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  1. +Support Active Trains Cadets Frequently Good Application Approachable Respectful Good Leader Good Trainer Deserves a spot on Command Armysecret is a long time member of the Police Department and has shown exceptional commitment and determination toward PD. It has been an honour to serve along side him, and will continue to be in the future. He has worked hard for his position as Sergeant Major, and deserves a chance as PD Low Command. Good Luck!
  2. +Support Active Responsible Trains Cadets / Helps Officers Temper has significantly decreased since last application Good Application Good Sergeant Major Overall, Death has been a fantastic Sergeant Major, he has shown much promise, and development in the Police Department, and deserves a position as Lieutenant. Good Luck!
  3. 48 Hour - Hooplaa Unfortunately, effective immediately, I will be resigning from my position on the EMS Team. Due to recent departmental issues, my priorities have changed. I've just recently received a position for High Command on BSI and I need to ensure that I am giving my full attention toward them. Not only that, but I also have to put more focus into PD Low command and Staffing. I have not been putting as much time into EMS as I would like, and I no longer feel as though I am contributing enough to the Departments development. It's been an honor to be able to work along side so many fantastic people, and I want to give a special Thanks to @Yobo@Kade@dubsmaster@Razonix and the Rest of Low Command for such a wonderful experience on EMS. Good Luck to EMS in the Future, Goodbye.
  4. +Support He's pretty lit - Captain Hooplaa
  5. Go make an Application! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1JVvwN6QTrPC7sjsb4dgxVblnvm28RO6uhysHp6n94Y4/edit?usp=drive_web -Chief of Staff Hooplaa
  6. +Support Active Mature Professional Honourable Respected Strict and Commanding when Necessary Approachable Vast knowledge of PD regulation Helps Officers
  7. Name: Hooplaa SteamID: STEAM_0:1:107729311 Current rank: Captain How long you have been in your rank (The rank you currently are) : 1 Month 2 Weeks Rank Wanted: Major How many warns do you have: 12 Do you have a Working mic: Yes Permission(Not required If applying for Lt-Cpt): Deputy Chief Bob Bob / Chief Kitty / Deputy Commissioner Noot Why should you be promoted? : Low Command, has been an experience unlike any I've had within Gaminglight. Of all the Departments I've had the privilege of serving, whether it's Captain on EMS, Chief of Staff, and soon to be Assistant Chief, on BSI, or even working along side State Trooper for a short period, PD Command has been the most satisfying. In a sense that I personally have had an opportunity, that not very many individuals get a chance to experience. I have put my Heart and Soul into establishing a Player Friendly, Organized, and Justified environment. Free of corruption. I would like to continue to do so, as a Major, for the department I've put so much into. Furthermore, as a Major I can guarantee that my activity is upheld, and I promise that through dust or dawn, our department advocates for a corruption free space. So that any officers that wish to continue to endorse the values, that I stand by in my day to day duties, remain great, and continue to improve though time. The Police Department everyday continues to show promise and dedication among it's Officers, and I personally have seen a multitude of Ranks, from all walks of life, provide there service to a department that I hold so dear. Among them, are Junior Ranks, such as our Valued Patrol Officers, as well as, our trusted Supervisors. I would like to continue the tradition of mentorship, and recognize that the Officers among us the strive for excellence. In continuation, I have personally worked along side some of the best individuals in Command. From Lieutenant to Commissioner, I'm forever thankful to have learned and grew along side these people, and continue to grow. It would be an Honour to be able to develop, not only myself, but those who are just getting the same opportunity I got, as command, all those months ago. I understand that Major is a Highly sought after position, and should not be taken lightly, it possesses a variety of Duties, that I am prepared to uphold to the fullest extent of my abilities. In my time as Low Command I have learned a variety of skills that have helped me Lead the department. These include of multitude of experience in Teamwork, as presented by my service as Low Command in EMS and soon to be High Command BSI. I have become acquainted with the Command of both departments, and have lent my time to ensure that they can not only work independently, but effectively alongside PD in a Team setting. Moreover, not only do I possess the ability to Lead in a Team setting, but I have also put a majority of my time into making sure that our Officers are trained correctly, often engaging in more One on One training sessions. So that they can develop individually, and pass on my teaching to those who might not understand our values. Not to mention, it has been an pleasure to be able to get more involved with the PD's endeavors, and to assist High Command in developing the it into something tremendous. To continue, other skills that I've learnt while serving include making sure that we have Clear Communication between all departments. Understanding that we are all on the same side. I have to thank BSI Command and EMS Command for helping me hone those skills, and assisting me in disciplining and teaching that clear communication between departments is the key to success. A strategy that was used to improve communication, has been the use of PD Meetings to convey important messages to our more Junior Ranks, as well as Command. Working closely with other departments as well as our own Command, we have improved communication among departments substantially, via the use of meetings. Typically, I get into contact with High Ranking Low Command and Junior Ranking Low Command, to host PD Meeting weekly to convey important messages to all departments as well as PD. This is proving to be quite beneficial as corruption within Police Department is at a Minimal. Furthermore, part of our Job is dealing with those who mean to break down everything we've built, such as corruption. I often find myself taking complaints from fellow Officers, and dealing with them accordingly. These individuals need to understand that, that kind of behavior is not tolerated in the Department. Those that show courage, determination, and leadership are the officers that get recognized and deserve a rank increase. Getting that freedom to work within Low Command is helping to grow the department, to a size that I haven't seen in a while. Often maintaining members, throughout the months. This does not mean that Promotions are handed out easily, those who work hard, as I have done, get the chance to be trusted among our department, as Officers. These skills are something I want to continue to sharpen, and continue to teach. In conclusion, with the assistance of Command both PD and abroad, I can continue ensure that the values and guidelines are upheld to the highest standard of Respect, Integrity, Professionalism, Accountability, and Community. Personally I feel as though I am more than qualified for the next step in my journey through command. It's been quite the experience and will continue to be, thank you to all of you who have helped me get to this point. I truly cannot express my gratitude. You agree that complaining or breaking any rules put down by High Command will result in your complete removal from PD Command(Yes/No): Yes, I understand
  8. I love the skins honestly a Change of Pace would be nice for the PD