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  1. I'm disappointed in you 2, after talking to you both about it and you still manage to target each other. +support something needs to be done.
  2. Jesus christ what a story. F for my boy SO Duncan
  3. +Support sounds solid. We security don't need it, gassing D-class with mustard gas is ethical.
  4. +support This is desperately needed and meetings can get interrupted occasionally by CI but still a issue nevertheless
  5. -Support 42 chances to change and you fucked it up. Just no.
  6. _Alpha_


    With the introduction of LFS and clone wars era and other vehicles this would be interesting to "develop" Tie fighters and its variants.
  7. _Alpha_


    Considering we have the death star and we have inquisitors on the ship shouldn't be possible since the inquisition would have been dissolved a long time ago way before the death star wars created, I don't see much of a issue. Krennic also was a director but wasn't the head of ISB, he was incharge of advanced weapons research which was apart of ISB.
  8. _Alpha_


    Also adding on it would be interesting to see Director Orsen Krennic or some sort of Director research and what not.
  9. _Alpha_


    What do you want to see? - R&D Why should we add it? - This is something I´ve been thinking about and I am curious on what you guys would think about adding R&D- Basically this sub-branch of naval will be researching new weapons/vehicles that can be unlocked for usage. This will mean extensive RP that can span from a few hours to a simple thermal detonator to a week of work to unlock a TIE Variant. This would encourage RP and can make interesting scenarios What are the advantages of having this? - No actual coding other then adding a job, this would encourage RP and teamwork to finish a task and can help the team as a whole. Who is it mainly for? - Naval and also for everyone. Links to any content - N/A
  10. +support He shows the dedication and wants to be a purge trooper Commander.
  11. +1 Great leader and also great drill sergeant. Is great guy to talk to once you get to know him. I believe he's ready for VC.