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  1. Oh thought model changes were $10. I'll just get rid of the model change then because I have no more money left so...
  2. It’s been almost a month and Castro still hasn’t looked at this.., +Support tho
  3. @APE I to am a D-Class main but you getting the wrong picture here and I own a CC myself so I know what you’re getting at. Yes, D-Class could use the barricades as a defence against gensec. But take a min to imagine. If gensec’s spawn was moved back into D-Block and we were using the barricades against them, but MTF walk through the door and gun us down. There is literally no escape from that. It’s better to have gensec spawn where it is right now because I would only have to worry about what’s in front of me and not behind me. So did you think about any in coming MTF. Because I know MTF love to camp do the hall from d-block. If you wanna argue then take it to pm’s.
  4. @Supra Please follow the format, but I understand were you're coming from. You shouldn't have been in the armory but the Admin should've checked logs to see if you timed out or disconnected. I've been in the same place you've been in before. I let SCP-173 go and I told him "Not to kill me" and he didn't and I guess and admin saw that, so he pulled both of us into a sit and my game crashed right there. So I got a 3 day ban for LTAP and teaming with an SCP, but the SCP should've gotten the ban for not killing me. +Support But follow the format.
  5. Lol I know, but this create a huge problem for D-Class. I remember when gensec had there spawn in D-block a while back and oh man was it a living nightmare. The OFC's would shoot out of there bunks when they were in NLR, people who took over D-Block would soon be eradicated by gensec coming from behind them, this would make D-Class way less fun to play. I cannot even stress how many times I heard someone say "Is this all we do" because D-Class nearly stand no chance against gensec because how buffed they are at the moment. This would just create a worse environment for peoples first experience on the server. The past updates have been nothing but "Nerf D-Class" and "Buff gensec" I'm surprised CC's are still aloud in D-Block. Anyways Sinnik I'm sure you're a great guy, but this suggestion is just to cut throat. I rest my case.
  6. The Community Right Now. Person: "SMT can you pwease make the d-bowis weak, there to stronk for me pwease OWO" SMT: "Sure thing *Proceeds to mop the floor with the D-class nerfing him 5 times over while buffing the living hell out of gensec" -Support
  7. I’ll hop on tomorrow and replace it with a different weapon.
  8. +Support Might as well just give the JRs in research the fucking destiny weapons
  9. Why do people make these reports