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  1. I still remember how we let you in even after you failed the test. Worst mistake of my life. In all seriousness mate, despite the divisive opinions people held about you in the community you brought something very unique the branch - a pure, organic ability to lighten almost any situation. Something that simply cannot be replicated by anyone else. You were truly the mascot for Delta-5, both good and bad, and you will be sorely missed. All the best mate, hope we can still play games and shoot the shit!
  2. Accepted Please contact an FTO to receive your training.
  3. Accepted Please contact an FTO to receive your training
  4. Accepted Please contact an FTO to receive your training.
  5. Far out mate, I certainly wasn't expecting this. You're an exceptional member of command, you'll always have a home in D5 if/when you come back. It's been an absolute pleasure having you on the team, you've brought so much to the table in your short time. Take it easy mate, o7
  6. All the OGs leaving fr...
  7. this is so unexpected.............
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