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  1. mega support CC can destroy 4 officers
  2. +support would be great for position good RP'er activity needs improvement
  3. could not have said it better myself
  4. Ive seen you around the server for a long time, you have always been a good dude. sad to see you go
  5. originally i had thought this too but i t wasnt an option +support
  6. What you want to see? - Weapon checker to be added to SGT+ Why should we add it? - In encounters with citizens in which they need to be searched, I always have to detain them. I don't believe in most situations that justify a search(pat-down for weapons), justify being detained. When criminals are detained or are attempting to be detained the RP is always over and its just a shootout, but if we had the weapon checker it would greatly increase the RP in lots of situations. What are the advantages of having this? -increased RP, minimal chance of abuse w/ SGT+ Who is it mainly for? -PD Links to any content - n/a
  7. its chugga chugga chugga chooooo chooooo i think
  8. -support Player does not show any improvement, as everyone is claiming...
  9. +support even though i play on pd mostly and love the impala, I have heard several people were experiencing this problem.
  10. It is not hard to not get warned. I have 9 weeks playtime and i have 2 warns. I also tbh started to think about this and decided to make a suggestion after i looked at yours as-well as several staff who have no strikes yet have several warns after they've been on staff for a while...
  11. What you want to see? - A rule addition to the staff handbook saying "All staff from the beginning of their service as staff, may not accrue more than 5 warns." Punishment for having more than 5 warns should be a strike if not full demotion. Why should we add it? - Staff are the ones who should know the rules the best and more importantly they hand the warns out. It really is extremely easy not to get warned (anyone who disagrees is probably a minge), as long as you follow the reasonable rules that are clearly stated every-time someone spawns in. What are the advantages of having this? - Address the lack of trust in Staff that players have been feeling recently, by holding staff to a higher standard. Who is it mainly for? - Staff Links to any content - n/a
  12. -support rule was admitted to being broken. just warn