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  1. I love yelling favorite activity
  2. You did the best for the community big man, welcome to retirement
  3. See you around The real ones wouldn't mention you smh
  4. Hey all, this might come as a surprise to maybe 2 people but as most people have noticed my activity has been on the decline for a while, and as of recent it's becoming harder and harder to play on the server for my time, as well as my motivation overall, I've given it some thought and from the start I had wanted to make it to O5 but just can't really put the effort in to make it, just dealt with a hurricane and kinda decided I didn't have the time for the server when my life gets busy in general, already struggling to deal with it isn't gonna be much better in the future, hopefully I've at least done some cool shit throughout my time in the server and up to SA, maybe I'll come back one day maybe not. Anyways It's been fun, some of you mfs have been real, others not so much. Can't say I didn't have a blast most of the time, lotta you peeps are cool, I'll be around for the next 48 Hours A few mentions Kevlar - yeah right lol Ozzie - One of the most real mfs I know, started together, one of the best members on here, main reason I was staying around Bop - leagues better of a manager than kevlar, miss u still Alexx - Most inactive active O5 to exist, typer up till he made it to O5, a real G Infected - idk what u do but you funny asf Weiss - Knew you for the longest time just rarely talked Pills - switched up ngl carrying a load on his back for sure Piller - Older pills Goat - Keep the abuse going, the cycle cannot end Spixe and Trizium - One sucks at everything and I hate him and the other one is a G Hale - inshallah Gamehunter - Branch hopper smh Gar - realest mf in old CI Ignis - Gar 2.0, Great CMDR and shitter, hope you keep CI going Bossatron - Horrible LT CMDR and pro shitter, wouldn't have it any other way Sogi - Typer 99% of the time until now for some reason fuck u A few others but not much to mention but their name, they know who they are Rest in Peace pack watch Clyde | Talila | CyanicZed (I think?) | Don Ceech | Eyelander | Sean Johnson | Anyways that's all from me guys, hope you guys keep the server going and constantly trying to improve it, I'm out
  5. I will not zawg got HCMD twice just to resign
  6. -Support It'd be very complicated to script in the ability to remove the boost when GOI go in site, it just restricts and punishes GOI for participating in the surface warfare and really just teeters against the branches that already have a struggling balancing act vs the foundation
  7. https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/104gPdpl8A3CNO/d1337Mvii05A?invite=cr-MSxsclAsMTY4OTYwOTAs
  8. +Support what the fuck is a kilometer
  9. K I W I

    Kiwi's LOA

    I'm heading outta town for the weekend on friday and will be back Wednesday 7/11/23, won't be at the GOI Meeting guys oopsie!!!
  10. You went and did it... Well see ya round Ireland, hope to see ya come back
  11. +Support Fantastic addon that would make a great addition to roleplay with 096
  12. -Support This really only negatively effects GOI as they're pursued while on site, considering Bio sawbones is the only combatant job with defibs that can be targeted by any and all combatants unlike field medic which 1 is not pursued and 2 is not a combatant and can only be killed/targeted by E4 exclusively not to mention Sawbones can only revive twice in site total per raid.
  13. If there were presented ideas for such jobs that I could look into I would try and push to make an update out of it with GOC HCMD
  14. +Support Active and old timer in the community, well put together app and has plenty of staff experience
  15. +Support Well put together application, constantly active on the forums and is a great staff member in SCP-RP
  16. +Support Has the skills and background on being ET lead and a Senior admin in SCP to be fit for the position
  17. +Support Very active and great member of the staff team over on SCP-RP, would make a great fit for the diplomats team
  18. Contact our support team if you need help with an issue with loading into the server, it'll be on the main discord under tickets
  19. https://forms.clickup.com/1261637/f/16g25-3705/GIOPX49DR54FGJWPE5 Put the bug on here
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