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  1. I never received the role call 

    1. Bobby Yukiteru

      Bobby Yukiteru

      I had it up for 1 week

  2. Bobby Yukiteru

    False Warn

    this is delusional +support
  3. Understood stay safe see you soon
  4. Name:USMC FORECON COL DICMDR Bobby Rank: Colonel Reason (if private state private): to early my sleep schedule is up the shitter
  5. is staff restricted on milrp I believe as well
  6. any idea on how long as its been 5 days and It is getting to the point thats its driving me crazy also any idea to why it happend
  7. can we move this 30 minutes?
  8. Its been fun and all but im to inactive to keep up activity snookiebear your still my dad huner and sean are still gay alistair still inactive tobi is a noob bronco is smelly duv is a dweeb It would be much appreciated if i can be on reserves
  9. Name: USAF AFSOC LTC DI CMDR Bobby Rank: LTC Current Branch:USAF Branch You Are Looking To Join:USMC All Branch's You Have Been In Previously:Core and USAF Why would you like to switch branches: I want to switch branchs due to the fact I feel I have helped USAF to a point where it can be a stable branch and succeed. Shadow asked me for help and I Feel I can help the USMC to what it used to be as I did when i helped USAF. I am quite interested in the marines since i researched it and I feel that the branch will suit me better then USAF. Have you considered staying in your current branch, those who stay may be promoted:yes
  10. One of the biggest minges I have met -support
  11. So this issue arrised 3 days ago and I thought it woudl resolve itself however thats not the case a few other people are having the same issue but its only the people who were on the server at a certain time by the looks whenever we try and open a car dealer it says car dealer spawned incorrectly I have tried everything i could think off to resolve the problem to no luck so any ideas of the cause and how to resolve this issue would be appreaciated. I am unsure if this is a client side issue or a server side so I put it here for now.