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  1. +/- Support +Good guy +Good VCMDR +Mature +Mostly Active -Not very detailed -Looks rushed Take some time and add more detail and I'll change my support
  2. - Add a little more detail to your application, it looks like you did this in in a rush
  3. + Support - Active - Trustworthy - Mature - Responsible - Would make a good General - Amazing Person - Good RP'er I WISH YOU LUCK!
  4. Journal Entry 1: We were doing routine check-ups one day and we happened to find that there was rebel activity on an old abandoned outpost on Monsilva Crimson. We must go down there to investigate…. Journal Entry 2: There’s something else that we didn’t notice on this planet… It seems to be some kind of temple, we’re going in to investigate… Journal Entry 3: We can’t get out… he’s always stopping us… he’s always making it impossible to leave! And his minions are impossible to detect on our scanners…. Journal Entry 4: They’ve killed four out of our six researchers while we have been attempting to escape this prison of a temple… it seems that his men wield some sort of saber of some sorts, but it’s impossible to even hit them even if we do get a solid shot at them it's like they’re ghosts! Journal Entry 5: They’ve killed all the researchers and all the guards… it’s only me left and I fear each hour that passes by is an hour closer to my death Journal Entry 6: I stumbled across some weird red square box with writing while evading his minions, once I stepped closer he appeared and attacked me… I barely made it away with my life.. Journal Entry 7: I hear their footsteps getting closer to my locatio- *blood splatters cover the rest of the page* With this information, our ISD made our way to the last known location of the Imperial Researcher. Upon arriving, they ran into a rebel force that they were trying to take what the Researcher found for themselves. They located the temple, but couldn't get past the barrier. As only one with the force could get past. Upon entering the temple, it is seen that the minions were known other than older sith, turned ghosts following their master's footsteps. They attacked immediately as we made our way through the temple. We couldn't hurt them with blasters, but for some reason, I think the process was doomed upon attempting it as we could hurt them with sabers. Making them dissipate, we pushed further in until we found their Master's tomb. There were two of them. As soon as we entered, they rose up and tried talking to us. But we attempted to steal their holocrons, and they killed many of our men. Eventually we managed to snag one and take it back to the ISD. What it contains, is unknown...