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  1. +Support Very Active Extremely Professional Very involved with the PD Has put in countless hours for the benefit of the department Trains Often Great Leader Deserves Colonel Good Luck my guy! You deserve it! - Colonel Hooplaa
  2. + Support Active on Sergeant Major Seen Training and Assisting Officers Prior Command Experience Professional when necessary Assisted with the creation of multiple department reforms Very involved in the PD Overall fit for Command Good Luck! - Colonel Hooplaa
  3. - Support Unfortunately, due to recent allegations involving yourself, in regards to multiple breaches of Departmental, and server guidelines. That were reported not only to myself, but multiple other command members. There is no possible way I can support this behavior. I recognize that you have done a lot for the community, as well as at one point having prior experience as a Deputy Commissioner. However, it would appear that you do not seem to understand basic department guidelines, and if we can't trust you to uphold those guidelines, how can we expect you to enforce them? Put simply, there is a lot of improvement needed before you are once again ready to take up the mantle of command. As listed in the reasons stated above by other members. - Colonel Hooplaa
  4. From a Command standpoint, I don't believe you are quite ready for Major. If certain personal endeavours are preventing you from performing your duties on PD, then a promotion is not the correct response to that situation. There is still a lot of change, and development needed with your activity, and overall involvement in the PD. Before you consider a position as Major. From a personal standpoint, I believe you are a good guy. However, if you truly have a lot of tasks on your plate right now, with school, and other curricular activities. Then a promotion to Major will just add more stress to your life, as it is a demanding role that requires a lot of commitment. My recommendation would be to get all your ducks in a row, before committing to the rank of Major. That said, I wish you the best of luck in the future, and your current endeavours. - Colonel Hooplaa
  5. + Support Quite Active on the Forums Good amount of Posts Good Application Respected Staff Member Knowledgeable in gaminglight rules Overall good Staff Member deserves a Chance Good Luck!
  6. Hooplaa

    Chad's CPT App

    +Support Active (Online almost everyday In-game / Forums / TS) Professional on Duty Approachable Strict when necessary Understands the Rules and Enforces them Well Respected & Respectful Experienced (Been LT a While) Decent Application Good Character & a Good Command Member Deserves a Captain! Good Luck! To summarize, Chad is an exceptional Command member. He consistently shows his will and drive to develop not only himself, but the PD as a whole. Chad had been a Lieutenant since I was a Captain, and it humbling to see someone I've watch grow, take up the mantle I once held. There are not too many individuals that show this kind of dedication toward the Police Department, and it would be an honour to continue to serve with him as a Captain. Best of Luck my Man! - Major Hooplaa
  7. +Support Less Lag is Always Nice VCMOD is in need of Change Would be nice to get this issue fixed for those affected
  8. +Support Long Time Member of GamingLight Good Character Knows the Rules Respected Deserves a Second Chance
  9. Hooplaa

    Chads possible LOA

    *gets in a car crash* "Better Take some Pics for Gaminglight!" *paramedic yelling at Chad to get in the ambulance* "You don't understand I'm a PoliceRP LT!" No but seriously glad to see you're ok, rest up my guy
  10. +Support Mature Knows the Rules Trains cadets Helps Officers Attends Command Meetings Super Active Approachable Overall Just a Swell Guy
  11. Regardless, you shouldn't be responding to your own apps. Applications are so that the public as a whole may give there input on how you conduct yourself. You have an opportunity to prove why you are suited for the position in your application write up, not in the replies section. Either way, I'm going to remain neutral in this instance, due to the fact that I don't have enough information about you to form a reasonable opinion. However, based on what I've seen in your application, and in the replies section, I'm fairly very pleased with how you have been depicted. None the less, Good Luck, and hopefully I'll see you around more often so that we can become more acquainted. - Major Hooplaa