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  1. +Support I mean cmon guys we cant just ban someone because we thinks its vibez. Unless we have like concrete evidence that it is him then thats another story. But until then, i think we should unban him.
  2. Name: Sean Rank: FSGT Callsign: 1T46 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:226791785
  3. Lmao he broke soooo many rules and he stole the the managers car lmfaoo
  4. But it plays a big factor in un-blacklisting him. There are other things that he has done.
  5. Thanks for this post! But I made a post earlier in the month and SMT removed people ability to reply to the post???? May I know why
  6. + Support - Active in-game - Active in TS - Good app - Respectful - Mature