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  1. What you want to see? - A Map Change to the Updated Version of Site 05 (The Map we are currently using) Why should we add it? - The additions that come with the updated map, as well as supposed performance updates would be beneficial to the server. What are the advantages of having this? - In LCZ Room outside of medbay that leads to storage area of SCPS 714 (Jade Ring), 860 (Blue Key), and 1025 (Book of Diseases). Items themselves are not there. In HCZ SCP-008 Containment Chamber and SCP-008 itself. Gas does not damage, but it can easily be roleplayed out. When SCP-008 is opened, a glass breaking sound is played from SCP: CB. Aboveground The season was changed to winter, and the aboveground reflects this. The landscape has also changed drastically - There is now more hills and variance to the area. The placements of the current buildings have stayed the same, and a few more other buildings were added. Who is it mainly for? - The Whole Server Links to any content -
  2. +support. Great dude and a great staff. Always ready to help players and is responsible and active. Not a single reason in my mind why he shouldn’t be Super Admin. Well... other than that he should be Head Admin, but thats for the future
  3. This is a bug report, not a suggestion
  4. Depending on wether it still counts as copyright without the face, we might also be able to use these models: SCP-173 Halloween Version from CB: SCP-173 Cat Version:
  5. In-Game Name: Androntel SteamID: STEAM_1:1:102442970 Rank: Senior Moderator / Event Head Reason for leaving: Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours after this post? Yes Do you agree to contact your manager once your 48 hour notice is up? Yes
  6. July 3rd, 2019 marked the two year anniversary of the creation of my forums account for Gaminglight Servers. Unofficially, I joined a few days before, as a PVT on MilitaryRP, but to keep dates simple, I go by the creation of my forums account. Since that fateful day, I have spent two years playing on Gaminglight MilitaryRP, StarWarsRP, S.C.P.RP, Minecraft, 1944RP, and yes, PoliceRP too (exactly twice) - with most of my time being spent on the first. My story on Gaminglight is one of accomplishment, success, failure, and mistakes, but each one made me grow as a person, and I don’t regret any time I’ve spent on the server. Two years obviously includes plenty of stories, and for those that are interested, here’s the whole thing: For those who don’t want to spend thirty minutes reading that, the paraphrased version is much shorter. Simply put, I was a Navy man through and through. After leading it for a while as Brigadier General, it was removed, and I rose to General. Some stupid decisions later, I was a Major General of the United States Military Police and I’ve been that since. I’ve been Senior Moderator on three separate occasions, gamemaster once, event team head once, engineer corps commander, and top faction leader on Minecraft. But now, the time has come for me to say goodbye. A good amount of people reading this might find this sudden departure surprising, but it’s been a long time coming. Originally, I planned to resign when I began my first year of college, but I decided to stay as long as I could. Going into the next school year, I probably still could find time to get on, but Garry’s Mod just isn’t as entertaining as a game as I once felt it was. Don’t get me wrong, I still do enjoy playing on Gaminglight, and I don’t plan on leaving completely - But the responsibility of my roleplay ranks and my staff ranks demand a higher activity than that. Because of this, I would rather be free to get on only when I desire, and not stress about being on a certain amount of time each week. To be fully transparent, leaving is also in part due to frustrations. On both 1944, and MilitaryRP I’ve put in many hours planning events and improvements to my branch, but the players that these are for don’t get on to experience these. With how busy my life is, I can find many other uses for these hours, other than sitting on the server waiting for people to get on. In no part do I blame SMT for this. They do an amazing job, and I couldn’t ask for anything more - There are some things that are just out of their control. I also don’t mean to put any blame on the players. While it is frustrating, I understand that people don’t want to spend their time doing things they don’t want to, and I have no ill feelings towards them. Now, as tradition follows, some mentions: For my friends that have left before me: You made me who I am today. Thank you for all you’ve done, and while I know you will never read this, just remember that you’re appreciated. For my friends that I leave behind: Shit man. This is the hardest part of writing this.. I know some of you will probably be disappointed that I’m not staying, but the time has come, and I’m sorry for that. Scheffer - You know the story between us just as I do. We butted heads for a long while, and I’m happy to know of what we’ve become. All this stuff with player count pisses you off, and it sucks that there is no easy answer to it all, but I know that you will be able to handle whatever comes your way and I look forward to the day when I see you reach your full potential. You have my respect friend. Richard - Dad. Keep being you. Danny - You got big things for you on Mil, and you can accomplish anything. See you around buddy. Brandon - The old navy days were the best times I ever had, and I’m glad you were a part of it. It made me proud to see you grow past me and become such a great leader - Keep up the great work. Chicken / Quinn / Lawrence - You guys were my go to men for everything military police. Thank you for the trust you put in me, and the work you did. I wouldn’t change my picks for the world. Zach - Your future is bright, and I expect to see you as a general some day. Keep putting in the work and you’ll have no problem. Also, stop breaking your hand. Marine Shadow - Meme. You’re always good for a laugh, stop by anytime AWG - Always admired your ability to stay calm in almost anything, and the passion you put into everything you did. You’re a good man. Scoot - You’re basically Richard’s son. Gaur - Still pissed that our island was removed. We need to make a new one at some point. Hmu. Furno - You’re an idiot sometimes, but you got a good heart. You and Danny can bring Military back. For the people that will come after me: Good luck, and never forget who you are. This is USN Commander Androntel Going Dark
  7. Androntel

    CHIKENS Appeal

    Guarantee this will be a surprise, but +support Here’s why: Way back when CHIKEN and me played alongside each other on MilitaryRP, I believed he was a very large minge. After he left MilitaryRP, and began playing on PoliceRP, this seemed to have carried over. After some time, I began seeing applications and topics regarding CHIKEN, with some people saying that he had changed. However, I heavily doubted this - A short time after he was banned for having too many warns. I stopped hearing about him much after this, up until 1944RP opened. Here’s where my opinion of him changed. Between the time when he was banned, and 1944RP opened, he was unbanned, and continued to improve his attitude on Gaminglight, and was given the opportunity to be an officer in the British Branch of the allies. While I was hesitant at first, he quickly illustrated just how much he had improved. He showed me that he can be respectful, responsible, and a leader. CHIKEN still does have flaws, but so do we all. He has improved significantly and I believe that he should be allowed the chance to become staff, just like everyone else.
  8. What’s a friend :<
  9. Neat trick and well made. Only thing I disagree with is joining team Corgi. I’ll explain the statistics a bit. You do mention it at the end, but you don’t expand on it enough. As of now, Corgi is winning the most races - this is due to the large amount of members. However, joining the winning team is counter-productive to the end goal. While you theoretically would have more chances to win free games, as the random picker happens each win, the probability of you winning gets lower each win as well, due to people joining it. You can assume that people will continue to join team corgi at a massive rate, simply because the most natural response is for people to join whos winning. The only way to counteract this movement is co-ordinate between the remaining teams. The grand prix event not only has boosts, but also attack items that allow you to slow down, and steal other boosts. To successfully stale corgis winning streak, each attack item should be used against team corgi, and keep them from winning. Once this is done, the other teams can use their own boosts to try to win - Whichever team wins then has a MUCH MUCH bigger chance to be one of 1000 winners to get a free game. Just to prove the point more, you might consider what would happen if corgi used their attack items. Like mentioned above, to slow corgi down it will take the effort of all other 4 teams. So, from corgi’s perspective they have 4 enemies, instead of just 1 to rally against - With the amount of members they have, it will be difficult for them to coordinate any specific attack, and will just end up having members attack the other 4 teams at random, doing minimal damage, with no beneficial results. By doing this, it stops team corgi from winning each time, as well as gives the other teams a sufficient attempt to try to win, while taking advantage of the better odds to win free games. TLDR; Don’t join corgi, join another and gang up on corgi, then have better odds.
  10. In-Game Name: Androntel SteamID: STEAM_1:1:102442970 Rank: Senior Mod / Event Head Length of LOA: 6/30/19 - 7/7/19 Reason for LOA (if private that is fine):  Away for Freedom Day
  11. Androntel

    Igneous Bed Time

    SMT really dedicates everything to make a server better. In the early days of making 1944, I remember Scheffer stayed up to 5 AM CST (6 AM EST) learning the damn German ranks and models lol.
  12. No one should be bashing people because they want to play on MilitaryRP. Anyone that is, has failed to see the point of what this is being organized for. There’s no reason why people shouldn’t be excited to play on MiltaryRP now that summer is here - Especially since 1944 is not everyone’s cup of tea. If people want to play on MilitaryRP, let them. If people want to play on 1944, let them. Don’t try to force people to play on one over the other.