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  1. great, more edgy classes that can say redacted every 10 seconds
  2. Please make sure suggestions are pertinent and relevant! What you want to see? - SCP-106s cooldown buffed from 30 seconds to 20 seconds. Why should we add it? - This will make the gameplay of SCP-106 much more playable and bearable, and a lot less awkward in moments where people stare, mock, and or shoot you because you're on cooldown. What are the advantages of having this? - More versatile gameplay, more enjoy-ability to SCP-106 Who is it mainly for? - SCP-106 Links to any content -
  3. SCPs like 939 would hardly comply with a RIG unit. The RIG unit is under a lot of layers of applications and requirements before you can actually play it, so I trust the people who have access to it know how to use it. +/- Support, I'm unsure.
  4. Full Name (Lore Name): Zeta Addler Occupation(Rank): Researcher // Research Recruiting Agent Requested Name(i.e RIG Unit [Number] [Name]): RIG Unit 9418 "NOVA" Who gave you permission to apply?: Slurmp, R.A.M Cancer, Trevdec, Tomato Why should the foundation authorize your requested unit? (80 word minimum): The Foundation as we know it deals with some of the most dangerous entities mankind has ever known. While man has done a great job securing these entities, automation has always been the future of our kind. RIG Unit 9418, NOVA for short, is a combat-trained Android created by some of the worlds brightest minds. It's primary objective is to serve the Foundation (its calibrated handlers) in any way its authorized to do. It's highest priority is to ensure any testing environment is secured from any hostile or unauthorized activity while testing is on-going by the Research Team. NOVA is extremely loyal and obedient, with some of the fastest reaction times an Android can have with real-time reactivity. NOVA is also capable of comprehending and understand human emotion and commands, allowing for an enjoyable and relatable experience with this RIG Unit to make all Foundation employees feel welcome and safe in the hands of this unit. Finally, but certaintly not least, NOVA has undergone extreme military training which includes hand-to-hand combat, long-range combat, and close range combat alike. NOVA is the result of years of collaboration of the brightest minds the world has the offer, along with the greatest and most precise technical engineers the Foundation has. Overall, accepting this Unit will greatly increase safety for all of the Research team and Foundation alike. Not accepting this unit would even be considered a mistake. OOC, I generally want to take the stress off of Researchers and Security/MTF alike when they're occupied. Obviously, I have no intent to take Securities job. However I do want to relieve the stress of having a lack of security or MTF online/available for testing. I'm very experienced in the SCPRP server, with every rule known to man burned in my mind. I'm hard working and a good roleplayer, so I wouldn't disappoint.
  5. Sup boys and girls, I come here today to recruit everyone to a new gang I am creating called "The Plague Rebellion". This will be the first, actually formal and active gang Class-D will have. In short, our main goals are to free SCP-049, Rebel against security, and free our troubled and abused inmates used to feed animals like pieces of meat. BACKGROUND LORE: 1988 - October 12th D-9418, Mark Fisher, worked as a Private First Class Marine for the U.S Army. However, several documents were released and an ambush on a military escort occured. After investigation, Mark Fisher was accused of Treason and sentenced to life in a Federal/Military Max Security prison. On October 12th, Mark was taken into Foundation custody to be used as a prisoner at Site-05. He was stripped of his name and lively hood, re-named to D-9418. He spent the rest of his days there, being thrown test after test and somehow making it alive for months to come... 1988 - November 19th D-9418 was being tested with SCP-049. He was thrown into his containment chamber, but SCP-049 did not harm him. After minutes pass, SCP-049 and D-9418 were discussing the pestilence and how it lingers. D-9418 understood what SCP-049 meant by the pestilence, that the pestilence was not a disease as humans knew it. After 15 minutes have passed, an alarm blared outside of the containment chamber. Security immediately pulled D-9418 out and escorted him back to D-Block. While on the catwalk to the Medical Bay, a group of armed men in black shot the security escort down. As these men were going to take D-9418 into their own custody, a large, endothermic lizard attacked. D-9418 curled and closed his eyes, but felt nothing except the silence that surrounded him. He opened his eyes to see the lizard was gone, with the disemboweled bodies of the men infront of him. Sickened, D-9418 used all of his will power to run to the elevator. To D-9418s dismay, the entire facility was dark and filled with bodies. D-9418 hid in one of the medbay rooms until a group of military-looking men took him back into his cell. After that day, all of the Class-D were on lockdown for days. Having no idea whether they would leave alive, D-9418 made notes of his experience. The legacy and promise of a cure to lifes hardships made its way down to generations of Class-D. This is when the Plague Rebellion was created. The Plague Rebellion was created to free all of the abused inmates and entities trapped within this facility. And they all knew just how to do it. HOW TO JOIN: Interested in joining? Well, I'll make it relatively simple for initial entry. Simply fill out the form below, and I will invite you to a discord. (I don't expect much to happen from this, since this forum probably won't be seen by many. But this is a way to have more fun as a Class-D for myself and others who join with lore behind it and more intentions than simply killing everyone else.) Lore Name: Why do you want to join?: How many warns do you have?:
  6. Igneous said 035 would get a keypad cracker but 035 doesnt have a keypad cracker. thats the bug.
  7. "But-But... all you need to do is move!" This is assuming you CAN move, and move fast enough while outputting any sort of lethal damage from the lack luster guns given to Security and MTF. We're in an underground facility ladies and gentlemen, there isn't much space openly available. Sure you can get a few shots off, but again the guns MTF and Security have are lacklusted and not nearly enough to save themselves. "But-But... This makes Class-D more balanced against Security!" May I remind you, that Class-D are not heavily armed special forces. They are inmates in an orange jumpsuit in a maximum security clandestine prison. In no way shape or form should Class-D have a chance in fighting the Security or Special Forces of said prison through blunt force, Class-D are meant to escape mostly via intelligence. "People won't like having the stats of a weapon they bought changed!" Of course not. There is no silver bullet when it comes to gaming balance, there will always be upset people. The trick is to appeal to the majority so you can get more players to be satisfied. When people bought the Knives, most of them had no idea how powerful they would be. They could just assume it has the strength of a kitchen knife, but it doesn't. Overall, +Support.
  8. +Support Rang and Igneous banned me for leaving when he cuffed me for leaving doors open behind me and forced me to be imprisoned. Overall, I ended up getting banned for it and so should this Maynard. Its alteady aaginst the rules.
  9. Name: Zeta Rank: LCPL Specialties (CE, FTO, Ranger): FTO SteamID: STEAM_0:1:455778278 How Active are you (1-10?): 8 Any Suggestions For Epsilon-11?: Command be in Operations during Defcon 3, 2, or 1 rather than Command Room.
  10. I feel like your memeing every suggestion i post now lol
  11. What you want to see? - I want to see specific rules regarding gagging and blindfolding players, most specifically Class-D and SCPs. Gagging - Players should NEVER be gagged UNLESS: Player is micspamming || Player is being insulting/offensive || Player refuses to stop speaking after being told to. Blindfolding - Players should NEVER be blindfolded UNLESS: Role playing "torture" or "negotiation" || Why should we add it? - Because being gagged for no reason while be forcefully dragged around the map is no fun, same with being blindfolded. Someone can be perfectly silent and compliant, and they'll end up being blindfolded or gagged for the other persons entertainment. What are the advantages of having this? - Reduced player stress. Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content -
  12. Honestly I dont think meme suggestions should be allowed