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  1. +Support Great Idea and would love to see it implemented
  3. +/- Support Can we a good rule but people could take advantage of it, i recomend a system where it is like 'If they do 20% or more damage to your car you can kill them" just to stop People that would just ram and ram and ram
  4. In-Game Name: Carjaxx/King Chainsaw SteamID: STEAM_0:1:419469460 Logo: It is clearly the best
  5. Half the time the Criminal doesnt die though... Like i said ive seen 4 PD and 2 Tac units all get shredded by about 2 Criminals...
  6. Holy lord thats the first time i heard the notification for someone replying to a topic and it scared me
  7. I Think he means by the huge RED WANTED SIGN above there head They do tho they really do, Earlier today i was RPing as PD and pulled over someone and immediantly got rammed by a sports car and lit up with a Negev... Barley had time to hit my panic and when more units arrived (about 3) We all kinda died. All over a $250 ticket... I Understand that its Kinda realistic and fun for the crims but PLEASE think about it before you decide to just see light drift hop out and laser a PD Speaking from a Crim and PD player it is fun to mess with the PD but its not fun to deal with it as PD And for the Suggestion itself i gotta say MASSIVE SUPPORTit is true CC's can take out the whole PD, SWAT, FBI, CERT, SRT and all other Units. how ever you gotta know that the CC problem cant really be fixed. you cant just DELETE THEM, people payed good money for it. so yeah, Gotta agree with everything here.
  8. Carjaxx

    Buff PD - Denied

    Ok, i understand now but remember PD have to try to be one step ahead. Thats why they use force cause stuff happens fast, Also the amount of force i see officers using is most times fine the only people i see that really need to be told what force they should be using are SNR and OFC's as they can get a little bit too aggressive. however a lot of people over react and call PD "Rude" when they are doing there jobs which then result in either Shootouts or chases and arrests.
  9. -Support Poor Grammar, Never seen you before, Newer forums account #16 Is somewhat wrong No screen shot for warns Not 100% sure if this is true but isn't the little Highlight thing what happens when you Copy and paste something? if so... E Highlight thing seen here:
  10. Carjaxx

    Buff PD - Denied

    Wait so your basically saying PD shouldn't do ANYTHING unless the criminal does something first?
  11. Carjaxx

    FBI Roll Call

    Name: King Chainsaw Rank and Call Sign: SA KGB173 Date: 20/04/19 How active are you? (be honest please): about 3-4 hours a day
  12. Damn, Sad to see you go, Good luck in future En devours
  13. Unpopular Oppinion but i say Chugga Chugga Chugga Chugga Choo Choo
  14. Carjaxx

    Buff PD - Denied

    What you want to see? - PD Buffed in some way, Buff/Replace MP5 Why should we add it? -  I Know alot of people including myself are upset with how OP CC's are, Yes we have people like SRT, CERT And SWAT but they aren't always on and PD gets shredded when placed up against someone with a Negev or Nova. Ive seen PD get into chases where the suspect will crash, Pull out a negev/AWS and kill 3 PD officers in like 15 seconds. Its rather upsetting, I Know CC's are expensive and im not suggesting making them Even more expensive but please just in some way make PD better, Mabye giving all officers Rifles or something. Cause I feel like there are more people in Other Departments then in PD. mainly because PD is under powered. What are the advantages of having this? - Mostly stated this in Why should we add it but ima repeat some stuff. So More people leaving PD Cause they dont like getting shredded by CC' while they shoot at them with the pea shooter that is the MP5, Might give people the courage to ACTUALLY ROLEPLAY and do traffic stops (Not saying it doesn't happen but it hasent been happening as much.) Who is it mainly for? - PD (Especially Lower Ranks) Links to any content - nope