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  1. @Voxisnow you have hit my intrigue. will you dm me the reason? I swear I won't tell a soul lmao.
  2. Dang, must be nice only being banned on PoliceRP I wish I had access to the other servers, but I probably miss Police RP the most. Good luck on thy appeal my friend.
  3. Dude 21 people have looked at this and nobody is even bothering to waste their time. You clearly don't care if you're going to write a dispute two sentences long. Try re-writing it.
  4. Steam Name: Chimera Airsoft Ingame Name: Adritch Foxy SteamID: STEAM_0:0:160293948 Ban Length: Permanent (Blacklist) Admin that Banned you: Snar Reason for Ban: Blacklisted // telling people to kill themselves // he needs to take my advice // please grow up // no appeal (got perm to appeal) Dispute: I was banned I think almost exactly a year ago. I have taken this year to think, I have tried to appeal many times but this time, I am going to be sincere as I can be. at the time I was being rash I got angry and said stupid shit I didn't mean. I was immature an idiot and overall a toxic little kid. I have changed a lot, starting with learning that it's ok to be calm and more respectful. I know that what I did was horrible and I hope that you can forgive me for it because it truly is horrible. And I would never ever say it again nowadays. On my last appeal people claimed they were there but had no idea what really happened, today I will share that story. I was in my house with my family (PD [yes that minge one]) and I was bit mining. then this dude came up and raided us w/o adverting. he destroyed out bitminers and left. then he repeated it 2 times by that time I was pissed and I said some things to him I never should have said. I felt horrible the second I said it and I pleaded with Snar to let me apologize. So I ask that you look at me not as the person I was and the mistakes I made but as the person, I can become. I request that you let me prove to you that I really have changed, and how am I supposed to do that if I can't show you on the server? I promise I won't mess up this time. I swear that it won't happen again and I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive my horrible actions. Gaminglight was one of my favorite servers ever. I have so many memories, like the day I got promoted to LCPL it was one of the happiest days of my life. It was right after a big bank shoot out and I was able to taze the suspect as he ran away and save all the hostages (no swat on lmao). Or perhaps the time when I was able to get away with a bank robbery after a high-speed chase. Or what about the time with that hobo who chased me around and yelled that I was a sweezee man, I still don't know what a sweezee man is. These are just some of the things I saw and was able to experience while on the server. I just really really hope you guys will allow me back. I just want to be able to play again. I promise I won't f**k up this time. I'm so sorry for what I did.
  5. Lmao I think he just thinks its a fancy way of saying +support, as he put a nice msg
  6. Ya see, I agree. But how would we truly know? Gonna have a staff member waste their time following him around if he was put on some forum of probation?
  7. Thats a good idea, time usually shows that you have learned your lesson. thats why I waited about a year for mine. I might suggest that if he is allowed back he comes back to having to memmorize a good number of the rules and read them to an admin or perhaps a 1 strike system? but if he does that than he can have a + support
  8. So, you got over 40 warns, than waited barely 3 months? not to be rude but my ban appeal I waited nearly a year. Might I suggest that you come back and make an appeal in 5-6 months!
  9. To everyone who keeps saying: " It says No appeal... -Support unless Snar says otherwise. Did you make a alt account?" I have been given permission by Snar to appeal it. also if anyone is still curious I never made an alt this is my steam acct I am signed in with
  10. @Jet TZ and @Alton Snar told me I could appeal. and to answer more questions, no alt was made. if your answer stays the same I understand, sorry I didn't get back to you I had school
  11. @RangiateaI really appreciate your support and I think you make really good points.
  12. @[AWOL] Jojo and @maral the greatI really appreciate you being able to see it from my point of view, and I appreciate your +supports I truly have changed and I promise I will be able to prove it to ya!
  13. @th3 to answer your questions, I think that everyone includes a second chance. Even for horrible things. And I'm aware that what I said was horribly atrocious and nowadays I would never say it. you have to understand this was about 8 months ago and I am much more mature than I was before, I really hope you can understand my position. I am truly sorry if I disrespected or offended you or your views as staff in any way, shape or form. Please understand that I wasn't the same person. I appreciate it that you took the time to read my appeal even if your view wasn't the one I was looking for. if there is anything that I can do to persuade you that I really am a changed person, I will do it. This server meant a lot to me and I have countless fond memories. Includes? I meant deserves...***
  14. Thanks @GhostlyNinjaDudeI really appreciate you not immediately saying -support.
  15. @NDSTFI understand, thank you for reading. And sorry if my previous actions offended you in any way, shape or form.