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  1. +support cc too op and these familys are like 10 cc on at once unstoppable
  2. this is failrp. I believe this is tech. against the rules already...
  3. mega support CC can destroy 4 officers
  4. +support would be great for position good RP'er activity needs improvement
  5. could not have said it better myself
  6. Ive seen you around the server for a long time, you have always been a good dude. sad to see you go
  7. originally i had thought this too but i t wasnt an option +support
  8. What you want to see? - Weapon checker to be added to SGT+ Why should we add it? - In encounters with citizens in which they need to be searched, I always have to detain them. I don't believe in most situations that justify a search(pat-down for weapons), justify being detained. When criminals are detained or are attempting to be detained the RP is always over and its just a shootout, but if we had the weapon checker it would greatly increase the RP in lots of situations. What are the advantages of having this? -increased RP, minimal chance of abuse w/ SGT+ Who is it mainly for? -PD Links to any content - n/a