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  1. Lmao I think he just thinks its a fancy way of saying +support, as he put a nice msg
  2. Ya see, I agree. But how would we truly know? Gonna have a staff member waste their time following him around if he was put on some forum of probation?
  3. Thats a good idea, time usually shows that you have learned your lesson. thats why I waited about a year for mine. I might suggest that if he is allowed back he comes back to having to memmorize a good number of the rules and read them to an admin or perhaps a 1 strike system? but if he does that than he can have a + support
  4. So, you got over 40 warns, than waited barely 3 months? not to be rude but my ban appeal I waited nearly a year. Might I suggest that you come back and make an appeal in 5-6 months!
  5. To everyone who keeps saying: " It says No appeal... -Support unless Snar says otherwise. Did you make a alt account?" I have been given permission by Snar to appeal it. also if anyone is still curious I never made an alt this is my steam acct I am signed in with
  6. @Jet TZ and @Alton Snar told me I could appeal. and to answer more questions, no alt was made. if your answer stays the same I understand, sorry I didn't get back to you I had school
  7. @RangiateaI really appreciate your support and I think you make really good points.
  8. @[AWOL] Jojo and @maral the greatI really appreciate you being able to see it from my point of view, and I appreciate your +supports I truly have changed and I promise I will be able to prove it to ya!
  9. @th3 to answer your questions, I think that everyone includes a second chance. Even for horrible things. And I'm aware that what I said was horribly atrocious and nowadays I would never say it. you have to understand this was about 8 months ago and I am much more mature than I was before, I really hope you can understand my position. I am truly sorry if I disrespected or offended you or your views as staff in any way, shape or form. Please understand that I wasn't the same person. I appreciate it that you took the time to read my appeal even if your view wasn't the one I was looking for. if there is anything that I can do to persuade you that I really am a changed person, I will do it. This server meant a lot to me and I have countless fond memories. Includes? I meant deserves...***
  10. Thanks @GhostlyNinjaDudeI really appreciate you not immediately saying -support.
  11. @NDSTFI understand, thank you for reading. And sorry if my previous actions offended you in any way, shape or form.
  12. Ahhh, I see. I couldn't be using an Alt, as I am logged in with steam. I found a quote I like, from a past ban appeal of someone who was denied. probably not helping my case but it sounds good. "I ask that my past does not act as a stamp of self-identification, rather something that I am able to prove I have moved on from. Right actions in the future are the best apologies for bad actions of the past."
  13. Also @Timmemeswhy were you asking about an alt?
  14. @TimmemesI am not saying this out of disrespect or anything rude, Just hoping to sway you over. I just wanted to know if this applies to everyone else, why not me?