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  1. Hello troopers, as you may know but i was a Vice Commander for the 501st. My beginning in Imperial Role play was to spark a different light from old to new. i once came from SCP-RP as a DHOS in gensec; which i have retired from. However, when joining Imperial i knew that i wanted to join the 501st from its already existing issues in it's structure. I joined 501st to fix it, to reinforce a structure that is there to improve. Through the months since my join date on the 29th of November last year i focused my time into the branch, assisting officers, helping with documents, creating a training document as a 2LT. over the months past my goal was nearly complete. Now, on the 11th of April, my goal has been complete. Motivated people have taken a stand in what could lead a spark to spread to every battalion. To those whom seem liked i hated, note i didnt resent you but encouraged to be more than what they are, but to be better at everything that comes their way. This is my final goodbye. best regards to all that knew me in Gaminglight and to those whom i commanded and followed. Your former Vice Commander, JJWICKK
  2. it was knowing that i dont want an idea of function to interfere with the potential of a battalions efficiency and productivity
  3. **NOTE** I am making this suggestion as a response to a brief denial of my initial thought of replacing the DC-15LE with the TL-40. I was told SMT want to keep republic era weapons into the battalion as it is a battalion created in the CW era. however, from an a observable fact, the time set for IMPRP is 15-20 years into the imperial era in starwars, which means ALL clone wars era weapons and transport have been replaced and presented as inferior to the modern weapons of the empire. **Suggestion** What do you want to see? - the DC-15LE replaced by the TL-40 Why should we add it? - As the primary objective of the 501st, we are a major front line battalion/ military presence in the success of Darth Vader to be on the ready with sufficient weapons to fulfill our duty as an attack battalion with propper and modern weapons What are the advantages of having this? - I request to replace the DC-15LE with the TL-40 as to not only utilize a better RP standpoint, but to also utilize weapons that can and will be beneficial for combat. Who is it mainly for? - 501st Links to any content - none
  4. As an already Existing VCMDR of the 501st, Activity is most necessary for the branch to benefit. however, you prioritize other branches such as SF and IQ leaving behind 501st for most time being. To become a VCMDR, in my opinion, is to allow yourself to help the branch expand and strengthen. You haven't shown yourself to benefit the branch even now your statements in the App don't show your effort in becoming 501st. the formality of the app indicates your lack of commitment in the 501st. -Support
  5. 501st Rollcall Hello Troopers, Starting on 3/12/20 until 3/21/20 there will be a MANDATORY Rollcall. Failure to respond to the rollcall will result in removal. Officers are not immune to this rollcall and if caught avoiding the Rollcall will be REMOVED. Ingame Name: Callsign: Rank: Join Day: Last Time Promoted: How active are you?:
  6. 501st Officer application process and guidelines Hello and welcome to the application format for 501st officer. Please follow all the rules and regulations that are stated in this post, and make sure to fill out all requirements before posting your application. !FAILURE TO FOLLOW THE RULES STATED WILL RESULT IN A INSTANT DENIAL! REQUIREMENTS Must be of the rank of SGT or higher NCO. Must not have any strikes. Must have a good sense of knowledge in the 501st SOP. Lead by example, not by choice. Format Steam Name?: Steam ID?: Ingame Name?: Callsign?: Current Rank?: When were you promoted?: How long have you been in the 501st (roughly)?: Do you promise to uphold all rules en-stated by Gaming Light and by the many 501st Protocols?: Do you promise to uphold your duties as an officer in leadership, mentoring, problem-solving, ect.?: Do you promise that you will listen and respect your lower/higher rankings?: Why do you want to become an officer in the 501st? (150 WORDS+): I understand when I become an officer, I will show the competence and no weakness: yes/no I understand if I am punished, I will be set back to NCO: yes/no
  7. FOR 501st CPL Smeg 1708 In-game Name: Smeg Rank: CPL Day of promo: 2/2/20
  8. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) and your SteamID: 501st HVYL VCMDR JJWICKK 1977, STEAM_0:0:169071669 2. What Regiment are you VCMDR+ in?: 501st 3. Why do you want to stay as a (vice) commander of this branch?: Knowing that there is a severe repair to be done to my battalion, I strive to make 501st a better battalion known for who they are meant to be and not porn/drug addicts 4. How active are you on the server (include timezone)?: Most days after school, somewhere around 5:00 MST, 5. What can you do/have you done for your branch?: I enforced a strict and non-minge policy upon 501st. created an Efficient way of 501st management. will Create an active/ Accurate count of all 501st traffic 6. Why should we trust you to continue being a (vice) commander?: Coming from high command on a different server, i know my abilities to manage a well-structured system regarding enlisted to officers. 7. Have you received any strikes on ImperialRP (if so, why)? I have received no punishments at all since my join day 8. How active would you say your battalion is?: It can get a lot better during active times, however, it is quite impressive to see so many blue slots active. 9. What is one thing you think you can improve on as a leader (be specific)?: My wording in commands, and the ability to comprehend direct orders.
  9. FOR 501st HVY 1LT Ricks 2747 Ingame Name: Ricks Rank: 1LT Day of Promo: 2/1/2020 Reason to stay in 501st: The 501st is family to me
  10. Good afternoon 501st, Starting today and until the 9th of febuary there will be a Rollcall Format ---------------------------------------- Ingame Name: Rank: Day of Promo: Reason to stay in 501st: Failure to respond to this LOA will result in a total removal from the 501st, you have been warned.
  11. ill be on the server from time to time
  12. Recently I've started to lose interest in gensec with my normal life. I tried my best to be on every day and be there since the day I started. Now I've hit the end of the road. A pathway that closes on itself. As time went on, I started to be neglected by those whom I labeled as allies to friends. Soon I became a shell trapping the very essence that I bared inside only to try to break out, but failing. So now here marks the end of my path. the inevitable end to something I worked hard on. I won't keep you long to read, but my best regards to all. It's been a wild ride. Rang- Maybe someday we can play starcraft, but I hold my best regards to you. Killaz- You will always be my #1 minge. I hope to see you grow higher in gensec. Gunther- You have been here for a long while and i respect your commitment to achieving a better standard. Sorry I made situations a pain in the ass. -JJWICKK
  13. +Support I like the continuous threat of possible breaches alone by the danger of said SCP's. It also helps with RP and with productive tasks with all Utility. personally, the thought of 682 yeeting out to kill is epic
  14. + Support i dont want Site command to come up to some poor person and just execute them cuz "Reasons" it hurts the way someone's name is formed. However, the only time a PK can be acceptable is when a character dies in RP I.E Getting shot in a vital body part during escort or Being "Missing in action" in RP but not as an execution form