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  1. -Support Anyone who can pass the test can instantly open up doors like that? Nah.
  2. It's more for something that the general player base can use for their ranks and such aside from forcerpname since only staff can use this
  3. What are you suggesting? - Allowing to put Dashes and periods in your name example "Dr. Michael" or "MTF SGT Kiwi A2-7" How would this change better the server? - Gives people more opportunity to have additional parts in their name. On top of this SCP's can set their name to the official term like SCP-173, SCP-049, Etc. Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - If the server cannot physically allow specific characters from the illegal characters list then it simply can't get added. Who would this change mostly benefit? - Branches that can utilize the period and Dash for their ranks, callsigns and the assortment of other things Special forces may be able to utilize with this.
  4. +Support Medical roleplay yesirrr! looks great!
  5. Goodbye jack, I'll miss stealing your fake Yeezy's!!!
  6. -Support Just recently came back to the server and has put very little time back into the server. I'd say give it some more time, meet more people and such before making an application. This app also looks low effort
  7. +Support It's a good idea, however how could this be implemented? ULX ranks don't really work by individual basis. Unless SMT knows a way to set it to work like that by who bought which weapon and actually has access to buying said weapons from the armory
  8. +Support Gives a great reason to buy it from the donation site. Also gives variety to knifes
  9. -Support Armor takes most damage in the server as it is, Security get's stomped a lot by CC's already, all D-Class getting ease of access to Armor charges makes it even worse for them, it just makes Security want to buff their classes even more. I think it's fine for med charges however.
  10. +Support I mean the weapons are weak as it is so it really shouldn't matter if the selection is a little bigger.
  11. -Support Will undoubtedly turn into teaming or bias with certain branches with people taking advantage of it
  12. +Support Ven actively helps out in PT's a crap ton, does ET stuff constantly and has been a great member overall, definitely deserving of SET
  13. +Support Phrog is a pretty cool dude overall and pretty active, would make a great ET member
  14. -Support Just takes away from other branches on what they already do. The idea isn't bad to begin with but if you wanna do stuff like this D5 is the closest thing to it. If you really want roleplay you can always create the roleplay yourself, all branches allow you to do something akin to the things your suggestion offers.
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