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  1. +support - would increase rp - would create more jobs - anyone can use (if not a donator class)
  2. I believe that we should make a “Team Lead” class for CERT. I think this would be a good idea because it would give the TL and the ATL more options than just the default clases. Also, SWAT have “SWAT Captain” and SRT has “AXO, XO” so i just think that we should have one. The class would consist of the following: - AWP - SG553 - Nova - Mustard Gas Gernade - Breaching Charges - Smoke Gernade - 200 Armor And, obviously they would have the other items like the ticket book and the battling ram etc. I dont want to give them everything because then they would become overpowered.
  3. I rlly have to change my name to sean
  4. Whos that sexy man on the bottom??
  5. +1 Would increase roleplay