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  1. Another quick thing: I have never seen the community so impacted by someone leaving, it shows how much respect and influence you had on the various departments and even in the criminal world.
  2. In-game name: Alex Rollin Rank: Deputy Length: 13th January - 23rd January Reason: Need to calm down and get used to the changes that have happpend with the resignation of Kitty and with everything that is happening inside EMS. Its for my health I take this rest.
  3. Chief, It's been an honour. I've loved every minuet of GL and you are one of the main parts of it. Its always a laugh when your on. Don't forget about Us, because We wont forget about you. You've been a massive part in my carrear on GL, just like Bob Bob. Its hard to know what to put when your about to lose such a massive part of PD. Gaminglight Will Never be the Same. I will miss you, Best Wishes, Alex Rollin LT 1L53 | SWAT PFC XR32 | EMS Dep D1
  4. Name: Alex Rollin Rank: SO Date of Absence (the meeting date): 12th January 2019 Reason for not attending (If private then N/A): Timezone
  5. ACCEPTED   Make sure you review the SOP so you are ready to go.   SPEAK TO AN FTO TO GET TRAINED IN GAME BY 1/22/19  Congrats, and welcome to EMS! Make sure to join the discord at ! ————————————————— Alex Rollin  EMS Deputy Applications&FTO Asst. / Complaints Leader —————————————————
  6. Complaint is shown in Full Below: " Too many pings in the discord. I left EMS because of this" We have tried to cut down on the number of pings that users get, this directive has been lead by @Jason Tucker. Marked Resolved : 12th January 2019 By Deputy Alex D1  Edited Sunday at 09:56 PM by arollin96227
  7. This is sad. Thanks for starting my SWAT career, its truely been funny and great working with you. Best of luck in the future although who ever becomes TL has a lot to live up to. Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. Alex Rollin SWAT PVT XR52 / PD LT. 1L53 / EMS Dep D1
  8. Sad, But these things have to happen. SWAT Saves PD's backside and SRT will save SWAT's backside. Best of luck. Best shooter... As I've found out... Best of luck, Alex Rollin SWAT PVT XR52 / PD LT 1L53 / EMS DEP D1
  9. Recieved! We're sad to see you go but we understand! Best of luck with SS in the Future! We'll be around to pick you guys up off the floor when you get killed. Thanks again Alex Rollin EMS Deputy D1 | PD LT 1L53 | SWAT PVT XR52 | SS PO
  10. Complaint is shown in Full Below: " Toxitman is too harsh. Someone says EMS needs more features and he jumps their case and bans em." This person seems to have had an issue with Toxitman for quite sometime which I have assessed is unneeded and this Complaint has been marked as Spam as a result, Any issues please refile a complaint using the form with more details or contact me in Discord. Marked Resolved : 9th January 2019 By Deputy Alex D1
  11. Denied Little Effort has been Shown   Bad Rep in community Reapply in a week if you Wish, advice show you can be more respectful and Would advise getting involved with PD to improve respect. ————————————————— Alex Rollin  EMS Deputy D1 | PD LT 1L53 | SWAT PVT XR52 Applications/FTO Assistant & Complaints Leader —————————————————
  12. Complaint is shown in Full Below: " non of the ems ambulance drivers know how to park at scenes and block half of the road " I refer to Complaint 2 resolved today. Marked Resolved : 6th January 2019 By Deputy Alex D1