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  1. +Support I like the continuous threat of possible breaches alone by the danger of said SCP's. It also helps with RP and with productive tasks with all Utility. personally, the thought of 682 yeeting out to kill is epic
  2. + Support i dont want Site command to come up to some poor person and just execute them cuz "Reasons" it hurts the way someone's name is formed. However, the only time a PK can be acceptable is when a character dies in RP I.E Getting shot in a vital body part during escort or Being "Missing in action" in RP but not as an execution form
  3. Pickles are the bomb! dont call the FBI
  4. In-game Name: In-game FTO rank (JFTO/FTO/SFTO): SFTO What makes you a good trainer?: My intolerance to mingy behavior and detailed explanation. How many training sessions have you had approximately (JFTO only): i think 50 Suggestions: no
  5. + Support I hate having to shoot Mr. fish on accident, also whoever plays him sometimes pretends to be a d-class. This rule change will be very helpful for everyone's vision and perseverance.
  6. Name: MadViking Rank: COL Which Server do you play on mostly? (US or EU): US Why should you retain your current rank? (WO+ must answer this): After being promoted as a COL I make sure that there is no mingey activity, and if so I can deal with them accordingly. Any Concerns?: none
  7. Well Rip to JJWICKK at least he managed to fool A1 like a pro. 

    But hello MadViking

  8. + Support it also relives annoyance from staff and Senior command as we can trust Low command into promoting them. If we accept WO to become 2LT or 1LT then why not trust them in billies whitelist
  9. In-Game name: JJWICKK Section of Interest (see below): 4, 6 Time Available During Weekends: ALL the TIME Are you skilled in any video editing software? (not required): I can do music production as well as some edits. I'm decent at Video
  10. JJWCKK


    Name (as it is on the roster):JJWICKK FTO Rank:SFTO How Active Are You?: almost online every day Any Concerns?: Nein
  11. JJWCKK

    RCF Roll call

    asshole lol
  12. JJWCKK

    RCF Roll call

    Respond to this post using the format below if you are in RCF Roll-call ends on 7/3/19. Failure to respond by that date will result in immediate removal. FORMAT Name on the roster: Rank on the roster: How active are you: Concerns? :
  13. -support Oppen you should've known the rules of 912 as you have been here for a while. also it doesn't matter if the D class look Sus. you dont attack unless they pull out fists or weapons