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  1. + Support Active Mature Great Application Helpful person Respectful Good Senior Admin - His BMW is wack Good Luck!
  2. Agreed. Over the past few days, Smoke has proven to me that he is capable of handling sits as well as fixing ratio when told to. Good Luck Smoke!
  3. + Support Active Mature Been Major for a long time Respectful Good Application Deserves a promotion Good Luck!
  4. HUGE + SUPPORT Active Mature Super Helpful Respectful Always willing to take the time to help a staff member or a player to solve a problem Knows the Rules and follows them Good Application Deserves a promotion Good Luck Matthew! I expect channel admin
  5. + Support Active Mature Always willing to help people Hops on staff whenever we are under ratio Deserves Super Admin Super Helpful Respectful Good Application The List Goes on!! Good Luck Jeff! You really deserve this
  6. Tim Brown

    Tim Browns LOA

    BACK FROM LOA!!! Computer is fixed!
  7. + Support Skins look really cool!! Great addition
  8. damn daniel, back at it again with the white vans + Support Would increase RP
  9. Tim Brown

    Tim Browns LOA

    In-game name: Tim Brown Rank: Major Length: 2/7/19 - 2/14  Reason: So i broke my computer LOA might either be extended or shortened just depends on when i can get it fixed