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Found 23 results

  1. I've seen first hand the crazy hilarious antics of minges and jokers on this server, so if anyone on the admin team has any crazy stories, I wanna hear!
  2. I boughet 200 tokens 100 for a Cc and another 100 for add ons. Realizing i cant use credits for add ons(which i would love for it to be possbile becuse 200 bucks on gmod is quite a lot for me atleast) so i wonder if i can create the cc now and put add ons in it the futher. Or use the credits the i have rn for add ons. Also if there is limit of time from buying a cc to creating one. Thanks in Advance RedWolf. *Sorry for typos long day at work*
  3. Hello, just making this post for fun to see which battalion people started in and why. I myself started in 501st on the old map and when I returned to the new new map I joined 501st again, for me it was a mix of the 501st having a nice look (appearance) and overall the lore, even though it basically "just" is stormtroopers with blue, they still served a huge purpose and fought close along side Darth Vader, so imo very cool battalion
  4. Greetings GamingLight! Every GL sever has a lot of different branches and classes, so what is all of yalls favourite branch? This can include The base class like D-class, civi and crims EXC and the staff/event team! I want your thoughts! (you can pick multiple if you wish) Mine is the State police and SWAT team on police RP
  5. I want to join the admin team in police RP, and i only have 1 warn in that server, but I'm not sure about the other one I have played on, SCP RP. Should I just not mention SCP RP, or should i hop back on the server (witch takes ages) and check? Or ask someone to do it for me?
  6. I have 2 questions related to CCs. 1: If the owner of a CC is willing to transfer ownership of their CC, are they allowed to do so? And what is that process? 2: Can you change the HP and model of a CC post-creation? I wonder because neither are listed in the "future/other" changes section. Thanks for the help!
  7. There is a CC that uses a model called "Clone Assassin" and I need to know who owns this CC. I'll upload a picture too, but I need the discord of the person who owns it. Thanks for helping out if you tried or did!
  8. - Apparently you guys allow constructive criticism now. I don't believe it but Imma post this anyway. If you don't think this is constructive then you are smooth brain and you don't belong in the world. Don't be soft. - Please note I've only played on the PoliceRP and have had limited time on the MilRP. Also please read before deleting this staff. EDIT: I'm sorry if I come across as rude, I'm not trying to be, I'm just trying to get my point across and sometimes the best way to do that is with blunt force. + I've been treated by GL staff in lets say not so savoury ways so I think my attitude is equal to what I've endured as a player. Eh hem, aight, so my boys here at gamin' light probably one of the most populated communities in gmod need to fix their shit. Right so, there is a problem, major problem, it's systemic in nature. I just want to address it because its been bothering me for some time now. Clearly this community has been doing or has done well in the past, I don't doubt that, but I have noticed that it's not as popular as it once was and I don't think that's just because of dropping player numbers on gmod itself, I think it could be attributed to the management and the needless bureaucracy that goes on behind the scenes and the sucking up that is done to higher ranking members of staff (Like worse than discord mods honestly). Now my boys, I don't claim to be an expert on how to run a business (Because this is a business) but I do know that the customers (In this case the playerbase) needs to be respected by the staff/management and enjoy their time on the servers, and clearly, and I think, I hope most people would agree with me that has not been the case. Boys I've been around since the Valk days, everyone thought that players would be respected once Valk was gone but that was never the case. The bureaucracy was still there just with a new face. Right, so on to the actual argument I'm trying to make here. This community's SMT is basically the politburo of the Gaminglight Soviet Socialist Republic, they feed off each others ego, the majority of the decisions they make are not to the benefit of the server/s but to benefit their own interests, and also the fact that most high ranking staff are also the highest ranking RP individuals on the server/s. That means that most people that want to progress to high rank in-RP either has to buy VIP, play for an obscene amount of time, or try join staff and suck up to the high ranking RP members that usually happen to also be high ranking staff members. There is also another failing. The refusal to evolve, the PoliceRP has basically been the same thing since I joined in early 2018, maybe a couple of map changes, maybe like 3 - 4 different managers. But it was always the same bullshit. There was always mods trying to get RP criminals warned for any minor infraction, there was always the Soviet era style bureaucracy in management. There was always the refusal to make any significant changes to the policerp. This conservative mindset ruined the policerp for me and many others and we just gave up and started fucking around, trying to abuse the shitty system the server was built on. You guys just need to start treating the players with some fucking respect, let them progress through the ranks in RP, don't make it your goal to warn atleast 5 people each day as a mod, don't have biases, manage the servers in the interest of the community not yourselves, make people stay on the server, because I can guarantee that a lot of players just leave because of this bullshit. There is no other server like this, I feel like I'm in 1950s Stalinist Russia (that's why I keep referencing it) when I play on this server, "I must not criticise the server or I'll get warned". I mean c'mon guys, you are better than this, respect the playerbase its not a hard thing to do. Anyway I know this wont change any of you're minds because if there is one thing I know its that the SMT don't care about the community's opinions. Maybe things have changed since I last played. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In whole, this entire thing is probably going to get deleted, if it does then it proves my point. If it stays up and you don't agree then reply I'd like to see how things have changed. I also want to make clear that playing on gaminglight want some of the most fun I've had while gaming, but these issues always annoyed me and I wanted to voice my opinion (even if its against the rules probably). Also please don't point my previous infractions it has no relation to what I said (If you posses a working brain you would know that) and I'm aware I've committed infractions so I don't need to be remined in the replies. (If there is any) - Love you Stali...., I mean Zeeptin.. I'll see you in the gaminglight gulags comrade.
  9. Hey I am just confused with the visual of the faction photos. Every time I put a link it its just pops up with black and purple squares. how to fix?
  10. So we all know that there is no NLR when revived by EMS, however does that mean that if during a raid PD can just walk outside of the raid area and recall the raid because of said no NLR?
  11. Before I go threw the effort of creating this player model since there is none that exist right now I'm going to send my referral image I think this would be a great custom class player model that I can use once I make it
  12. I've debated with security guards about this issue, everyone seems to have a different stance on it so I want to see the opinion of forum members. The question: If, as a class-d, you have: Been cuffed for more than 5 minutes Are not under FearRP (less than 3 heavy weapons pointing at you) can you break out of your cuffs? This argument has gone many ways, and being a returning player, I'm not too sure of the current interpretation. The rules formally state "If cuffed, you are prohibited from breaking out of the handcuffs until five minutes have passed since being cuffed, or if left alone and unattended by Foundation/CI personnel." This statement seems to support the argument that you can break out after the 5 minute timer. However some guards follow another rule as counteracting this: "When cuffed you are required to comply with the individual that has cuffed you" This is interpreted as meaning "you are always under fearRP whenever you are cuffed". This is where debate happens, does "comply" only apply to physical actions such as moving, or jumping off a ledge? Or does it also encompass guards being able to "force" you into not braking out? Thoughts would be appreciated.
  13. 2 questions 1. Can I add a player model to my cc after the cc is already made 2. Can I add a playermodel that another cc already has to my cc (The cc is the same class as mine D class)
  14. I've got two questions about Custom jobs, they might be a little obvious but I prefer a direct answer from here. If the Playermodel is above 4MB it says 100$, are those extra? (+ the 85 credits) And second, is 4.84Mb considered above 4Mb? I know that might be the case but since the name of the price list is named "Playermodel Size over 5MB" just wanting to make sure. Anyways have a good day. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. So the playermodel I want is in a package over 4mb, but its already on the server. Will I be charged extra? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1724758936 Also does this model still count as 4mb? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1096523728
  16. Lets say you are a Class-D that has been arrested. You have: Been arrested for 5+ minutes Are not under FearRP (less than 3 heavy weapons pointed at you) Are not in transit Can you ignore commands such as going through a door, jumping off a ledge or any other action? The MOTD states: "When restrained you are not allowed to resist being brought to different locations or attempt to break out of restraints unless you have been restrained for 5 or more minutes." I would assume that once all restrictions are met, you can fully resist the commands of others. However, I have seen many people disagree on the nature of this. Some people reason that even if the above 3 points are met, not following commands is FailRP, what do you guys think about this?
  17. So, I recently got a 3 day ban because of LTAP but my pc crashed during the admin sit so that's why I got banned. But my appeal was accepted but it says I'm still banned from the server. Any idea why?
  18. Is there not a discord for gaming light anymore? Ive tried looking everywhere to find it but all I can really find is team speak, nothing about discord besides in the actual military rp server but when I try to go to it the link doesnt do anything
  19. Is there a possibility that you can get a cloak on my CC for SCP-RP, if it is possible how much is it? Does a tranquilizer count as a weapon same for electrical restraints?
  20. Why is 035-1 no longer allowed to breach SCPs or buy anything from armory because he was already a very weak SCP except now it seems like he is the equivalent to a class D except with more HP and the ability to control minds other than that he is basically now a D class actually he’s more like a d class who can’t free SCPs or buy from armory he’s almost worse than a D class
  21. Just wondering because when I try to select the job nothing happens.
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