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  1. Serving mankind Go out there and RDM more people bucko
  2. I'm gonna be completely honest here. 70% cringe ass people and like 30% people that I like. There's a lot of people who take "semi-serious rp" to a whole new level. It's fine if you wanna RP I'm not stopping you but damn some of ya'll have 0 chill. There's also the group of power trippers. Not gonna point fingers but some gensec and a lot of other people in diffrent branches defiantly sweat way to hard when it comes to higher rankings and all that stuff. As much as it seems like it I don't hate gensec. It hold the server together but there are defiantly people I don't like in gensec cause they make the branch look bad. Then there's the 30% of people who I enjoy. These people imo aren't so heavy on shit and take server the way it's meant to be taken. Which that it's not just a game and it's meant for fun. I always love talking shit to other people with no harm who talk shit back cause at the end of the day we both know we're just assholes on the internet who really mean no harm in what we say (some people will defiantly disagree tho lmao) I enjoy playing with people who treat the server as a game but not the people who treat it as their staple life.
  3. Never have I ever seen a gun more useless than this thing. What sane human being would buy this, it's worthless. The spread is so bad you could hit people to your left that are half way across the map. Even aiming is bad with this horrid gun. This gun had one job and that was to shoot. And it failed that horribly +Soup for everything
  4. DooM Guy


    Can we just all come to an agreement that this is just a TDM server now. I mean it has been for like years now.
  6. Vindertech’s fault
  7. Nah bruh screen recoded a savable video
  8. I dead ass was about to say jojo reference
  9. I love it when people get a really high rank and then power trip. Then they resign two months later cause that seems to be the thing now. That's the cycle
  10. yk we're not D-Class right?
  11. The bat literally does more damage than the Fubar and pickaxe with the bat being 120. Plus the charge up times on these weapons are longer than the bat I'm pretty sure. And on top of that they come from the NRMIH weapons so hitreg on them is pretty bad. And the golf club is currently unusable cause it does so little damage. Plus skull staff does 60 so this would make it on par with the skull staff
  12. What are you suggesting? - Buff the legend weapons How would this change better the server? - Most legend weapons are literally so bad that no one buys them. People don't buy legend weapons just to have them (Unless you're like Ecott) but they buy them cause their good and unique. If you have a poopy $100 weapon no one will buy it unless its good. For example, I'm really debating buying the god hammer cause it looks cool but I haven't heard the of best feed back about it so it's really demotivating to hear and that making me to not wanna buy it. I know the weapon's aren't supposed to be "OP" but there supposed to be good. It's why people spend money on the weapons in the first place. These weapons should be decent and not OP but in my opinion there currently unusable. Actually I made a suggestion about almost a year ago to buff legend weapons and it got accepted but as far as I know it was never actually added however I might be wrong (See link below) So I wouldn't see why this would get denied. Also for refence, Bat does 120 dmg and Skull staff does 60 Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - Nah. Who would this change mostly benefit? - People who have them or higher tier donators. Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion - Weapons: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Golf Club 45 ---> 60 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fubar DMG: 55 ---> 125 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Machete DMG: 60 ---> 70 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pickaxe DMG: 55 ---> 125 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pan DMG: 55 ---> 70 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- God Hammer DMG: 80 ---> 90 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boxing Gloves DMG: 50 ---> 60 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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