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  1. Hello. I am leaving for 2 months to become a Mobile Task Force IRL (Air Force). Please give me Commander when I return. Thank you. CI Military: You guys are great and command keep up the good work D5: Will always love my homies from D5 and may return someday when I get more time Pills: Happy birthday, Get HCMD before I'm back Eyelander: Remain unbanned till I come back, my light and shining star, one of the best Research HCMD I have ever had the illustrious pleasure of speaking and working with Bop: Congrats on Head admin! I am so happy that you made it that far!! Best manager Kevlar: naked and bad at tarkov continue to carry D5 Ozzie: My favorite Australian (TF2 Reference) to ever exist please continue to make D5 the best Gar: Will miss my favorite CMDR of CI, be careful drifting off with random women in college big man Hale: Best head of SF, continue to go crazy in E11 Grayson: Take care of longshot you are terrible at tarkov Spixe: I love Medical, please continue to take good care of the movie theater Trizium: Could've gotten HCMD not smart, take care of G9 with Travar Scotched: You are turning 6 soon I am so proud of you Everyone else that I haven't mentioned: You probably know what I would say about you and if you don't, listen to the voices in your head
  2. This is a terrible day for rain, one of the coolest and funniest (fuck words) HCMD I've met, you will be missed Gar
  3. https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/jAo66EkB9vzQv/d1337xASRE1I?invite=cr-MSw2VGIsMTY4OTYwOTAs https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/jndlFBv6qwv3M/d1337WJq95GZ?invite=cr-MSxUQXcsMTY4OTYwOTAs https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/kc7fzW-zxRPH7/d1337ZLapfLi?invite=cr-MSxja0IsMTY4OTYwOTAs https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/kcas0ssAPqlbi/d1337vO31bkz?invite=cr-MSxrcG0sMTY4OTYwOTAs https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/kjEC4hEgEqC4p/d13378JaQY81?invite=cr-MSxOUDQsMTY4OTYwOTAs https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/uVHDgppfKxkYZ/d1337HMa6ynb?invite=cr-MSxTQjQsMTY4OTYwOTAs Few of mine
  4. +Support Always seen Kaizer being very active and a great member of the community, would be a perfect fit for staff
  5. Broooooo so much CI Command lost o7
  6. +Support Kinda feels like there shouldn't be a level 1 keycard restriction considering those SCP's are allowed to roam site
  7. +Support While It'd add work for SMT to do it would make the kill house usable. Most people don't use it simply because the elevator makes it too much of a hassle to do so making it a part of the map that just kinda goes completely unused outside of PT's
  8. It says that once all 049-2 instances are terminated, 049 can be terminated
  9. +Support While it does seem kinda pointless since we rarely use it and the one we have suffices, the CB sounds better imo
  10. -Support Rules are pretty clear, he can't be fear Rp'ed with multiple 049-2 instances
  11. Bro stop we already lost so much recently world man please don't goooo
  12. +Support Cool idea, more SCP's to SCP RP
  13. -Support Not really any kind of a problem for one person ever 2 years to blurt out their redacted name randomly, plus adds plenty of roleplay and lore implications to the server
  14. +Support If the ring can be added without issues they absolutely should be on the server, more SCP's in SCP roleplay pls
  15. +Support Yes sir more diversity amongst guns
  16. -Support Cassie gives off a cold and lifeless voice, fits very well with the atmosphere in SCP
  17. +Support Saw the clip when it was up, the guy was simply trying to go up the elevator to escape dying to the HTF and the HTF ran into it when he was trying to press the button, atop it the buttons sometimes don't respond so I can imagine he spammed it in the heat of the moment and probably meant for it to go up sooner
  18. -Support A better name should be put in place akin to Ragnarok if we were to switch it at all
  19. Damn, good luck in Marine Corps Sixx, see you space cowboy...
  20. Misread apart of the report and changed my comment.
  21. +Support Really unbefitting of a senior command atop of this it's just bad taste in general, Doesn't deserve a demotion however
  22. -Support Not really staff abuse to begin with. Seems like it was just a disagreement with the staff member in which the staff member used their discretion with the evidence provided.
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