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  1. Sounds awesome, I do wonder if there would be insurrectionists as well.
  2. In-game Name: Alpha In-game FTO rank (JFTO/FTO/SFTO): FTO What makes you a good trainer?: I train he by the book and whats expected, I also root out the mingy recruits and the actual good and genuine ones How many training sessions have you had approximately (JFTO only): N/A Suggestions: None
  3. Rank: WO Which Server do you play on mostly? (US or EU): US Why should you retain your current rank? (WO+ must answer this): I believe its because I'm active and that I lead men and have a presence near D-block. I'm not a minge when on my GENSEC. Any Concerns?: Negative.
  4. Name: Alpha Why should you retain your current rank: I worked hard for SM and I'm decently active. Are you on the discord and the roster, correctly?: Yes Concerns: Lack of GENSEC
  5. _Alpha_


    Name (as it is on the roster): Alpha FTO Rank: FTO How Active Are You?: Active Any Concerns?: None
  6. _Alpha_

    RCF Roll call

    Name on the roster: Alpha Rank on the roster: Sergeant Major How active are you: I get on everyday Concerns? : Not much.
  7. Name: Alpha Rank: SGT Why should you retain your current rank? (SGT+ must answer this): I've been very active as a SO and I'm serious, mature and respectful Any Concerns?: Brand new SO's messing up and people not closing doors.