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  1. +support 1048-A is like a unarmed d class , its shit.
  2. Have fun playing Halo on your break.
  3. +support I would like to use the xm more often if it was actually good.
  4. Kiddo

    starrs resignation

    You will trully be missed.
  5. -support The others said what I was about to say ^
  6. Kiddo

    Bread's LOA

    Enjoy your break you've been doing a lot of stuff for nu7.
  7. Name:Kiddo Rank:MSGT Date of Strike:10/23 Reason for Strike: Not following the orders given. Why do you think your strike should be removed: The main reason is that I've been doing a decent job recently I didn't cause any problems and I did my best to show that I deserve to get my strike removed.