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  1. +support i would like to pass the time after getting beheaded by a D class
  2. Name: JJWICKK Rank: JFTO MAJ Why should you retain your current rank?: when D block needs help I won't hesitate to assist in taking back control. i can put up with the chaos as well if someone needs to head off Any Concerns?: none
  3. Name: JJWICKK Rank: CPT Any Concerns?: D class calling me John Wick and me killing them instantly only for Lower gensec to call me such. i hate it. (AHEM) FEAR
  4. Name on roster: JJWICKK Rank on roster: FTO WO How active are you: most of the week and almost never offline in weekends What can Security CMD improve on? Making sure there are at least one or two Gensec that can order enlisted around without them running around like headless chickens. Why should we keep you as GENSEC command [150 words+] The more I played on this server, the more I now understand what it means to RP as Junior Command it is important that I make sure that gensec is doing what it is designed to do. I want to help gensec be in top shape so that when a D Block lockdown occurs or a CI raid is commenced, they can be ready for the clash of both sides. It is also best that I can help settle out problems that the D class is having so that way I can reduce the chance of a riot occurring. Mostly when I see my fellow gensec struggling to survive and or hit the target, I can instruct them how to avoid and successfully hit the enemy without accidentally killing fellow gensec. In the future, I hope to see that fellow command members can help and make gensec the best it can ever be.
  5. Name on roster: JJWICKK Rank on roster: CPL How active are you: Weekends only plus school breaks What can Security improve on? leadership Why should we keep you in Security? (30+ words) I want to help higher ranked GENSEC/or Research at other tasks and containment methods more efficiently and safely. i can also be a meat shield to protect fellow GENSEC and Research in case of a Breach. Needless to say i want to protect GENSEC and Research in general.