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  1. Goat

    Hoovy's Resignation

    Damn. Mans really done did it huh Let Red Right Hand forever be at your side.
  2. + Overall Support Firstly your warn image, I'm not sure if its only an issue for me, however the png itself does not exist. Secondly your event idea sounds very well thought out, however I'd love to hear more detail on it! Otherwise I believe you would make a good addition to the Event Team!
  3. Wonderfully put! Giga would make a pheromonal ET! +Support + Great Staff + Incredibly competent + Very trustworthy - Not in E-11
  4. All of my interactions with Kazza from Epsilon-11 are all positive, he is a very charismatic individual and I know he would make a good member of staff! +support!
  5. Per the Self Breach rules for SCP 049 and SCP 049-2. "SCP-049's self breaching process can be stopped by MTF terminating all 049-2 instances and FearRPing SCP-049" This process also applies to recontaining the SCP. You are unable to FearRP combatants, you have 3 people, SCP-049-2 is not fearrp able, therefor you can not actively FearRP SCP-049 in this situation. The full set of rules for this situation, and FearRPing SCP-049 are a combination of his own personal SCP rules along with the rules for general FearRP. With this and all things listed above, I am going to heavily -Support, Ozzie definitely made the right call.
  6. Say Sike? Nah real shit tho, thank you! I will do my best to make you proud! still a shit D4 command tho, Hale carried
  7. Damn whos this "Goat" guy ? Sounds like a good guy tho on god !
  8. + Support While the SCP itself is very cool, and with some tweaking could be a very fun and dangerous SCP, I also think the CC for said SCP and the overall environment for which it lives in would be very welcomed in HCZ and add a unique aura to the overall feel of the Site. The CC and SCP would give research an entirely new set of experiments and reports to write and would be incredibly beneficial in the PassiveRP side of the server! > I would almost suggest making this a Pack SCP similar to 5208, 098 or 966.
  9. + Support I have never interacted with Cintal, however their application seems well written, and I like their event idea, it is well written out!
  10. + Support While I have no real interactions with Stolas, their application seems decently written, and their event ideas are solid!
  11. + Support - Is good Senior Admin - Good event idea - Decent overall app - Is jolt.
  12. I fully agree with both above, however I +Support
  13. + support The Bizon is so absolutely abysmal, the trainee job is lowkey a better play then our enlisted.....
  14. Name : Goat Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:112733709 Rank in Event Team : Senior Event Team Date of Joining Event Team : 06/21/22 Date since last promotion : 09/01/22
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