means. Once again, you mention war heros being the only thing levels are used for - If we make the requirement lower, it will diminish the desire to buy level boosts, since those classes are the main reason to buy the boosts. 4) Actually +support here - As long as they are all one-time uses. Personally, I think it should be restricted to only guns - not knives. Knives are special store items, and shouldn’t be gotten for free. Weapons that could be used for this are the old CW2 unused weapons. 5) This will end up with a server full of AFKs. Way back a long time ago when job income was super high, the server just turned into ‘who can afk the most’.
  5. Please ensure that you have reread both the branch informational, and the lockdown guide, as they were both updated just a few hours ago.
  6. 11/10/19 Updated: -Updated Lockdown For Desert Fury Map -Added New Regulations Instituted by Major General Tempest -Fixed Grammatical and Formatting Errors -Changed Name to "United States Lockdown Guide" (Previously "What to do during a lockdown")
  7. 11/10/19 Updated: -Adjusted Command Members -Removed Updated Ranking System (RCT->Chief) -Added Old Ranking System (MPT->MPC) -Adjusted Arrest Limits for New Rankings
  8. This should be in the suggestions section.
  9. Personally I don’t think the Juggernaut should be nerfed. Firstly, it’s a T5 job, and not that many people have access to it - They should be getting what they paid for. Secondly, it is a good class to counter multiples CC’s with good guns - If one side has no CCs, fighting against multiple (which happens all the time), Jugg is a good way to even the odds. Finally, the Jugg can be killed easily enough - Using aircraft, heavy vehicles, personal explosives, or just multiple people takes it out. Overall, the Juggernaut is supposed to be overpowered. A man in full body heavy kevlar that can withstand IEDs should be hard to kill.
  10. -support Until an actual event idea is given
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    Archan used to be SZ Levi
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    He was in navy at one point, then I believe marines
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