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  1. This kinda sudden cause I'm still on tp, but I'm going to boot camp, I will not even be able to play after boot camp because I will be doing full time + college so I probably won't be coming back. If you aren't mentioned either I haven't talked to you much or I just don't like you Spixe-The Medical god (until you went inactive) Trizium-Goofy mf talking to the opps CyanicZed-Funniest mf on the server as well as the best sop maker, Shadow Leader of GL Kevlar-Realest mf, if only you were active Kiwi-The One Piece is real, stop biasing people Ozzie-Really good with life advice Cecil-RnD god Eyelander-How you get blacklisted more then ZJ Ezekiel-Funny asf, fire Medical HCMD Pills-You are mean Shafer-Stop ruining your lungs Tazza-Best mute on the server Mask-Idk Oliver-Random ass mf Bully-Gta Hacker Sprink-Stop furry roleplaying
  2. Name: GameHunter Rank: Senior Event Team SteamID: STEAM_0:0:197078366 Don't have the motivation to do events anymore as well as the time. Never really was good with events anyways and only used it for pts, got no clue how I got SET
  3. I ain't gonna do any mentions or anything, cause anyone I would mention here would be in my global resignation if and when I do that. CI has been hella fun for the short time I've been here, but I just don't have the time to be active in CI and Medical. Any E4 that try to kill me on medical will get shit on. https://tenor.com/view/e4-navy-military-enlisted-army-gif-15085510
  4. Name : GameHunter Rank: Chief Manager, LTCOL, SET Length: 5/24-6/5 Reason: Celebrating graduating and going to France
  5. Corpse man can be joined from the CU sub branch in medical??? Also MCU isn’t crossbranch with security, that’s CCU. There is literally no reason for us to keep MCU, we have 5 combative jobs as a roleplay oriented non combative branch, which is almost as many jobs as D5 has total +Support I love drugs “Your PTSD has been determined to not be service related”
  6. +/-Neutral Support for HCMD +Support for a higher ranking command position •The best former member of R&D command in my time being there besides Cecil •Amazing guy and very nice (almost too nice) •Let himself get pushed around a bit during his EOI head days •One of the best role players on the server I think you could be a phenomenal LTCOM if you can make sure to be sufficiently strict and not let people push you over, a new branch will need firm HCMD, I think you have a great potential to help lead this branch and would deserve the position of HCMD or SCMD+, good luck on your app
  7. -Support Incredibly inactive command wise in both branches he is in I’ve also heard that he is immature but I’m. It %100 so take that with a grain of salt He is incredibly active in game though, and does great leadership and rp, but for him to get this position, he needs to actually start doing command duties and has potential if he does
  8. I have no clue who you are in rp and am solely basing this +support on your forums name being luffy from one piece
  9. +Support •Best candidate •Amazing activity •Phenomenal Ideas •Possibly the best SOP maker I’ve seen •Does some Fire Roleplay •Basically was my fellow VCDMR during my D5 HCMD days, he helped me so much Bro got same rank reserves and a same rank transfer, that should tell you enough of how competent he is
  10. +Support I fucking love Tazza (App could be a tad bit longer though)
  11. -support for HCMD position +support for a senior or overseer command position You definitely seem to have improved, but it just seems a little weird to me as it’s only been 7 months since you resigned and seems a little short for such a drastic change in your behavior. This could all just be personal bias because of the things you did back when I was still in security, and I definitely believe people can change. I’ve heard good things about you since you’ve come back though in A1 and research so you definitely can do good as a higher ranking command position and work your way up, GOC needs people who know how to rp. Regardless I wish you luck on your app for whatever rank Site Admin sees fit for you
  12. 3rd times the charm...
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