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  1. spikes dont work on gov cars
  2. i guess my kite joined me lol
  3. penguin

    bye srt

    Due to new changes and personal feelings towards command i will be leaving srt have fun those who stay ps merry xmas jeffe you got a extra spot hope you are happy
  4. penguin

    Buy Gas Masks

    i say - support because gas is used in sits were we have 3+ people in a enclosed space and we have to go in soo the long/medium range isen't always a option we have. plus most situations there would only be 1 gas thrown ..... unless army rolls up
  5. - support every class in srt that can spawn gas gets one gas. army spawns them for him self so very few situations call for more than 1 and normally there isent more than 1 or 2 people on that it comes with at a time
  6. penguin

    maze base

    What you want to see? - rule added to not allow maze bases Why should we add it? - maze bases are infamously known to be unfair What are the advantages of having this? -more balanced bases Who is it mainly for? -everyone Links to any content -
  7. What you want to see? - a rule that you can only have 1 gang/family in your name at a time Why should we add it? - its unrealistic to be in 2 gangs and kinda unfair to gov What are the advantages of having this? -realistic Who is it mainly for? -everyone Links to any content -
  8. um wrong place but nice to meet you
  9. - support the fact 3 people to 1 sit isent bad shows staff are active and wanting to help i much rather 3 than 0
  10. penguin

    Penguin FailRP

    i apologize i forgot the proper amount and i did not hear him say 5000 so i tried to ball park it Big johnney i will gladly pay 4k to you in game when i see you to make up for that @BigJohnny
  11. penguin

    Penguin FailRP

    ok so my Side is he was Stalling negotiations so i threw money for it he took the gun off hostage i could release him at 1:25 you se the 2nd guy running back and forth not training a gun on hostage
  12. penguin

    Let's end this!

    i work at a pizza place i personally don't lie like it tho. Meats pizza forever come on you created Justin beaver i rather pineapple than Canadian musicians