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  1. Hey everyone, since I've lost interest in PoliceRp overall, but I think I am going to come back, I am retiring, hopefully, coming back within a year, I did get permission to retire from Emmu, I'll be on tomorrow, and a tad bit on Monday, otherwise, everyone good luck in State.
  2. I just got tired of police rp, and I can't really staff at DarkRP, I will come back some day, but byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  3. oof I feel like I've been quoted a lot
  4. InGame Name: Kurg / James Kurgen Trooper Rank & Badge #: Corporal | 1T66  Question 1: Do you feel you are being treated fairly and with the correct level of respect within State? Yes or no, and please give your reasoning? Yes, I do think I am being treated fairly in state.  Question 2: Please list 3 or more recommendations you think would improve the atmosphere of roleplay and seriousness within the Rockford State Trooper department? Driving reforms, trainings, etc. A radar gun, when we had it, it was very usefull, as now you can't really tell if someone if speeding unless they are going really fast. More checkpoints or just lowering the requirements for checkpoints, still making them reasonable.  Question 3: Do you have any other issues or things you would like to mention to us? Please feel free to express your honest opinion. No, not really.
  5. + Support An alternative is allowing Admins+ to just do events. Also, if we do have an event team, it should be either staff only, or a time requirement ingame or in the community.
  6. + / - Support This could be very annoying, but I do get the point of this, if anything, the chances should be 95% of it not breaking.
  7. Honestly, GOC, seems to have the right approach to NOT CONTAINING SCPS since I think it's a much better idea to just kill them, I'm pretty sure that 682 would have to be contained. He is really hard to destroy.
  8. What would you like to see added: A word minimum of at least 50 words on staff applications (With the word minimum having a max of 100 words) Why should it be added: DarkRp has been getting very low effort applications lately, by very low effort I mean no effort applications, they are only one sentence. Who is it mainly going to help: Really anyone. What will this improve: This would make sure that people can't just type in one sentence and apply. This will also make sure that the staff that we have can put effort into the server. Links to any content: N/A
  9. +Support Pyro job is being abused a bunch
  10. -Support Very low effort app, 14 is right, could elaborate.