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  1. Dude I don’t know if this is a troll application or what but you need to get more active and you need to put more work into the app you didn’t even answer all the questions Mega -support Nathen
  2. But how would console ban you for that yes i believe you should be unbanned but it’s kinda odd that console banned you for singing like that anyways good luck on the appeal hope you have changed everyone deserves a second chance -Nathen
  3. -support I personally think the current amount is fine we don’t want it to be to overkill if it is increased it should be a LOT harder in order to rob the bank -Nathen
  4. You should do this every day or every Friday or Sunday
  5. I agree it would be a shit show for us admins having multiple calls for failrp when people start abusing it
  6. In-Game Name: nathenisSocool Steam Name: nathenisSocool SteamID: STEAM_0:1:86314244 Are you a Moderator+? Yes I am How often are you on TeamSpeak? Almost everyday days I’m not on is if I’m doing sports or something came up but I am usually always in the TS most of the time I’m in my custom room or in the staff room my TS Name is Nathen poke if needed! Do you have a working quality mic? Yes my mic is $100 What timezone are you in? Eastern standard time Why would you want to join our Support team( 100 words+) I have been apart of the Gaming Light staff team for a long time now. It has been my pleasure to fulfill my past and current roles on anime as Trial-Mod Moderator and Senior Mod(on anime). I would love to take this opportunity to dedicate even more time, yet again into another important role that will help the community of GL out more in dealing with the playerbase. My intentions in receiving this rank are one hundred percent positive as I plan to help out with providing valid roles, dealing staff calls and generally providing a sense of professionalism within the staff team. I would like to become a Senior mod member as I believe I can expand on my current capabilities as a Moderator to multitask and provide an extra boost of faster response time to both in-game and out of game situations. How do you think you could affect support staff in a positive way? Being accepted as a member of the Support Team would most definitely able me to not only provide the community with a sense of support but also the staff team with a sense of backup and strength. I will be able to impact the flow of support in a way that will aid to a faster response time. Players will be encouraged to message, poke or speak to me if an issue is found of general help is needed regarding roles or user-related issues. I would impact the team in a way that would help cope with people who need help in investigative situations. If other staff are not available or they are simply busy dealing with something else, I will have the ability to help deal with others in need while staff are busy completing other necessary actions. How would you greet someone that has a problem in one of our support channels? I would say Welcome to gaminglights teamspeak server my name is Nathen how may I help you today? Have you read our rules and do you promise to uphold all those rules to the best of your ability? yes I have read the rules and regulations and I promise to uphold them to the best of my ability
  7. I think that would be cool but I think the whole reason it’s not colorful is because they want to commemorate the staff that get on the server and make the server a great place to be on so -support for the member tag but +support for the donator tag the donations keep the server running so yes for donators and no for members -Nathen
  8. Hi my name is Nathen also known as nathenisSocool I am 15 years old some of you know me some don’t I joined the community in October of this year and it has been a wonderful experience i first started on police rp and I was sitting in the TS and munchies came to tell me there was interviews for anime RP and that sealed my fate for this community it was my first time ever staffing on a GMOD community and it wasn’t the most popular server but it was a start I staffed on there for about 3 weeks and it sadly shut down now I transferred over to PRP and so far it’s been wonderful if you guys ever need anything such as me helping you with your computer or setting up a server (I work for my schools Technology dept) I’m here or if you need to talk to someone that’s all I have to say if you ever need me I’m usually in the CSGO channel in TS or the staff room for PRP thanks
  9. Congrats that’s a huge milestone for you I hope only best things for you and the community R&U
  10. @War Gamer @SayaJin @Danny Muller@Fame
  11. Ive seen him on every time I have staffed So Good Luck! -Nathen