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  1. if there are link them that is one the best i have seen so far
  2. - support no proof of the event
  3. + Support still cant understand why they tried to fix something that was not broken. Please bring old ones back !
  4. we all can dream but lets be realistic
  5. i would like axo + to get med kits
  6. i admit we broke rules to try to help sense there was no admin on ps this is not only vid this is only end one As shown at 9:57 there was no staff on till the very end
  7. yes we nlr and attempted to tazer rush as said in the extra information to attempt to stop it and to record what was going on i am sorry
  8. Although i think your reason is different after what happend in SRT i wish you much luck
  9. @October id like to talk to you in ts to try to help you
  10. penguin

    rule suggestion

    please point me to the rule i know it was a rule but i can not seem to find it anymore in the motd
  11. penguin

    rule suggestion

    What you want to see? - add a rule of minimum # of pd to be online for major crime to be allowed i personally think there should be 5 more than the number or raiders example R= raider p=police 1 r=6p 4r = 9p Why should we add it? -i stay up late with that being said i see a lot of silos , bank raids happen when there are simply not enough police to deal with major crime situations What are the advantages of having this? -helps balance server in night time and helps balance the in game money i mean if you rob a bank when 0 cops are on that is easy money Who is it mainly for? -everyone Links to any content -
  12. hi and welcome have fun , stay safe . i look forward to working with you SRT SSGT penguin