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  1. Name:AlexRollin Rank: SSA Status on Roster(Active, Semi-Active): Semi-Active (In my defence I'm in SWAT, EMS and PD as well as SS) Why do you want to stay in the department: Brilliant people and I wanna stay What do you think of the new map?: Irritating for EMS.... We need SAR.
  2. It's hardest for me to say goodbye. It's why its taken so long to write this. I've drafted it 17 times and scrapped it. But here goes. Nucleus (Anthony), It's hard to say good bye to anyone that you speak to for hours online, it's harder to say good bye to thoes who you would call a friend that you met online. But it is more hard to say good bye to someone that you actually know in real life. It's honestly painful and hurts me to do so. I'm ashamed to admit this but I did cry when I heard about your resignation, but I suppose all good things, must eventually come to an end. You have been a complete, dedicated service member (Except for the time Rhys Blacklisted you) and you have been loyal to EMS since the first day that I trained you back on December 12th at 15:33 GMT, I remember every medic I have ever trained, But I remember the ones that outstanded me. I trained @Etho., I trained you, I trained @Rhys. 2 of you were amazing High Command.... We know the one who isnt, cause he can't come back. You have been threw it all, demotion, reapplying, promotion and repeat. You have had the courage to continue where others would give up. Your resilliance is un-matched and simply outstanding. I couldn't have asked for a better Deputy Chief. You went through adversity and you are now with the stars (Per Ardua, Ad Astra - RAF Motto). But this isn't It, you are becoming reserve High command. You can continue where you left off and still have a large say in the direction of the department if you so chose to, which I hope you do. Thank you for everything Anthony, Stay In touch. Your Trainer, your Chief, your friend Alex Rollin
  3. oi I'm still more active then you Wellll if he comes back with a blackeye.... We know what happened.......
  4. arollin96227

    Alex's LOA

    Name : Alex Rollin Rank : Captain 1L53 Length of LOA : today - 19 July Reason : NCS, for those who dont know (USA), NCS is a thing for 15-17 yearolds get to in the summer holidays. For more information just google NCS. I am going with @Nucleus along with little did I know the blacklisted former EMS chief, Rhys which I now hold the rank of Chief so wish me luck lol. If you need me just message me on Discord and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
  5. Rockford Emergency Medical Services As a leading department in Rockford and the wider gaminglight community we are constantly innovating to make EMS a better department to be in and ensuring that we remain the prominant department in Rockford. We have released our Facebook Page (Which was authorised by SMT - Fame) which can be found here : We are reopening our Discord However on a more sombre note; Yesterday (25th) the Youtuber Etika was found dead, He has been depressed due to his channel being taken down. As someone who regulary goes around Primary Schools and talks to youngsters about mental health I can say, Ive seen it all. No one is safe from depression, Its a fact. So Even if you are having fun, Think before you do. I have listed some numbers here, Mental Health Is So important, If you feel down, You MUST tell someone. There are people to help, The hardest part is asking, Then its smooth sailing. Suicide hotline numbers United Kingdom 116 123 United States 1-800-273-8255 Canada 1 800 456 4566 Ireland 116 123 Philippines 2919 Australia 131 114 France 01 45 39 40 00 Belgium 1813 Norway 116 123 Netherlands 113 I Must stress that if you are feeling bad then you need to talk to someone, and if you are a friend of a person who is going through alot be there for them to talk to. If you need to talk to me please feel free to contact me on Discord at Alex Rollin #5863 Thank You for your continued effort, Alex Rollin City Of Rockford Emergency Medical Services Chief C1 City Of Rockford Police Department Captain 1L53 City Of Rockford SWAT Department Sergeant XS5
  6. Right, As EMS Chief I thought I should directly adress this. Our Medics and Command are NOT authorised to move into an active situation however sometimes situations can form around our Medics and command meaning that this rule cannot be kept. In this circuimstance we tell our medics to remain inside their vehicle and only move when it is safe to do so. Personally I do not really like how people who have not been EMS as of recently trying to change the rules of EMS and how we operate and highly reccomend that people join EMS to get a feel for it and understand how we operate and how we work is usually hard especially with alot of outdated equipment of which most of our ambulances are extremely hard to drive meaning that EMS usually get alot of bad press for driving. I really do want people to come to EMS and understand that we try our best with the limited resources. Thank you for understanding, Alex Rollin EMS Chief C1 PD Captain 1L53 SWAT SGT XS5
  7. Best 48 Hr Notice I've ever seen........ Well You've asked me if you can go onto Reserves and I'm happy to give you that request! Thank you for your service and you will be dearly missed.
  9. Filling In for someone else Name : Adim Rank : HP / EFR2 What do You want to achieve in EMS?: I want to achieve the ranking of chief and be a good one Any Suggestions for EMS: we do at least 1 big big like all FTO training once a week so we can get more
  10. Name: Alex Rank: Chief What do you want to achieve in EMS?: Increasing satisfaction of Medics and activity Any Suggestions for EMS?: Well Tell me
  11. Hi folk, EMS Roll Call Time, use the format below: Name: Rank: What do you want to achieve in EMS?: Any Suggestions for EMS?:
  12. - Support Sorry man but I've never seen you on in the almost year since I joined GL As I have not seen you on I cannot give a character judgement, But You Cannot Respond to your own applications as it is grounds for an instant denial if I remember correctly. Good Luck eitherway, Alex Rollin EMS Deputy Chief C2 Police Department Captain 1L53 SWAT Sergeant XS5
  13. + Support Cashtag is honestly a great guy and is command in EMS and an examplary command member at that, they are ready for everything to do with Captain. Really active, friendly and mature. He is ready! Alex Rollin EMS Deputy Chief C2 Police Department Captain 1L53 SWAT Sergeant XS5
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    Echo's LT App

    - Support I don't know who you are. I hear that you don't train cadets and actively avoid it though Might not be ready for command Sorry, Alex Rollin EMS Deputy Chief Alex C2 Police Department Captain 1L53 SWAT Sergeant XS5